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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Raijin flickers to Izanami, kicking her. She absorbs the blow, being pushed back. As she is pushed back, she swings the spear with a downward thrust, catching a flap of Raijin’s kimono, splitting the entire kimono. Both Fujin and Raijin take notice of this.*
Fujin: When did you get that?
Izanami: Wouldn’t you like to know?
Fujin in thought: I’ve got to end this.
*The closed off cave begins to rumble. All four gods stop and look around.*
Raijin: What is this brother?
Fujin: I do not know.
*Suddenly, Naruto breaks through the ceiling of the cave with an oodama rasengan the size of the moon in his left hand. He is holding a much smaller rasengan in his right hand that is swirling with a green, blue, and brown auras. Naruto is about to crash down on Izanami, when she thrusts the spear up at Naruto.*
Fujin: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*An explosion occurs, causing a bright light. Once the picture is clear, Naruto is seen unconscious on the ground. Fujin and Raijin flicker over to him. Amatsu and Izanami are together, both astonished by the display of power.*
Amatsu: We must leave milady. Our message has been sent.
Izanami: Very well.
*Amatsu and Izanami disappear as the moonlight beams down on Naruto. Fujin picks up Naruto’s body and carries it over to Hinata, Sasuke, and Sakura. Raijin walks with him. Fujin lays Naruto’s body next to Sasuke’s. Hinata looks at Naruto with tears in her eyes.*
Fujin: Do not worry, he is not dead.
Hinata: I know that. I can see that with my freaking byaukugan. I’m just tired of him always putting himself in situations like this for me.
Fujin: Do not fret. Your husband is a good man. And… he is a son of wind.
*Hinata looks up at Fujin. She stops crying.*
Hinata: And what is a son of wind.
Fujin: Being the eldest elemental god, I wield the most power amongst us.
Hinata: Elemental gods?
Raijin: Aye. There is Fujin *pointing at Fujin*, the god of wind; Raijin *pointing at himself*, the god of lightning and thunder, and Suijin, the god of water.
Hinata: And where is this Suijin?
Fujin: That’s actually a good question.
Hinata: So you are the protectors that the shinigami told us about two years ago?
Fujin: Aye. Do not worry. Not that everything has been set in motion, we will protect them and you with our very existence.
Hinata: Just tell me, what did this to my husband.
Raijin: The Amenonuhoko, the spear of Izanagi.
Hinata: And what is that?
Fujin: The only weapon that any being can wield and kill Izanagi himself.
Hinata: And who is this Izanagi?
Fujin: He is the god of life and the guardian of death.
Hinata: So why would Izanagi attack Naruto?
Raijin: That was not Izanagi that attacked you back there.
Fujin: No, that was his ex-wife, Izanami.
Hinata: If this blade can kill Izanagi…
Fujin: It can kill any god, and kill the soul of any man. If it weren’t for Naruto’s jutsu, he would no longer be here.
Hinata: What jutsu?
Fujin: A sphere of condensed energy, made up of more than one element.
Hinata looking at Naruto: You knucklehead.
Raijin: You know what we are talking about?
Hinata: Yes, that is his rasengan. It’s a jutsu of where he condenses his chakra into a spinning, swirling sphere. Upon contact of its destination, it explodes and expands…
Fujin: Terrifyingly wonderful. Has he already added wind to the jutsu?
Hinata: Yeah. But it wasn’t enough to stop the juubi.
Fujin: That will change. Here, let us carry them for you to a shelter. You need rest just as much as they do.
*Fujin picks both Naruto and Sasuke up, carrying them over his shoulder while Raijin carries Sakura.*
Hinata: But that cave was our only shelter. Naruto and I preferred to stay out under the stars when we were here.
*With the wave of a hand, trees are cut and stacked in placed to resemble a cabin, stones are pulled to form a fire pit, some dead dry wood is thrown into the fire pit, and giant palm leaves are pulled from trees to form a roof. Raijin points at the pile of wood in the fire pit, sending a small bolt of lightning that sparks a flame, gives them fire.*
Hinata astonished: Thanks Fujin-sama and Raijin-sama.
Raijin: We will watch over you and them. Now rest.
*Fujin lays Naruto down on one side of the room, and then Sasuke down on the other. Raijin lays Sakura next to Sasuke.*
Fujin: I don’t think you realize how much you will need your rest.
Hinata: I get it. I need rest. I just can’t do it right now, that’s all.
Fujin: Why are you restless child?
Hinata: I just am.
Fujin: He doesn’t know, does he?
Hinata: What do you mean?
Fujin: Lay with him. It will comfort you.
*Hinata lays down next to Naruto. Fujin and Raijin exit the cabin.*
Raijin: This is not good.
Fujin: Aye. Izanagi must be warned.
Raijin: And we must find Suijin before they make their move.
Fujin: Aye. For if he falls, and Susanoo gains his powers…
Raijin: You don’t need to speak of it. We have found our sons. It is time to train them.
Fujin: But we need Suijin to cure that wound for Sasuke from Amatu’s burn. Go to Izanagi. I will stay here and protect them. Besides… Naruto’s jutsu is the equivalent to that of the Amenonuhoko.
Raijin: I will return with haste then.
*Raijin fades away. The scene switches to the next morning outside of Kagame’s base. Five tents are seen with each respective kage emerging from them.*
Tsunade: So we each have the same report then?
Mei: Aye. None of my sensors are picking up the slightest bit of energy here.
Ei: It’s time we sent in a recon team.
Tsunade: We’ll take care of that. Neji!
Neji: Byuakugan.
*Neji stares at the base from the outside.*
Neji: I see nor sense any being, but I see what remains of the Gedo Mazo.
Ei: Darui!!!! Cee!!!!
*The two emerge from the tent.*
Ei: Get ready for some recon.
Tsunade: Neji, Lee, and Tenten! You’ll accompany them.
Gaara: Then the rest of our forces should be on lookout. Kankuro take the north. Kugio take the west.
Mei: Ao take the east. Choujurrou take the west.
*All four disperse into their respective direction.*
Kitsuchi: Dad!
*Oonoki emerges from the tent and walks out to the group.*
Oonoki: Raikage-sama, Princess Tsunade, Mizukage-sama, Kazekage-sama! It’s good to see you all again.
Gaara: Hello old friend.
*The two shake hands.*
Oonoki: So where is my granddaughter?
Kitsuchi: She’s around here somewhere. I’ve had her scouting the area from above.
*Scene switches back to the cabin. Hinata is seen waking up, with her head still resting on Naruto’s chest. Naruto takes a deep breath all of a sudden, raising her head up, and then as he exhales, her head descends with his chest. She smiles. She sits up, looking down at Naruto who is starting to wake.*
Hinata: Naruto, you ok Honey?
Naruto grumbling: What the hell happened?
Hinata: I don’t know.
Naruto sits up all of a sudden: What about Sasuke and Sakura?!
*A small pillow hits Naruto on the side of the head.*
Sakura with her head still nuzzled into Sasuke: You’re too damn loud Naruto!
Naruto thinking: Good, they’re ok.
Naruto looking around: Where are we?
Hinata: Fujin-sama and Raijin-sama built this for us last night.
*Fujin walks through the doorway.*
Fujin: Naruto. I need to speak with you in private.
*Naruto jumps up and walks out the door with Fujin. Hinata gets up and walks down to the closest beach.*
Fujin: Naruto, what you did last night was reckless. Do you have any idea what weapon was used against you?
Naruto: No, why?
Fujin: That spear is unlike any spear. It can kill a god and kill your soul.
Naruto: Meaning?
Fujin: When you die, you either move to the afterlife in the heavens or in the underworld.
Naruto: And it can kill you?
Fujin: Well, it is the ultimate death for us, one there is no coming back from. We gods can kill each other, but once that is done, we are subjects of the underworld. That is unless Izanagi decides to spare us and comes and rescues us before we consume anything from the underworld or partake in their activities.
Naruto: Has any god died before?
Fujin: Yes, Izanami. She was Izanagi’s bride once upon a time. She died during giving birth. Before Izanagi could rescue her, she had eaten what we call the forbidden fruit.
Naruto: So why didn’t this spear kill me then. Was I not hit by it?
Fujin: That’s the thing. Your jutsu negated the power of the spear. Whatever that jutsu is, you need to teach it to them.
Naruto: I had already planned on teaching it to Hinata. Although I don’t know if she can achieve the level that I am at.
Fujin: Do not worry about her. If you are going to worry about anyone, it should be your friend, Sasuke.
*Naruto is startled.*
Fujin: Do not fret. Raijin is going after the best… medic as you would say. He will be fine once they have returned.
Naruto: So the juubi… it really was nowhere near the level of a god?
Fujin: Well… not exactly.
*Naruto looks puzzled.*
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