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Re: Naruto_645

well it was like I said..he remembered his verbal skirmish with Nagato. Though using sage kyuubi mode like such pretty cool. Performing a rasengan in that size! Humor was alright...damn Tobirama we all get it, your brother is a fucking bad ass. Madara is being held back and is worried over Obito going into the final stages. Sasuke, duh dude...we all knew Naruto surpassed you back when you were searching for the truth. Minato doesn't seem like he is going bijuu mode KYF and or regenerating that arm. Fuck Rasengans...throw some uuber Rasenshurikens his way. Why or how would throwing up a small juubi help Obito? (Or I am guessing he just needs the body to be out there so he can reflect upon the moon's surface back to the sharinnegan eye.) They are gonna have to resort to FTG because Obito's speed and reflexes are just too much.

EDIT: So using his sage mode like such actually attracts/absorbs natural energy faster! Big attacks combo attacks coming soon..Also at this's Sasuke/Juugo's turn to matter....

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