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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*The old man changes into Suijin. Everyone gawks at the god of water.*
Suijin: Let her go. Let her go, and you can have Kirigakure.
Kabuto: I don’t think so. I know you won’t stand against me or him *nodding to Ryu*. And my army can handle these miscreants anytime. Nothing can stop me from taking this place, and their lives!
*A huge tidal wave is seen on the horizon behind Suijin, raising up to 200 feet tall. Kabuto sees the tidal wave and smiles.*
Kabuto: That won’t work either.
Suijin: Will it?
*Juugo flashes over and tackles Kabuto, who releases Mei. Ryu sprints towards Mei to finish her off as the wave comes crashing down on Kirigakure. Scene zooms out to show Kirigakure covered in water. The only building showing above water is the Mizukage office. Scene switches to the Koi pond. Amerterasu, Susanoo, and Tsukuyomi are seen staring into the pond.*
Susanoo: To think, that fool just destroyed his stronghold.
Amerterasu: Do not make haste brother. We must stick to our plan.
Susanoo: Easy for you to say.
Tsukuyomi: She speaks the truth brother. We all know how trustworthy Benten and Hachimon are.
Amerterasu: And they are the least of our worries now.
Susanoo: What do you mean?
Tsukuyomi: Amatsu has father’s spear, brother.
*Scene shows Amatsu in his ogre form, sitting on a pewter throne, holding the Amenonuhoko, grinning. Izanami walks up to Amatsu, kneeling before him.*
Amatsu: Arise my bride.
Izanami still kneeling: But you are the wielder of Amenonuhoko. You graced me to wield it for a moment, and I almost lost it.
Amatsu: Yes, that Uzumaki twerp somehow avoided your blow. Are you fit to be my queen? Maybe Benten….
*Izanami looks up at Amatsu sharply, which is now in his human form.*
Amatsu: I am the only being who understands the beauty of your rotting flesh of a corpse.
*Izanami gets a wicked smile, and crawls to the lap of Amatsu. Scene zooms in Amatsu’s face smiling and laughing.*

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