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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Hinata makes another bunshin. Naruto makes five bunshins.*
Naruto: Your goal is to reach me. If you can get past my clones, I’m all yours. I promise not to enter Sage nor Kurama mode.
Hinata: I don’t get it, but ok.
*Hinata and her clone rush the first Naruto clone, Hinata hitting the 64 Palms of Fury on the clone, making it poof away. Her clone then leaps to the next clone, and just as it is about to connect with the clone with a straight palm thrust to the gut, the Naruto clone catches the Hinata clone’s arm and throws her back into the original Hinata, making the clone poof away.*
Naruto: Ok, that’s one down. Four more to go.
*The scene progresses to noon, with everyone panting but Naruto. Hinata is on both of knees about to collapse over.*
Hinata panting: Naruto… I think I over did it.
Naruto walks up to Hinata: You’re not done yet.
Shikamaru: Give her a break Naruto. I mean she’s your wife.
Sasuke: Leave them alone Shikamaru. Trust me when I say you don’t know what’s going on. Hell, I don’t either, but I know he has a reason for doing this.
*Naruto picks Hinata up in his arms.*
Naruto: It’s lunch time anyway. How about a break?
Kurenai: Good idea!
Kurenai in thought: So this is the power of the Sage who is the jinchuuriki of the kyuubi?
*Naruto enters Kurama Sage mode and begins to heal Hinata and give her some more chakra. Hinata stares at Naruto.*
Hinata: So why are you pushing me so hard?
Naruto: Because you called me honey.
*Naruto smiles and Hinata leans up and kisses Naruto. Scene switches to Kakashi, Kiba, and Anko standing in the area that used to be Kagame’s base of operations. Anko is sweating from the nervousness of remembering when Kabuto kidnapped her.*
Kakashi: You ok, Anko?
Anko: Yeah, I’m fine.
Kiba smirks: Daddy will protect you.
*Anko clobbers Kiba over the back of his head, knocking him out.*
Kakashi: Was that really called for?
Anko: He started it.
Kakashi: I could say you started it by sleeping with him.
Anko: It was only one time.
Kakashi: Really, then who else have you been with?
*Anko starts counting on her fingers and scratching her head.*
Kakashi: Just nevermind. The point is that you wouldn’t attract that attention if you would just settle down with someone.
Anko: Someone like you?
Kakashi: Ah… we need to get back to our mission.
*Anko sighs*
Kakashi in thought: That was close.
*Kakashi summons Pakkun.*
Kakashi: I want you to investigate what’s in the cave. You know what to do if you run into trouble.
Pakkun: Ok.
*Pakkun turns and runs into the cave, following his nose. Anko walks up to Kakashi.*
Anko: I just want to say I’m sorry for acting the way I have. You must think I’m a total slut.
Kakashi: Anko, not now.
Anko: I’m trying to bear my soul to you, and you just reject me like that.
Kakashi: How about we do this when we get back?
*Hearts appear in Anko’s eyes.*
Anko: Ok. You promise?
Kakashi: Promise.
*The scene switches as Pakkun runs into a deep, cavernous room. He sniffs around until he comes upon a huge boulder. Pakkun looks up and gawks at what he sees.*
Pakkun: I have to tell Kakashi about this.
*The scene zooms out the show the Gedo Mazo statue. Scene switches back to the training ground as everyone but Sasuke and Naruto are lying on the ground breathing heavily. Naruto disperses his last clone that Hinata could not get past.*
Naruto: You guys ok?
Shikamaru rolls over onto his stomach looking at Sasuke and Naruto: The two of you are Sadists.
Sasuke smiles: I told you that you were going to train like never before.
Shikamaru: Yeah, but the fact that when all of us teamed up to help Hinata beat Naruto’s last clone and you, and we’re all on the ground…
Naruto: It’s perfect training for what is ahead.
*Hinata is now up to one knee.*
Hinata with a devilish grin: I’m going to get you back, especially after you made that promise and got me all excited.
Naruto laughing: No you won’t.
*Naruto walks over to Hinata and helps her up to her feet.*
Naruto: Same time tomorrow?
Shikamaru: Count me out.
Konohamaru, Udon, and Moegi: Me, too.
Kurenai: I haven’t been out of breath like this since Asu…
*Shikamaru and Hinata are staring at Kurenai wide-eyed.*
Kurenai realizing this: Nevermind. I need the rest.
*Sasuke now has Sakura up with him.*
Sakura: I’ve seen you do this so many times. How do you do it?
Shino now on one knee: He’s Naruto. There’s no way to explain it.
Naruto smiles: Then rest up, and be ready in five days. Train in your own ways.
*Naruto and Hinata flash out.*
Sakura: Sasuke…
Sasuke: Yeah…
Sakura: I’m too tired to play tonight.
*Sasuke busts out laughing.*
Shikamaru in thought: I’m so glad Temari isn’t here.
*The group starts going their separate ways. Sasuke and Sakura start to leave, with Sasuke holding Sakura around the waist, supporting her as she walks.*
Sakura: You know, would it kill you to learn the Flying Thunder God technique.
Sasuke: I actually prefer this. I get to be closer to you that much longer.
Sakura: You are such… an asshole.
*Sakura leans in and kisses Sasuke.*
Sakura: And I love you for it.
*Scene switches to Naruto laying Hinata down in their bed. She looks up at him. *
Hinata: You haven’t pushed me that hard…. ever. What’s going on Naruto?
Naruto: I want to make sure you’re ready.
Hinata: For what?
Naruto looks down: I’ve been told that I might not be able to defend you and fight whomever it is that I’m going to have to fight. I can’t stand the thought of losing you.
Hinata caressing Naruto’s cheek: You can’t lose me.
*Naruto smiles.*
Hinata: If I wasn’t so tired, I’d make love to you right now.
Naruto grins: You need your rest baby. We’re training again tomorrow, just you and me.
Hinata smiling: Great… no sex for how long?
*Naruto leans down and kisses her.*
Naruto: Just relax and rest.
*Naruto undresses Hinata and tucks her into bed. He then goes to his balcony and sits, looking up at the moon.*
Voice from above: So what’s bothering you?
*Scene zooms out to show Sasuke sitting on Naruto’s roof. He jumps down onto the balcony.*
Naruto: Just thinking.
Sasuke: Oh yeah… why did you have Hinata train like that?
Naruto: That is the training I used to master the FRS.
Sasuke: How so?
Naruto: When using the kage no bunshin technique, you are completely split amongst however many clones you make. When the clone disperses, that knowledge and experience is taken back to the original body.
Sasuke: So by making Hinata use the bunshins, you’ve increased her battle experience exponentially. And you’ve replenished her chakra when she was about to run out. Am I right?
Naruto: Yeah, you got it.
Sasuke: So today, Hinata probably got about ten days’ worth of training?
Naruto: Yeah.
Sasuke: Pretty smart… but why Hinata?
Naruto: The shinigami warned me that she was my weak point. He asked me if I would be able to defend her and fight those who I am to fight.
Sasuke: But that doesn’t sound like… being scared that is.
Naruto: I’m sure you can tell that things have changed. I’ve got a wife now. And down the road, hopefully I’ll have children.
Sasuke: I understand. So has your protector shown himself to you?
Naruto: I think so, but I’m not sure.
Sasuke: And everything is going to start with our new mission.
Naruto: That’s what I was told.
Sasuke: Do me a favor then.
Naruto: What is it?
Sasuke: Sakura and I are getting married the day after tomorrow. We can count on the two of you being there.
Naruto smiling: Sure!
Sasuke: Thanks. And don’t worry about Hinata.
Naruto: That’s not easy.
Sasuke: See you later.
*Sasuke flickers out. Naruto looks again at the moon and walks inside, looking at Hinata asleep on the bed. The scene switches to Kakashi, Anko, and Kiba leaping through the trees to return to Konoha.*
Anko: Is Pakkun sure he saw what he did?
Kakashi: Aye. And the fact that it has stayed there all this time… We must notify the Hokage, and then the other kages.
Kiba: Right now would be a good time for Naruto to poof in and flash us all to Konoha.
Anko: Shaddup ya lazyass!
Kakashi: I concur. Let’s just hurry back as fast as we can.
*Scene switches back to the room with Gedo Mazo in it. A figure is shown slithering around on the ground. Another figure walks up. Panel focuses on Ryuden.*
Ryuden: Do you have what you promised?
Figure: As you commanded Ryuden-sama.
Ryuden: And what of our visitors?
Figure: They are of no worry. The peace treaty prevents the five great villages from taking any action against us. They have no proof after all.
Ryuden: You are proving to be a good lieutenant, Ryu.
*Ryu steps into the moonlight, revealing a man who resembles Orochimaru with a soul-patch goatee and handlebar mustache.*

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