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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Scene shows the seven remaining bijuu standing infront of Fujin, Raijin, and Suijin, all looking at Naruto. Panel shows Naruto with a huge grin.*
Fujin: What is the meaning of this Naruto?
Naruto: I knew that I was going to be here, and we needed to talk some things over.
Fujin: Like what?
Naruto: Like what we’re going to do. Are they going to roam free, or do they… do they want to team up with a host again?
*The shinigami appears.*
Shinigami: And why would they do that?
Naruto: Because I honestly believe that they want what Bee and gyuuki and me and Kurama have.
Shinigami to the bijuu: Is this true?
*All the bijuu nod.*
Shinigami: You know what road lies ahead of you then.
Naruto: Yeah I do… Izanagi.
Shinigami: Do you know how long it has been since a human has called me that?
Sasuke walks up: So, what is the plan?
*Everyone turns to Naruto.*
Naruto: I thought that we had some training to do.
Fujin: Aye, that is correct.
Izanagi: But first, we need to speak with Naruto. Matatabi, Choumei… work with the dark haired girl. Kokuou, work with the pink haired girl. The rest of you get Sasuke. When we return, we’ll begin the real training.
*Panel shows Matatabi and Choumei moving closer to Hinata. Kokuou walks close to Sakura and snorts down at her. Sakura looks up with determination. Son, Shukaku, Isopu, and Saiken all surround Sasuke.*
Shukaku: Have we met before?
Sasuke: It’s been a long time Shukaku. Wasn’t Gaara your host?
Shukaku: This is going to be fun.
*Hinata, Sasuke, and Sakura all enter battle stances as the gods walk off with Naruto. They come to a clearing and all stop.*
Izanagi: How do you propose on pairing the bijuu with a partner?
Naruto: I would like to do it on a mutual wanting.
Inzanagi: And what will you do if someone doesn’t want that, that say Suna has too many bijuu and jinchuuriki?
Naruto: I didn’t think of that.
*Izanagi changes to his human form, resembling Hashirama with a beard. He is wearing the armor of a samurai.*
Izanagi: It’s time you start thinking that.
*Izanagi places his hand on Naruto’s shoulder.*
Izanagi: You control more than you think. Once you have truly become a son of the wind, your power will rival that of Fujin’s and mine.
*Naruto is stunned.*
Fujin: Naruto, wind is the strongest element. Amongst you shinobi, out of the five natural elements, wind chakra is the least common. There is a reason for that.
Naruto: Yeah… besides me, there isn’t a single one in Konoha right now that we know of. But we did have Danzou and Asuma-sensei.
Fujin: A wind chakra user’s body harnesses a lot of power.
Naruto: But I was told that wind is like cutting… how is that power?
Izanagi: That is true, but that is not the entire truth. Fujin… please.
*Fujin with the flick of hand cuts a tree in half. He then stares at a grove of tree. He does a straight palm thrust, and all of the trees are blown away, being uprooted out of the ground.*
Naruto: Holy shiiiiyyyyaaattttt!
Izanagi: Now do you get the idea?
Fujin: Wind is the only element without any restraints. Wind pushes the water to make waves. It can also part seas to where you could walk on dry land if you please. Wind can cut down a single tree, or it can uproot an entire grove. Wind can make a fire stronger, or it can become so strong, that it will extinguish the flame itself. Wind can move the clouds that produce thunder and lightning, and it can also dissipate them as well.
Raijin: We’re no pushovers either, but we have restrictions. You do not.
Izanagi: Speaking of which, have you found your son of water?
Suijin: I have, but I can’t train her?
Izanagi: That is all then. Now about the bijuu, you’re going to need to hold a conference with the kages.
*An explosion is heard in the background. Shukaku is faintly heard apologizing to Sasuke.*
Izanagi: Are you ready?
Naruto: Sure… no time like the present.
Izanagi: Very well then, I will accompany you with the bijuu. *turns to the other three gods* I entrust the training to you for now.
*Naruto is stunned.*
Naruto: I was just kidding.
Izanagi: I’m not.
*All of sudden Naruto, Izanagi, and all of the bijuu disappear. Scene switches to the location of the Kages as they are under one tent.*
Raikage: I just don’t understand how that statue just appeared, and now it is destroyed. Any hope of recovering the bijuu is gone now.
Gaara: And why were you wanting to recover the bijuu?
Raikage: In cases when Naruto goes and disappears like this.
Mei: We have Bee.
Raikage: You can keep that headache for now.
*Mei smirks.*
Raikage: He is still alive, right?
Mei: He was a good boy last night.
*Panel shows a flashback to the previous night with Mei in a black leather corset outfit with a whip. Scene shows Ei with a nosebleed.*
Ao: Mizukage-sama, we have visitors.
Ei: Who would come here?
Naruto yells: Gran-ny Tsu-na-de!
*The five kages go wide-eyed and rush out of the tent. They all stare at Naruto with a menacing stare, but then one by one, notice Izanagi and the bijuu with Naruto.*
Raikage: Do my eyes deceive me?
Gaara: They do not.
Oonoki: To think… I never thought I would see you two again *referring to Kokuou and Son Goku*.
Naruto: We need to talk.
*Scene switches back to LoW. Sasuke is training with Raijin and Fujin. Hinata and Sakura are preparing lunch for the trio. Suijin approaches the two women.*
Suijin to Hinata: So you are the wife of Uzumaki Naruto?
Hinata nodding: Yes.
Suijin: I am Suijin, god of water. And you must be Uchiha Sakura.
Sakura: Yes.
Suijin: You can stop hiding it now.
Sakura and Hinata look at each other: Hiding what?
*Suijin crosses his arms.*
Sakura: Ok… Naruto is kinda hot. And so is that Raijin guy. But I’m keeping my Sasuke.
Hinata giggles: You think Naruto is hot?
Sakura: Yeah, I mean if I didn’t have Sasuke… I’m sorry Hinata.
Hinata: Don’t be.
Suijin: That’s not what I’m talking about.
Sakura: Then I don’t know what you are talking about.
*Suijin is staring at Hinata. Sakura finally catches on to this and looks at Hinata.*
Sakura: Ok, what did I miss?
Hinata: I guess you could say I’m the one who missed something.
Sakura: Missed what?
Hinata: I…. I’m late.
Sakura: Late for what? You don’t have any appointments back in Konoha do you?
Hinata: No. Sakura… I’m late.
*Hinata puts both of her hands over her pelvic area.*
Sakura: Wha…. Oh…. MY!!!!!! GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Sakura screams with excitement. She bear hugs Hinata, as Sasuke, Raijin, and Fujin all stop their training to look at the two women.*
Sakura: Have you told anyone?
Hinata: No. And I’m really scared to tell Naruto.
Sakura: Oh shit! Naruto is going to be a dad!?!
Hinata smiles: Yeah.
Sakura: We need to examine you to see how far along you are. We need to get you on vitamins.
Suijin: Do not worry about the child. I will protect it. She is after all the daughter of water.
Sakura: You’re having a girl!?! AWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
*Sasuke is seen jogging over to the girls.*
Sasuke: What’s going on?
Sakura: Tell him. Tell him.
Hinata: I… I’m…
Sakura bursts out: She’s pregnant!
*Sasuke is shocked. Hinata smiles.*
Sasuke: You need to tell Naruto… and your family. Oh shit, Naruto is going to be a dad! Neji is going to be an uncle!
Fujin: So I see you have finally told someone. We must go to him so he can know.
Raijin: I too want to go… and put that Raikage in his place.
*Sasuke grins.*
Sasuke: I would pay to see that.
*Scene switches back to the Kages and Naruto.*
Tsunade: I understand what you are saying Naruto. But the problem that presents is…
Naruto: I know the problem. I’ve already thought of that.
Kurama to Naruto: No you didn’t, Izanagi did.
Naruto: We want there to be peace amonst us *turns to the bijuu* and them. Some have already made their decision, if said host is willing to become the jinchuuriki.
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