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Re: VS Thread [With Manga Spoilers!]

Fact: Hashirama fully intended to off himself with said kunai, meaning he didn't have his regeneration jutsu activated. The regeneration ability of his was something he could do without seals, didn't mean it was always active. He's not fucking Wolverine here.

Fact: Hashirama pointed out that the combined chakra of both Kyuubi halves, Minato, and Naruto equated to the chakra he, himself, possessed. I'll say that again. Hashirama, the guy you claim is nothing compared to Minato, stated that the combined chakra from a damn Bijuu, a Kage, and a Jink equaled his own. What he walks around with on a daily basis.

Fact: When Hashirama raised his chakra to intimidate Tobirama into backing off, it scared Minato.

Fact: After Oro brought everyone back, he said he could lock down everyone's movements, which Hashirama said was due to his cells in the Zetsu body he took, and did so with Tobirama. Tobirama is stronger than Minato, and Hashirama is stronger than Tobirama. Oro even pointed out to the readers that Hashirama broke his control from the beginning, and that was with his own power boost.

Quit saying that Minato > Hashirama when the manga has clearly, on several occasions, stated otherwise.

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