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Re: One piece 720

Some of you might remember awhile back during the Fishmen Arc we actually talked about Luffy and the possibility of him forming different Pirate Division with other Pirates like WB and BB have.

After reading this chapter I'm quite liking and looking forward to this possibility now. I mean hes got that weird ass Don guy Navy crew under his wing, most likely Franky Family from Water Seven woudl rise to that call, the Wierd Barrier Barrier dude must have a crew so most likely join him. And many more Jinbei etc.

As for the rest of the chapter very good I was surprised at Rebecca to be honest.

BB and Luffy talk was awesome Burgess is going to get his face bashed in to send a 'message' to BB that Luffy coming for him.

Aokij im willing to bet that hes now moving into the underworld now it was hinted at when him and smoker spoke back at PH.
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