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Re: Naruto_645

Originally Posted by DRAGONBPY View Post
I thought Minato did go tailed beast mode? Naruto saying he can absorb natural energy faster is kinda confusing considering he could go sage mode instantaneous before and now he say it is faster. Anyone can clear this for me?
IMO I think this is just the dark Kyuubi giving him chakra...Minato's cloak has not changed..even entering "Chakra Bijuu Mode" notice how Dark Kurama says he can act as support.
here Minato's cloak is the same as before....

He gets better and better with being still and allowing NE to enter his body...
It is not that he can go instantly...just that his body now absorbs the NE much faster since Kurama isn't acting as a filter if you will. Remember how he started out using NE, even when helping Gaara it took him a while to enter SM and make a rasenshuriken against the 3rd Raikage.. Now he pretty much can enter it without clone assistance... Naruto is a chakra control beast unlike Sasuke who is a nature manipulation beast.

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