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Re: Naruto_645

Originally Posted by apacolypz View Post
Minato is not on Naruto's level. His cloak has not been upgraded, this is both Kurama's working together. That was the whole point of the fist bump.
The primary purpose of the fist bump was Yang Kurama was running so low on chakra, Naruto couldn't go Super Saiyan (Kurama Chakra Mode). The secondary function was connecting Minato and Naruto's chakra, permitting Minato to FTG the entire alliance.

Originally Posted by DRAGONBPY View Post
I think apacolypz is saying Minato is using chakra version of tailed beast mode and not full flesh and bone mode and that Minato cant use flesh and bones version of it
That's because they don't have a flesh and bones version anymore. Naruto only entered Version 1 and Version 2 when Kurama was pulling the strings. Even his partial transformation against Pain, Kurama was pulling the strings This is simply what the Tailed Beast Mode looks like for them with Kurama's power under their control.
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