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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Scene opens up in the next day in the Mizukage’s office. Ao, along with Mei, Karin, and Juugo are discussing their predicament.*
Mei: Can you determine the size of their force?
Ao: It seems to be roughly one hundered. But it’s not their numbers that are worrisome.
Mei: Surely we can handle a hundred warriors.
Ao: Mizukage-sama… the power that I’m sensing rivals Bee-sama’s. Not collectively, individually.
Mei: Gather all the Kiri shinobi, every genin and up.
Karin: Milady, we have reason to believe that they will spare no one.
Mei: What leads you to this?
Juugo: I have sensed this power before. It’s been a long time ago. This feeling… it reeks of Ryuden.
Mei: The great snake sage…
Juugo: Aye, the one my clan has abided by for many ages.
Mei: Abided?
Juugo: Aye. My clan’s home front is at the base of Ryuchidou. Once a generation, a child is born… with an ability. An ability that allows that child to become a Sage if they are able to master it. I was that child.
Mei: So why are you not a sage?
Juugo: There were times when I would… lose myself, and transform. I would be so powerful and out of control, the only one who could subdue me was Ryuden. But he didn’t care about my clan. I was exiled, and Orochimaru came along.
Mei: And Orochimaru used you to make the Cursed Seal mark. This much I know.
Juugo: What you don’t know is that they have a piece of me, Karin, Suigetsu, and Sasuke.
Mei: What do you mean?
Karin: My healing abilities, Juugo’s strength, Suigetsu’s ability to liquefy nullifying any physical damage, and Sasuke’s eyes.
Juugo: Add that with the aura of Ryuden.
Ao: I suggest we evacuate.
Mei: Do you realize how hard that is going to be. We don’t have Naruto, the toad sage, Mabui, or Konoha’s FTG trio. Not to mention, where do we evacuate to?
Ao: We’ve had relevant peace for two years; surely one of our allies will aid us in our time of need. And this will allow the alliance to take action against the Ryun.
Mei: You said so yourself, how can we survive and leave? There’s only one way out of here. And to where we would need to evacuate, that is the direction the enemy is coming.
*Scene switches to five ships forming a “v” sailing to Kiri. Kabuto is on the lead ship at the bow. Ryu walks up to Kabuto.*
Ryu: What is your plan Lord Kabuto?
Kabuto: Why it’s simple. If it moves, annihilate it.
*Ryu leaves Kabuto and heads back to the stern. He is greeted by a fodder.*
Fodder: With this type of army, why are we not going after Konoha?
Ryu: Would you disgrace and go against Benten?
Fodder: This is her plan?
Ryu: Yes. We must draw him out first before we go after Konoha.
*Scene switches back to Kiri.*
Mei: How much time do we have?
Ao: Approximately 18 hours.
Mei: I’m ordering the evacuation of all of Kiri. If a person wants to stay, we’ll know what side they were on.
Ao: What about those in the countryside?
Mei: Send the call now. We’re going south to Nagi island. Then from there, we’ll head to the Fire country. Juugo… can you… use your power and control it now?
Juugo: Aye, I’ve gotten a lot better *grasping Karin’s hand*.
Mei: Good, alert the people outside of Kiri as best you can. Evacuate as many as you can. Ao, alert the daimyo. And summon them.
Ao: Are you sure?
Mei: Yes. It’s time that the world is reintroduced to the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. We will hold off the army so that any and all can evacuate. Ao, you will act in my place until I return.
Ao: Yes milady.
*All three shinobi leave the Mizukage as she takes a seat in her chair. Scene switches to a dark room. Hachimon enters the room.*
Hachimon: And what news have you today?
*A figure emerges from the shadows.*
Orochimaru: I’m glad to say phase A is complete.
Hachimon: Show me then.
*Orochimaru steps forward, revealing his old body. Hachimon smiles. He tosses a corpse of a zetsu clone to Orochimaru.*
Hachimon: Continue as you please.
*Panel zooms in on Orochmaru smiling, having a yellow snakes eye with one tomoe on the right side of the right pupil and bottom left side of the left pupil.*
Orochimaru: As you wish, Lord Hachimon.
Hachimon as he is leaving: Keep this up, and I’ll have to make you a god to replace her.
Orochimaru grinning: What if I don’t stop there?
*Scene switches to Konoha. Hinata is shown walking down the streets at night. Kiba walks up behind her.*
Kiba: Hinata… wait up a minute.
*Kiba jogs to Hinata.*
Kiba: So you and Naruto… going to be parents, huh?
Hinata: Yeah.
Kiba: I just wanted to say congratulations.
Hinata: Kiba…
Kiba: Yeah…
Hinata: I always knew you had a crush on me. I can’t say that I’m sorry things have ended up the way they have. But I’m glad you’ve always been there for me as a friend.
Kiba blushing: Yeah… Yo MaMa *gawking at a woman who just walked by*.
Hinata in thought: And you better be glad that Sakura isn’t here.
*Hinata walks into her apartment, and goes to turn a light on.*
Voices: SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Tsunade, Shizune, Sakura, Ino, Tenten, Kurenai, Hanabi, Hinata’s mother, Kiba’s mother and sister, and Sieta are all present for a baby shower for Hinata. She is taken back at everyone crowded in her apartment.*
Hinata: You guys know you shouldn’t do that to a pregnant woman.
Tsunade: Relax. You deserve this. I mean you’re married to Naruto after all.
Hinata in a defensive tone: He’s not as bad as you all think he is.
Tsunade: Relax. I didn’t mean anything by that…. it’s that it’s just Naruto, that’s all. You’re truly a strong woman to be able to handle him.
Sakura: Yeah… in more ways than one *pointing at her baby bump*.
*Everyone but Hinata’s mom busts out laughing.*
Shizune: Anyways, you deserve it. You’re about to have two little ones running around. Enjoy this while you can. Even if Naruto is the best dad in the world, it’s still going to be tough. I mean think about diapers.
Kurenai: Midnight feedings. Midnight changings.
Ino: Regardless of all that, we want to be here for you and help you as much as we can. We know how Naruto is… and we’re betting some of that has rubbed off on you.
Tsunade: So don’t hesitate. And if Naruto seems he has everything under control when it comes to the babies, he probably doesn’t.
*Scene switches to the rooftop of Hinata and Naruto’s apartment. Izanagi and Suijin are seen.*
Izanagi: You think you should go, don’t you?
Suijin: I am torn. Do I stay here and protect the daughter of water, or do I return to my home and protect it.
Izanagi: Do you trust Uzumaki Hinata? Do you trust her to protect the child?
Suijin: I’m not sure if I do or do not. She wouldn’t have told Naruto for some time, and with what’s going on, he may have never known.
Izanagi: Ah yes, women. Take it from someone who has known the fairer sex, she meant well.
Suijin: Just because you were the only one of us who took a bride doesn’t mean that none of us knew a woman.
Izanagi: I didn’t mean it that way brother. Be it human or goddess, the female species is always… different. I mean that in a good way.
Suijin: But it is not your stronghold that is being attacked.
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