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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The Power of Amatsu
*Scene opens with Naruto, Sasuke, Hinata, and Sakura all in battle stances. Amatsu is taking a step towards the group.*
Amatsu: Question is who dies first?
*Sasuke activates his EMS while Naruto enters Kurama Sage mode.*
Sasuke: Naruto… this guy… he makes the juubi pale in comparison.
Amatsu: And you Uchiha claim to be geniuses.
Hinata: Byuakugan!
*Hinata has activated her byuakugan.*
Naruto: How did you get here?
Amatsu: I told you, this is my domain. Your so called Uzuiogakure mocked me ages ago. To think that fool’s descendants would openly challenge me.
*Amatsu holds out one arm, and a double sided battle axe forms in it. He swings it down at Sasuke. Sasuke counters, forming his Susanoo, which uses all four arms to catch the blade of the axe. Sasuke is pushed into the ground up to his waist.*
Amatsu: Your eyes… they belong to us. That son of bitch Izanagi… he loved her like his own. And she wasn’t his!
*Amatsu holds out his other arm, open palmed, and an energy beam shoots from his palm straight at Hinata. At the last minute, Naruto flashes in and out with Hinata, dodging the attack. Meanwhile, Sakura is running towards Amatsu preparing to strike.*
Sasuke and Hinatat in unison: Sakura NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
*Just as Sakura is about to punch Amatsu, he growls, sending shockwaves at Sakura, throwing her back to the entrance of the cave. She hits a cave wall with such force she is knocked out. Naruto flashes Hinata over to Sakura.*
Naruto: Take her out of here and set up a barrier.
Hinata: But he broke through this barrier.
Naruto: I believe in you.
*Naruto kisses Hinata and flashes back over to Sasuke, pulling him out of the ground.*
Naruto: Ok, give me the lowdown Sasuke.
Sasuke: His chakra… it’s more malevolent than yours. And it’s just pure darkness. It even gives me the creeps.
Naruto: Got a plan?
Sasuke: No, think you can buy me some time?
Naruto: That will be easy.
*Amatsu has now formed a broadsword in his hand and is swinging down at Naruto. Naruto flashes out just before the sword would have struck him.*
Amatsu: You think that’s fast?
*Amatsu appears right next to Naruto, swinging the blade horizontally from left to right, Naruto touching the edge of the blade to flip over it. Naruto’s grimaces as his hand is burnt. He flashes over to Sasuke.*
Naruto: Newsflash, don’t let any of his weapons touch you. Burns like a mofo.
Sasuke: Then let us see how much heat he can handle. Amerterasu!!!
*Amatsu is immediately engulfed in the black flames. He begins to laugh.*
Amatsu: Did you think that you could burn the god of the underworld? It is my flame that is inextinguishable. Not these puny flames.
*Amatsu roars, dissipating the flames.*
Amatsu: Let me show you some real heat.
*Amatsu throws his sword at Sasuke. Sasuke forms his Susanoo to protect himself. As Amatsu throws his sword, Naruto is throwing a Fuuton Senjutsu Rasenshuriken at Amatsu. Amatsu’s blade crushes through Sasuke’s Susanoo, stabbing him in his shoulder. Sasuke screams in pain. As Sasuke is keeling over, Naruto’s FSRS hits Amatsu, taking out half of his body. Once the jutsu dissipates, Amatsu stares at Naruto and begins to laugh.*
Amatsu: If you had truly mastered the wind, that could have done some damage. Well it did anyway, to this form.
*Amatsu transforms into his human form, resembling a young Danzou, with a goatee. He starts to walk towards Naruto.*
Amatsu: I must give you credit, you pushed me to a limit to where I’ve had to revert to a weaker form.
*Naruto stares at Amatsu seriously.*
Amatsu: But even in this form, you are still no match for me boy!
*Amatsu appears suddenly before Naruto, grabbing him by the throat, holding him in mid-air (Amatsu is floating).*
Amatsu: Any last words before you die?
Voice: Drop him!
*Scene shows Fujin and Raijin at the entrance of the cave.*
Amatsu: Fujin… Raijin… Long time, no see.
Raijin: You know this is not your realm. Return to where you came from.
Amatsu: Or what?
Fujin: You know you can’t beat us together.
Amatsu: Who said I was alone?
*A shockwave hits everyone, knocking Naruto from Amatsu’s grip, sending him over Fujin and Raijin.*
Fujin: Naruto… take Sasuke and return to your wife. You are not ready for them.
Naruto: Bull shit!
*With the motion of his hand, Fujin sends Naruto out of the cave with a gust of wind well over 150 mph. Raijin transports over to Sasuke and then to Hinata and Sakura, entering Hinata’s barrier. Hinata gets into a battle stance upon seeing Raijin.*
Raijin: Calm down. I bring your friend. Keep protecting them. We’ll come for you once we’re done.
*Raijin transports back to Fujin. Naruto is seen rolling over the terrain, still being pushed by the wind from Fujin.*
Fujin: Show yourself Izanami.
*Izanami steps from the shadows, revealing her rotting corpse.*
Izanami: Don’t look at me. I might have to kill you if you run away like your brother.
*Izanami charges at Fujin. Just as she reaches him, she is met with an open palm thrust, sending her crashing back to where she came from. Raijin, then doing a simple straight punch in the air, sends a lightning bolt at Izanami. She evades the attack at the last minute.*
Raijin: We do not wish to kill either of you. But do not tempt us. We will fight at full force if we have to.
Izanami: Oh, the power of you two is known very well. But have you forgotten my power.
*Izanami slights her head, and the cave closes.*
Izanami: The only one who could rival me is Izanagi.
Fujin: Do not forget Izanami, I was there before you and Izanagi. Do you want to see my full power.
Amatsu: Yes we do.
*Amatsu thrusts an open palm in the air, sending pewter flames towards Fujin and Raijin. Just as the flames are about to reach Fujin, a simple flick of his wrist, and the flames are going, extinguished by a breeze. Izanami, now wielding a spear, swings at Raijin’s head. Raijin ducks, punching the air and sending another bolt of lightning at Izanami. She parries the attack with the spear.*
Raijin in thought: Is that Inzanagi’s spear?
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