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Re: Naruto 644 For Real Ya'll

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post

1). Wood clones are just pathetic and would offer no help. And putting wood ovr him self to try and create some armour which would be ONLY WOOD lol, would just slow down hashirama even more making him that much easier as prey sine mInato has the ability to cut a hachibi tentacle in half so hard it smashes into the ground creating a small crater as seen here...

So yea, wood armour will not do anything but get hashirama killed quicker...

20. Hashirama does not have the ability to increase his speed, WTF kind of BS fanfiction is that!!!
Hashirama has proven himself NO faster then Madara, who could not even keep up with V1 Raikage at all...
Meanwhile Minato made v2 raikage look like he was standing still he was so much faster so just no. MINATO'S speed>>>Hashirama's. Accept it...

Because hashirama cannot keep himself from being touched by MInato, thus tagged and inevitably blitzed and stabbed by a Kunai which is canon enough to kill him. Minato obviously wins..
So chakra doesn't increase the strength of justu? Hashi's wood jutsu used to fight Madara's Susanoo-cloaked Kyuubi didn't catch a Kyuubi blast and withstand Kyuubi's attacks? If wood can be released directly from his body, why would a layer of wood over his flesh slow him down?

Hashi has not shown the ability to increase his speed, but has not Sasuke and Rock Lee been shown to increase their speed with their chakra and Naruto with his Kyuubi chakra, and would not the god of all shinobi, who has more chakra than any ninja on the battlefied other than Obito, then be able to do the same? Minato uses his super speed in battle, and Hashi has no need for such speeds unless he is fighting a character who uses super speed, like maybe during his days of sparring with his brother. Each character has their own fighting styles, and that's what they use.

Kakashi can use rasengan, but never does. Sasuke should be able to use the shadow clones that his sharingan has watched Naturo make, but he never does. Kakashi has copied over a thousand jutsus, but he has not shown most of them. Sarutobi was said to have learned every jutsu in Konoha, I believe, though I'm not sure, but he has only shown a limited amount of jutsu. The shadow-clone jutsu, which Tobirama invented, was in the scroll that Naruto stole, along with other jutsus. I imagine that more if not all of Tobirama's jutsus were in that scroll, and I seriously doubt if the first had not seen the scroll himself and was incapable of performing any jutsu that his brother could perform. Him knowing how to perform and then being unable to perform anything that his brother could just doesn't make common sense. Naruto shares everything with his brother, Konohamaru, and clansmen in this manga share their jutsus with their fellow clansmen. I cannot imagine that Hashi and Tobi did not do the same with each other.

Sasuke and Rock Lee amazed the spectators with their super speed at the chunnin exams. So you believe that just because neither Madara nor Hashi have ever shown speed above what's been required for them to survive a battle against each other, Rock Lee, Sasuke, and Raikake as well are fast enough to kill both of them? As you said, "speed always wins over power." And just because we have never seen Hashi move his body at super speeds does not mean that he cannot release his wood super fast enough to defend himself from Minato's attacks.

If Madara and other Uchiha did not have a way to defend themselves from super speeds, Tobirama would've assassinated them and the rest of Senju's enemies long before Konoha was made, I would imagine, and I also imagine that Minato would have done the same to Konoha's enemies. Common sense, which is all on which I am basing these assumptions and my initial assumption in response to HR, tells me that just because the greatest shinobi since the 1st sage has never shown himself using super speed, it doesn't mean that he cannot and will not if necessary to defeat his opponent.

It's like in the past when I mentioned that Hyuuga can use other jutsus, and people, you being one of those people, I believe, claimed they couldn't just because they have only ever been seen using Hyuuga techniques. If the Hyuuga can see chakra, then they should be able to learn to perform any non-kekkegenkai jutsu they have seen that requires chakra manipulation to execute. Just because their fighting style are Hyuuga-related techniques only does not mean that they are not capable of using other ninjutsu or even genjutsu. At least, that is common sense to me. I don't ignore common sense just to support my character and disparage my character's competition. Some things can't be assumed, but other things should be considered common sense.

P.S. Only in your own mind and personal fanfiction would Minato defeat Hashirama just because Minato has shown himself to move faster than Hashirama and every other shinobi in the manga has shown themselves to move.
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