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Originally Posted by apacolypz View Post
Mastery over Kurama? Dude as most said seemed like that was the first time he and Kurama talked...even so he wasn't won over by Minato but more Naruto. Dark Kurama was just saying "bitch stop blaming yourself!" They didn't even fist bump which seems to be the best way to befriend a tailed beast. They have the exact same seals though opposite in base mode. Now that Naruto has entered bijuu mode the seals markings are totally different. Now if Minato had an opposite cloak that of Naruto's bijuu mode I would agree. I mean again (Not the same cloak at all)

Again...this is both Kurama's working together
Minato used death reaper seal to seal Yin into himself and 8 trigrams seal to seal Yang into Naruto. Maybe thats why Kurama looks different.
edit: I think Minato has already done the fist bump off-panel

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