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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Naruto walks off to the bedroom and turns the shower on. He walks back into the living area, and throws Hinata over his shoulder. Hinata squeals and giggles.*
Naruto: Now that the important things are taken care of, it’s time to take care of the most important thing.
Hinata: ME?!!!!
Naruto: Yep. Ravaging you.
*The two disappear into the steam from the shower. Scene switches to the next day at the training ground. Naruto and Hinata are already seen sparring with each other. Sasuke and Sakura are walking up to the area. Naruto and Hinata smile and wave at them when they see them.*
Hinata: Hey guys.
Naruto: What brings the two of you here.
Sakura smiles: It’s been a while since I trained with the two of you (referring to Sasuke and Naruto). It will be just like old times.
Sasuke: It almost doesn’t feel right without Kakashi-sensei.
Hinata: What’s in the bag?
Sakura: Training clothes.
Hinata: See Naruto, it wasn’t a dumb idea! Sakura and Sasuke brought training clothes.
Naruto laughing: Alright, fine. It wasn’t a stupid idea.
*He walks to Hinata and kisses her on the cheek.*
Naruto: Give me a minute.
*Naruto flashes out.*
Sasuke: Doesn’t that get on your nerves?
Hinata: Not so much. Especially when you realize he could do it in the middle of fight to get away from you, but he never does.
Sakura: Wow Hinata, you’ve really changed him.
Sasuke: Let’s go on and change. Hinata, do you think Naruto will mind if we invited some others to train with us?
Hinata: Nah.
Sakura: Where are we going to change?
Hinata: I can help with that. Do you think five minutes will be enough?
Sasuke looking around: Yeah, I guess.
Hinata: Ok, go stand wherever you want to change.
Sakura: Here is fine.
Hinata slams the ground with her palm: Stealth barrier!
*Sakura and Sasuke disappear from sight.*
Sakura: Ugh, can you see us Hinata?
Hinata: No, but I can hear you
*Sakura and Sasuke begin to change into their outfits. Naruto flashes back.*
Naruto: Where is Sasuke and Sakura, they were just here.
*Naruto hands Hinata a small bag of clothes.*
Hinata giggling: They’re here.
*Naruto enters Sage mode.*
Naruto: Ah, there you are. So you’ve mastered it baby?
Hinata: Just about, Honey.
Naruto groaning: You know I hate that.
*Hinata laughs at Naruto. Soon the group of Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon show up at the training ground.*
Konohamaru: Nii-san.
Naruto: Konohamaru???
Hinata: Sasuke invited them. They are going with us after all.
Naruto: Oh alright. So how long did you set up the barrier?
Hinata: They have two minutes left.
Naruto: So do you want to change here, or somewhere else.
Sakura: How come you guys get to go elsewhere and change?
*Sakura walks through the barrier, wearing a tight black leather short skirt, with mesh leggings going up just past her knees. She is wearing a red leather sleeveless tank top with the Uchiha symbol right under the neckline on her back. She is wearing her traditional shinobi boots.*
Konohamaru: Holy cow Sakura! You sure are…
Moegi: Sarutobi Konohamaru, you will show some respect to her.
*Sasuke walks through the barrier wearing his same outfit just the fabric for the pants is leather now, holding the traditional armor for the Uchiha. Sasuke walks up to Sakura, caressing her ass.*
Sasuke whispers to Sakura: Ok, maybe we won’t be able to wait until you have my name.
Sakura giggles as she thinks: That’s why I picked this outfit for training. It’s working!
Hinata slams the ground again with her palm: Stealth barrier!
*Naruto and Hinata are now in the barrier and begin to change. After a few minutes the couple walks through the barrier. Hinata walks out wearing the outfit she was introduced in (black pants, high heel boots, mesh top, chest and and shoulder covered by black tank top with Uzumaki crest on the back). Naruto is wearing white pants with a black and orange long sleeve jacket (color patterns reversed from time skip). Konohamaru looks at Hinata and then looks away blushing.*
Hinata: Do I not get any praise Konohamaru?
Udon: He’s afraid that Moegi will either try to beat him up, or that Naruto will kick his ass.
*Naruto, Hinata, Sakura, and Sasuke all laugh at this.*
Voice: So I see everyone is here.
*Shikamaru is walking up to the group with Shino.*
Naruto: So what are we going to do if Kiba doesn’t make it back in time?
A woman’s voice: That’s where I come in.
*Everyone turns to see Kurenai walking to the area.*
Hinata: Kurenai-sensei!
*Kurenai joins the group.*
Shikamaru: So why are we all here to train, for what looks like fighting and defense when this mission is more about discovery and intel?
*Naruto and Sasuke look at each other.*
Sasuke: Just trust us. Tis better to be prepared, wouldn’t you agree.
*Kurenai looks over Hinata.*
Kurenai in thought: And to think, when I first met you, you had such little confidence and low self-esteem. You’ve grown a lot. Thank you, Naruto.
Naruto: I’m glad that we could all get together and train like this, but I need to train Hinata.
*Scene switches to a tree branch supporting both Fujin and Raijin in their human forms.*
Raijin: It’s getting close to the time for us to reveal ourselves.
Fujin: Aye, it is. Bringing this many people with them will bring more of a burden.
Raijin: But he believes he is the one to bring peace to us.
Fujin: It’s just a shame that we lost peace in the first place.
*The shinigami appears behind the two.*
Shinigami: Hello brothers. Enjoying the scenery?
Raijin: Aye. Just seeing what we’re dealing with here.
Fujin: What do you think he will do once they have been released?
Shinigami: I don’t know, but at that point, we will know if they are with us, or against us. I just grow weary of this sorrow.
Fujin: Aye brother. You did the right thing, trust me.
Raijin: Trust him brother. He’s been around longer than you.
*The three figures fade out as the groups begin training. Kurenai is sparring with Shino. Shikamaru has promised to buy Konohamaru, Udon, and Moegi lunch if they can make him bleed. Sakura is doing some shadow boxing as Sasuke is putting on his armor. Hinata has activated her byuakugan, in a fighting pose, facing Naruto. Scene focuses on Naruto and Hinata.*
Naruto: First, I want you to make a kage no bunshin.
Hinata: But I don’t have your stamina, Honey.
Naruto grunting: Just trust me.
*Hinata sighes and then makes one kage no bunshin.*
Naruto: Now, which one is the real you?
*The real Hinata raises her hand.*
Naruto: Ok, you follow me.
*Naruto and the clone walk off into the forest. Naruto is seen talking to the clone.*
Naruto: Now disperse.
*The clone disperses. Hinata’s facial expression brightens up as she giggles.*
Hinata yelling: You promise?!
Naruto yelling as he walks back to her: Yes!
*Naruto walks back to Hinata.*
Naruto: Now do another one.
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