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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

A New Journey
*Scene opens on the newlyweds walking out of a shower together, both wrapped in towels.*
Sasuke: So… Mrs. Uchiha… what shall we do today?
Sakura smiling: I’m not sure Mr. Uchiha. I think I am in need of some rest soon.
*Sasuke laughs. Sakura smiles back and kisses him.*
Sakura: Do you really think that Bee-sama is going to come visit us?
Sasuke: Yeah.
*Sakura stands behind Sasuke and kisses his shoulder while she wraps her hands around him.*
Sakura: So what are we going to do now that our mission has been canceled?
Sasuke: I’m not sure. Probably get in trouble.
*Sakura laughs and jumps up into a piggyback position on Sasuke. A knock is heard at the door. Scene switches to the Hokage’s Office. Shizune is walking to the door and opens it.*
Shizune: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
*Scene shows Shizune standing in the doorway with Tsunade’s office being trashed. Tsunade comes walking up behind Shizune.*
Tsunade: Calm down!
Shizune: But who did this milady?!
Tsunade grins: I know, and it’s ok.
*Scene switches to Naruto in the shower. He steps out, wrapped in a towel and walks into the kitchen. Hinata, wearing just a shirt is cooking breakfast for Naruto.*
Hinata: Eat up Honey. If we’re going to break the rules, you’re going to need your energy.
Naruto: Yeah, well you took a lot out of me last night.
Hinata giggles: And it was soooo much fun!
*Naruto kisses Hinata. The two sit at the table and eat breakfast. Scene switches back to Sasuke and Sakura’s place. Sasuke, Sakure, and Bee are all chatting, having a cup of tea.*
Sakura: So wait… Raikage-sama didn’t get in till when?
Bee: Early morning. And man was he a smiling!
Sakura laughs: I wonder what her facial expression was like!
*Ei enters the room.*
Sasuke grinning: Good morning Raikage-sama.
Ei: Leave me alone…
Sakura: Sleep well?!
Ei grins: Yeah.
*Sasuke, Sakura, and Bee all bust out laughing.*
Sasuke: I’m just curious that neither one of you have settled down in Kumo with someone. I mean every Hokage excluding Lady Tsunade has had a spouse.
Ei: You think I’m tough, you should have met my mother. She makes Tsunade seem like a bunny rabbit.
Bee: Yeah, and Karui is always beating the shiyat out of Omoi.
Sakura: I didn’t know they were together.
Bee: They’re not. If they were, Omoi would probably be dead already.
Ei puts his cup down: We must be going. We have business to attend to. Stay out of trouble Sasuke… or should I say keep Naruto out of trouble.
*Ei and Bee leave. Sasuke and Sakura are still sitting, sipping on their tea.*
Sakura: So Raikage-sama and some lady in Konoha… whoda thunk?
Sasuke: Are you packed?
Sakura: Yeah. Are you sure we should be doing this?
Sasuke: Yeah.
Sakura: Why do you have to tag-a-long with Naruto?
Sasuke: This isn’t me just tagging-a-long. I was told to go as well. And we were instructed to bring you and Hinata.
Sakura: So what in the hell is this all about?
Sasuke: We’ll found out soon enough.
*Scene switches the training area as Sasuke and Sakura approach Naruto and Hinata. Both guys are carrying bags that has each couples belongings.*
Sasuke: You ready?
Naruto grins: We’ve been waiting on you.
Voice off panel: Don’t tell me you two are going against orders.
*Scene switches to Kakashi as he approaches the two couples.*
Naruto: You know you can’t stop me.
Kakashi: Aye. But I’ve been given a mission myself.
Sasuke: And what mission is that?
Kakashi: I can’t stop you or Naruto, but I can stop them *Kakashi nods to the girls*. Now stand down and please comply.
*Naruto has dropped his bag and has entered Sage mode already.*
Kakashi in thought: Calm down Naruto. I am not your enemy here.
Naruto: Who says I’ll let you touch them.
*Suddenly the five Kages land behind Kakashi.*
Ei: We do. Stand down Uzumaki Naruto. We wish not to quarrel with you, but will if we must.
Gaara: Naruto, please understand.
Naruto: Then explain to me why I shouldn’t go.
Tsunade: We’ve found the Gedo Mazo. And with the lead we had for Yamato, we don’t think it is a coincidence. Not to mention the fact that all of our sensors reported a huge spike in energy two nights ago. We just want to make sure that you and Bee are safe.
Naruto: Fine.
Kakashi in thought: Something is not right. That was too easy.
Tsunade: Thank you.
*All of a sudden, there is a puff of smoke. The smoke clears. Naruto, Hinata, Sasuke, and Hinata are nowhere to be seen. The scene switches to the peak of the Hokage mountain. Naruto, Hinata, Sasuke, and Sakura are all seen looking through binoculars at the training area.*
Sasuke: Wow, I must say, that was pretty impressive.
Sakura: How so?
Sasuke: Not a single kage or any sensor in Konoha realized that was a henge jutsu. And the fact that Hinata has placed a barrier around us to conceal our chakras… impressive.
*Scene switches back to the Kages.*
Kitsuchi: Great… what do we do now?
Ei: Calm down Tsuchikage-sama. We planned for this… just not this way.
Mei: Please explain.
Tsunade: Back during the war, we realized that we could no longer contain Naruto and Bee in Kumo. Now, both are stronger and more powerful. We knew it as only a matter of time before Naruto would act out like this.
Ei: What we didn’t count on was Sasuke being so ready to go along with him. Or those girls.
Tsunade: And that is where our problem lies now… Sakura and Hinata.
Kitsuchi: How so?
Tsunade: For not having a doujutsu, Sakura’s chakra control is unmatched. And her medical skills are on par with mine. Hinata has followed in the footsteps which made the Uzumaki famous.
Gaara: Meaning…
Kakashi: Her prowess in seals is unmatched here in Konoha.
Tsunade: I would say she is on par with Orochimaru.
Mei: So what you’re basically saying is you knew Naruto was going to act this way. But Sasuke, the only EMS user still alive, and these two kunochi are the most formidable four-man team?
Tsunade: When you add Naruto, I’m not sure there is a force that can stop them.
*Scene switches to Benten walking on a path on a mountainside. In her human form, she chooses a full-figured woman body type, with red hair that comes down to her waist. She wears a white kimono over a halter-type armor for her chest (think Xena Warrior Princess). Benten walks into shrine. A figure greets her from the shadows.*
Figure: And…
Benten: They are none the wiser. Do not fret my brother.
Figure: It’s easy to say when you are the goddess of wisdom and knowledge.
Benten: Hachimon my dear, with my intellect and your brawn, not even the Kotoamatsukami could stand before us.
Hachimon: Are you sure?
Benten: Once we’ve manipulated the three (Amerterasu, Susanoo, and Tsukuyomi) to do our bidding, the only ones left to stand in our way of overtaking the Kotamatsukami are Amatsu and Inzanami.
Hachimon: And how do you plan to deal with them? What if the sons of wind and thunder reach their potential? And what if Suijin finds a son or daughter of water?
Benten: Trust me my love.
*Hachimon emerges from the shadows in his human form. He stands tall at 6’6, muscular, wearing plated armor and holding a spear in one hand with a katana sheathed at his right side.*
Hachimon: I’ve trusted you once before and have felt your sting.
Benten: That was in the past.
Hachimon: And it is what brought this all about.
Benten: You mean our rise to the top? Yes, I will take credit for that. Plus… it was fun.
Hachimon: Do not mock me *Hachimon holds his spear at her throat* or I will send you to Amatsu and Inzanami.
Benten taking her finger, and guiding the blade on the spear away from her throat: No you won’t. Because then the scales will tip of the favor of those two. What I did in the past has led us to now. My allegiance is to you.
Hachimon: You’ve betrayed me before.
Benten: And have I not made it up to you. I mean before I “betrayed” you, we never took on these forms *she motions to her body*. Admit it; you lust after this body more than my natural state.
Hachimon shooting right back: And I could say the same of you.
Benten: I don’t deny it. We may not be able to recognize our true strength in this form, but it has its advantages. I know how to make any man’s body quake.
*Benten is trailing her fingertip from the middle of Hachimon’s chest down to his… godhood.*
Benten: My trysts may have begotten Miyashi, and she did defy us and start this entire mess. I can’t help it that our uncle would show her the favor he did. She thought she found love… she only found heartache and death.
Hachimon: Then explain to me your plan.
*The two kiss.*
Benten: Fujin and Raijin are undoubtedly training the descendant of Miyashi and his comrade. Our targets are not those two, we’re going after their wives.
Hachimon: But what if they are with Fujin and Raijin. Inzanagi is the only one who can rival father.
Benten: In a one on one confrontation, yes. But there are the two of us.
Hachimon: And what about Raijin? You are cunning, but how do you plan to take on two elder gods and the sons of wind and thunder?
Benten: We won’t. That’s what the three are there for. Susanoo is aiming to eliminate Suijin. Once he has done that, he will be the most powerful of the three. In their clash with Fujin and Raijin, we clean up the leftovers. Amatsu and Inzanami will strike at Inzanagi during this time, and once again, we’ll clean up the leftovers.
Hachimon: What about the two sons?
Benten: Hachi… you’re the God of War. I’ve been creating an army for you.
*Panel shows Ryu standing infront of a crowd in a secluded area.*
Hachimon: So you have, have you?
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