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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Izanagi: You are the god of water. No human can take that from you. Why do you need a stronghold?
Suijin: It’s not for me.
Izanagi: Oh… I see.
Suijin: There aren’t many places left in this realm to where I can teach the daughter of water the proper way. Kirigakure is one the last few remaining… and in all honesty, it’s the best. Raijin can take Sasuke up into a mountainous area or anywhere with a storm. Fujin can take Naruto anywhere. But I can’t. I have to be close to water. And that land has an affinity for water itself like no other.
Izanagi: You realize what killing one of them would do.
Suijin: Aye.
Izanagi: Let me ask you this then brother. Would you rather save the land, or the people?
Suijin: Don’t tempt me brother. You know that I am the only god who has not been completely forsaken by all, and it’s because of a small group of people there.
Izanagi: Then answer my question.
Suijin: The people. The people! That land is holy. Only Kotoamatsukami could destroy that land.
Izanagi: Have faith brother. Have you not learned yet… these humans… they have interesting traits and characteristics. Just when you think they are completely wiped off of the slate, one emerges and changes the tide.
Suijin: Don’t lecture me brother about Rikudo and Naruto.
Izanagi: Not just them. But Sasuke as well. And that Namikaze Minato. And don’t forget about Jiraya.
Suijin: All with ties to Konoha!
Izanagi: Because Konoha has ties to us, unlike any other village, save one.
Suijin: Aye. And I wonder what those two are up to now.
Izanagi: I don’t know. I think that sometimes Fujin regrets bringing them forth. Suijn, Fujin and I have made some mistakes along the way.
Suijin: Aye. I know your son is coming after me.
Izanagi: We just have to trust that the wind, lightning, and thunder will be enough to stop him.
Suijin: Speaking of which, can you sense Fujin or Naruto?
Izanagi puzzled: No, I cannot.
Suijin: Neither I.
Izanagi: Then he must have entered the second phase of his training.
*Scene switches to Iwagakure. Kitsuchi, Akatsuchi, and Son Goku are seen on a mountainside.*
Kitsuchi: Great Ape! It pleases me to see you have returned here.
*Son looks at Kitsuchi and grunts at him. He starts to move up the mountain.*
Kitsuchi: Could I have a moment of your time?
*Kitsuchi and Akatsuchi fly up to Son Goku, who throws a boulder at the two to signal that he wants to be alone.*
Kitsuchi: I just want… I just want to know if you have had any thoughts about choosing a host yet.
*Son Goku looks at Kitsuchi. He roars at the duo, sending Kitsuchi flying back. Meanwhile, Akatsuchi was able to stand his ground. Son Goku looks at Akatsuchi, grunts at him and carries on up the mountain. Akatsuchi flies back to Kitsuchi.*
Akatsuchi: You alright?
Kitsuchi: Aye.
Akatsuchi: What’s our next move? Would you like for me to get the sealing team ready?
Kitsuchi: While that sounds like a good idea, no. It’s time Iwa changed its ways. You were able to stand your ground against him. He acknowledged you. Stay with him, and be careful. At the first sign of trouble, come back home.
Akatsuchi: Aye.
*Akatsuchi flies off after Son. Kitsuchi chuckles.*
Kitsuchi: Man it’s going to be hard not to go back to our old ways.
*Scene switches to Akatsuchi who soon approaches Son again. Son turns to Akatsuchi, and roars again. Akatsuchi is able to stand his ground again. Son looks at him, cocking his head at an angle.*
Akatsuchi: My orders were to follow you. I will not attack.
*Akatsuchi lands on the ground in a kneeling position. Son Goku jumps and lands right in front of Akatsuchi.*
Son: Do I not terrify you?
Akatsuchi: I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared.
Son: You are the second human who has been honest with me. Follow me. I’m going to check on something.
*Akatsuchi looks up with a smile.*
Son: And wipe that smile off. You may be heading to your doom.
*Akatsuchi flies up again to Son.*
Akatsuchi: There aren’t many that can say they have fought with side by side, let alone traveled with the Yonbi.
Son: Keep it up, and if we survive… I met tell you my name.
Akatsuchi: You mean Yonbi isn’t your name?
Son: No, it’s not. And I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t call me that anymore.
Akatsuchi nods: Then what should I call you?
Son: For now, The Great Ape King will suffice.
*The two head up the mountain. Akatsuchi looks back, down at Iwa. Scene switches to Kiri. The setting is Mei’s office. The sun is starting to rise, with a singular pink ray on the horizon. There are eight figures seen in the office. Mei leans forward in her chair.*
Mei: The reason you have been summoned is because we are facing a force that could annihilate Kirigakure. Your mission is to confront this force and delay it. Chojourrou, as leader, you are responsible for their lives.
*Chojourrou stesps forward.*
Chojourrou: Milady…
Mei: Do not worry; it is high time that he was given his blade.
*Mei gets up and walks over to a large scroll sitting upright in a corner. She unravels it and releases the barrier, revealing Samehada.*
Mei: Hiru, take good care of Samehada. She really liked her previous master.
*The tallest figure steps forward from the shadow, revealing a man with short purple hair, dressed in Samurai armor that is silver plated. He puts his hand forth. Samehada smells the man’s hand and instantly latches onto Hiru.*
Mei: She likes you. Do not forget to thank Bee-sama when you get the chance.
Hiru: Aye.
Mei: Chojourrou, as the eldest member you are hereby the leader of this group. Your mission is to delay the enemy and then regroup in Nagi with the village and country.
*A medium build figure steps forward with red hair, wearing the traditional attire for a jounin.*
Figure: And what of you milady? Who will protect you?
Mei: Do not worry Toyo. You will be with me. I’m staying behind with you. Not only must we delay the enemy as much as possible, but we must gain as much intel as possible.
Toyo: Then who will act in your absence with the people as they evacuate?
Mei: That will be Ao. Now go prepare. You have 6 hours to rest. Then we start our preparations for our foes. Dismissed!
*Scene switches to the next day. Hinata is seen in her apartment looks at the pile of diapers, wipes, and bottles she got from the shower. She smiles holding her hand over her pelvic area. Scene switches to Sasuke and Sakura’s place, both still frolicking in bed.*
Sasuke: I… *kiss* shoud… *kiss* go.
Sakura: But I’m not done with you.
*Sakura straddles him with her naked back facing you.*
Sasuke: Fine… fifteen minutes. I can’t keep him waiting.
*Sakura giggles and pounces on Sasuke. Scene switches to Kitsuchi who is walking into his office. He is met by a waiting Kurotsuchi.*
Kurotsuchi: Where did he go?
Kitsuchi: Where did who go?
Kurotsuchi: Akatsuchi. I know you and him went after the yonbi last night. Akatsuchi never returned.
*Oonoki walks in.*
Oonoki: This is a good thing, then.
Kurotsuchi: How so?
Oonoki: The yonbi couldn’t tolerate the presence of your father, but of your cousin, he does.
Kitsuchi smiling: Let’s hope so.
*Scene shows Son Goku along with Akatsuchi coming to a plateau of sorts. There is a cave entrance. Akatsuchi is panting due to the thin air.*
Son: That’s right, you humans can’t breathe that well up here, can you?
Akatsuchi: I can handle it.
Son: Do not worry, I will protect you with my life.
Akatsuchi: And you, I will with mine.
Son: Son of Rock (Iwagakure), why do you follow me?
Akatsuchi: At first I was ordered to. But now, I want to aide you. I’ve heard stories about you, and have come to realize that either you’re putting on a act, or those stories aren’t true.
Son: Do you know where you are?
Akatsuchi: No. Just that Iwa is a day’s journey down the mountain, and that’s flying, not climbing and walking.
Son: We need to head back. But first…
*Son holds out his fist. Akatsuchi stares at Son for a little bit confused. Son nods at him. Akatsuchi bumps fists with Son. A bright light appears, and Son is gone. Scene switches to Akatsuchi’s mind, where he and Son are seen.*
Akatsuchi: What just happened?
Son: We are partners now. Now we are going to enter this cave. What possibly awaits will require our combined strength.
Akatsuchi: And what if nothing is there?
Son: That will be both a good and bad thing. I’ll explain more later. And one more thing… my name is Son Goku. But you can call me Son.
*Scene switches to reality, showing Akatsuchi with a red aura around him, walking to the entrance of the cave. Scene switches to the shores of the water country. The five ships have already set anchor off the coast. Kabuto along with his entourage and army are standing on the ocean.*
Ryu: And so it begins.
Kabuto: Yes.
Ryu: And what will be done of our believers?
Kabuto smirking at Ryu: You know…
Ryu: Ah yes, I do. The fools.
*Ryu unsheathes a sword.*
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