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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

A New Beginning
*Scene opens up with a woman (her back towards you), about 5’7, looking amongst some rocks. She’s wearing black pants, with high-heel boots. She has on a mesh top, with her chest and shoulders covered by a black shirt. On the back of the shirt is the Uzumaki crest. Scene switches to her face and shows her byuakugan activated.*
Hinata: Narutoooo… I think I have something here.
*Naruto is seen next as he’s grown to about 6’2, wearing black pants with an orange sleeveless shirt. He goes running to Hinata.*
Naruto: What is it?
Hinata: It looks to be some sort of entrance.
Naruto: Good job baby! Mark it so we can return to Konoha.
*Hinata slams her fist down on the ground and a seal appears on the ground and then disappears.*
Hinata: I’m ready Honey.
Naruto: You know I really don’t like that name.
Hinata: Once you’re Hokage, I’ll stop using it, at least out in public.
*Hinata gets on her tip-toes and kisses Naruto.*
Naruto: You know I can’t accept the position until we’re done here.
*Scene zooms out showing an entire island.*
Hinata: There’s a lot of history here too. It’s a good thing Tsunade-sama was able to spin this off as an archeological research trip for the daimyo to fund this for us.
Naruto: Yeah well…
Hinata: To think, we could open a museum… and possibly rebuild Uzuiogakure.
*Naruto smiles at Hinata.*
Naruto: Let’s go.
*Naruto walks up to Hinata, wraps his arms around her, and then the two flash out of the scene. Scene switches to Kumogakure, focusing on the Raikage’s office building. It has been completely rebuilt. Panels show how the gates have been repaired. But residential homes are still being built. A pink haired woman, about 5’8, is seen walking from a hospital, wearing knee-high boots, mesh leggings, a dark blue skirt, and a white top that bears her midriff with the Uchiha symbol on the back. Children run up to her and smile at her. She pats several on the head and heads down the street. Scene switches to the Raikage’s office, showing Ei (with gray hair) yelling at Mabui.*
Ei: If you weren’t out so late last night with him, maybe you would have that paperwork down by now.
*A young man appears, about 6’3, dressed in a white t-shirt with the Uchiha symbol on the left shoulder and dark blue pants.*
Ei: Sasuke… how’s the training coming along?
Sasuke: Pretty good so far.
Ei: Think you can stand a chance against Naruto now?
Sasuke sighs: No.
Ei sighs: Anyways, you’ve fulfilled your obligation to Kumogakure. With the added help of your lady friend, Haruno Sakura, we feel that we are able to thrive now, especially in the medical fields.
Sasuke: No disrespect, but why did you summon me here.
Ei gets serious: We have intel that there is something fishy going on in Iwagakure and Kirigakure. When you get back to Konoha, give this to Tsunade-sama.
*Ei hands Sasuke a scroll, which he takes.*
Ei: Do you remember what the shinigami said to both you and Naruto back in Iwa?
Sasuke: Yeah.
Ei: And here we are, a little over two years later, and you haven’t met your protector. And as far as we know, Naruto hasn’t either.
Sasuke: But Naruto wouldn’t tell Tsunade or anyone about that.
Sasuke in thought: But he would have came to me, so you are right.
Ei: Anyways, there are some small religious sects growing in both villages. Under the treaty we all signed in Iwa, there is to be no persecution to any group as long as their means and ways do not promote violence.
Sasuke: So where does your suspicion come in.
Ei: You said that Kabuto had become a Sage of Ryuchidou. These religious sects are tied to Ryuchidou.
Sasuke: Understood.
*Darui storms into the office.*
Darui: You need to quit nagging at my woman old man.
*Ei slams his fist down on his desk breaking this one.*
Ei: I’m the Raikage.
Darui: And I’m next in line.
*Sasuke leaves the room and walks back to his apartment. Scene switches to the Hokage’s office. Tsunade, Shizune, Hinata, and Naruto are seen.*
Tsunade: It’s good to see the two of you again. How’s the training coming along Naruto?
Naruto: Good, she’s almost as good as I am now in base mode.
*Naruto looks at Hinata as she blushes.*
Tsunade: And what news do you have?
Hinata: We have a new lead.
Tsunade: So you’re not going to give up on this?
Tsunade in thought: Curse you Minato… I’m ready to retire.
Naruto: This all started with those coordinates my dad gave me. I really think we’re getting close to the end.
Tsunade: Yet you have no idea it is what you are after.
Naruto: We’ve came across seals that are not mentioned in Konoha’s library of jutsu, hell, they’re not even in the Hokage scroll.
Tsunade: But you haven’t mastered them.
Hinata: I have… at least some of them.
Shizune: Tsunade-sama, they’re finding relics and jutsus of a lost civilization. We should aide them as much as possible.
Tsunade: Fine.
*Tsunade slams her palm down on the desk. Neji, Lee, and Tenten appear from nowhere, kneeling.*
All three in unison: Yes, Tsunade-sama!
Tsunade: Neji, summon Shikamaru and Shikaku. Lee and Tenten, summon the daimyo.
*All three flicker out as Naruto and Hinata start to hold hands in the office.*
Tsunade: Go on home. I’ll summon you back later. And Hinata…
Hinata: Yes, Tsunade-sama?!
Tsunade: Sieta wishes to see you from what I hear.
*Hinata smiles. Naruto looks at her.*
Naruto: Well, that settles where we are headed.
*Naruto flashes the two out.*
Shizune: To think that she would be the one to master the seals of the Uzumaki, she’s become quite the shinobi.
*Tsunade smiles.*
Tsunade: Yes, times are changing. With her sealing prowess now, it’s surpassed mine and Kakashi’s. Maybe it’s time to move her up to jounin.
*Scene switches inside to an apartment. Hinata is seen playing in the floor with a little girl. A teenage boy busts through the door, wearing a suit similar to Naruto’s old suit, just with the colors of yellow and brown.*
Boy: Kurenai…
*Naruto hits the boy on top of the head.*
Naruto: You don’t just barge into a home like that Konohamaru.
Konohamaru: You don’t have to hit me.
*Kurenai walks into the room and smiles.*
Kurenai: What is it Konohamaru?
Konohamaru: Are you ready to go?
Naruto: Go where?
Konohamaru: Today is the anniversary of Uncle Asuma’s death.
*Naruto goes shit-faced.*
Naruto: I’m sorry…
Kurenai: It’s ok, Naruto. Would the two of you mind joining us?
Hinata looks at Naruto: Sure!
Kurenai: So how long are the two of you going to wait to have kids?
Naruto laughs nervously: How about we leave now?
Hinata blushes: I don’t know.
*Hinata picks up Sieta.*
Kurenai: Well, I can see you’ll be a great mom Hinata. And you Naruto… don’t be the overbearing father, ok?
Naruto laughing: Sure…
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