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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*The group gets up and leaves. Scene switches to the graveyard, with several people standing around a tombstone. As the group gets closer, Shikamaru, Temari, Ino, Sai, and Choji are all seen. Shikamaru looks up at Kurenai and smiles. Kurenai walks up lays down a bouquet of flowers. There is a moment of silence.*
Shikamaru: To think that it’s been three years.
Ino: For the past two years, I cried on this day.
*Ino looks up smiling at Kurenai and then at Sieta, who is still in Hinata’s arms.*
Ino: Not anymore though.
Choji: We’re still going for barbecue after this, right?
Naruto laughs: You still haven’t changed much, huh.
Shikamaru: Sure, it’s good to keep traditions.
*Shikamaru puts a cigarette in his mouth and pulls out Asuma’s lighter. As he goes to open it, Kurenai puts her hand over the lighter.*
Kurenai: Not in front of Sieta.
Shikamaru: What a drag.
*Temari laughs.*
Choji: So where are we going? I want to try Ichiraku’s new place.
Naruto: What new place!?!?!?!
Choji: He does ramen, fried rice, and barbecue… all in one place.
Naruto starts to feint mumbling: Ramen and barbecue…
Hinata laughs at Naruto: And you haven’t changed much either.
*Scene switches to the restaurant (its hibachi style). As the group walks in, Ichiraku sees Naruto right away and motions for the group to come to his grill. The group approaches and sit around the grill. A waitress then gives them all a menu. Naruto throws the menu down.*
Naruto: I’ll have one of everything.
Choji slamming his menu down: Same goes for me.
*Shikamaru does a face palm. Temari cuddle up to Shikamaru.*
Temari: Relax baby, have fun with your friends.
*Naruto looks at the couple.*
Naruto: So when are the two of you going to marry?
Temari blushes: Soon I hope.
*Shikamaru shakes his head.*
Shikamaru smiles: When you become the Hokage.
Temari: Then we’ll never get married!
*She slaps Shikamaru’s arm as everyone busts out into laughter.*
Choji: Remember when we were in the academy, and Naruto was the runt. You were the smallest one of us.
*Everyone laughs. Naruto holds out his palm to Choji, instantly forming a rasengan inches from his face. Choji gulps and gets nervous. Hinata pulls Naruto’s arm down. Naruto lets the jutsu dissipate as Hinata puts his palm on her thigh.*
Naruto: Who’s the runt now? (Choji is 6’6, 300 lbs)
Choji: I meant no disrespect, Naruto.
Naruto busts out in a pointing pose at Choji: GOTCHA!!!!
*Everyone laughs again. Naruto sits back down and whispers into Hinata’s ear.*
Naruto whispering: It’s not fair that you know I’m a leg-man.
*Hinata smirks at Naruto and kisses him.*
Hinata: You’re my man.
*The group eats their meal, and then Kurenai with Konohamaru and Sieta leave the restaurant.*
Ino: I want one.
Sai: One what?
Ino: A baby.
*Naruto, Choji, and Shikamaru all laugh at Sai.*
Choji: Well, I would like to stay and catch up, but I’m off. Got to head Iwa tomorrow, right Sai?
Sai: Right. We should be leaving as well.
Naruto: Why are you going to Iwa?
Sai: We may finally have a lead on Yamato.
*Naruto goes wide-eyed.*
*Sai, Ino, and Choji disappear in a puff of smoke. Shikamaru leans into the table now.*
Shikamaru: Now we can talk business. The next time you go to the Land of the Whirlpools, you’ll have two 4-man squads with you.
Naruto in thought: But that’s our alone time dammit.
*Flashback scene to Hinata in the ocean up to her shoulders, holding her bikini top over her head. Naruto is smiling.*
Shikamaru: So you like the idea, Naruto?
Naruto frowning: No.
*Hinata giggles having an idea of what Naruto was thinking.*
Shikamaru: The first 4-man team will be Kiba, Shino, Udon, and Moegi. The second will be Konohamaru, myself, Sakura, and Sasuke.
Naruto: I thought they were still in Kumo.
Shikamaru: They are on their way back to Konoha.
*Naruto leans back.*
Naruto: Good.
Hinata: What will you do in this time, Temari?
Temari: I’m going back to Suna.
Hinata: Tell Gaara and Kankuro we said hi.
*The scene switches back to Naruto and Hinata’s apartment (Naruto’s apartment).*
Hinata: It was nice seeing everyone tonight.
Naruto: Yeah, it was.
*Hinata walks into the bathroom and starts throwing her clothes onto the bedroom floor. Naruto smirks at the sight of this. He hears Hinata giggling.*
Naruto: What is it baby?
Hinata: I want one too.
Naruto: One wha…. hey wait a minute.
*Hinata walks out in a sheer purple lingerie teddy. Naruto gawks at Hinata. Scene switches to the couple laying in bed after their tryst.*
Hinata: I do want one Naruto-kun.
*Naruto turns to Hinata.*
Hinata: It will happen whenever it does, ok.
*Naruto smiles at Hinata and kisses her on her forehead. Scene switches to Sasuke and Sakura checking into a travel lodge. The next panel shows Sakura in a bubble bath, with Sasuke in a steamy shower. Sasuke then walks out of the shower in a bath towel, looking at Sakura. He grins.*
Sasuke: I think I’m actually going to miss that place.
Sakura: Yeah, but I can’t wait to see everyone again.
*She looks up at Sasuke all innocently.*
Sakura: It’s been a while.
Sasuke: I know.
Sakura: So why has it been so long?
Sasuke: Because there is something I want to do first.
*Sakura stands up in the tub, bubble covering the appropriate areas.*
Sakura in her sultry voice: And what is that.
Sasuke smirks: You’ll see.
*Sasuke walks out of the bathroom, changes into his pjs and lays on the bed. A few minutes later, Sakura comes out in a nightgown and lays in bed with Sasuke. They roll onto their sides, facing each other.
Sakura: Do you not want me anymore?
Sasuke: It’s not that. I’ve just been thinking.
Sakura: About what.
Sasuke: If I’m going to build the Uchiha up again, we need to start by making you an Uchiha.
*Sakura screams with joy and hugs Sasuke, smothering him with kisses. Sasuke pushes her back a little, but still holding her.*
Sasuke: We need to rest tonight. I want to be in Konoha by tomorrow night.
Sakura: I want to hurry back too, but why are you in such a rush?
Sasuke: Something just doesn’t feel right.
*Scene switches to Naruto’s apartment, with Naruto at the window. A split panel is shown with a thunderstorm brewing in Sasuke’s area, and strong gusts of winds blowing in Konoha.*

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