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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Scene opens with the masses from Kiri traveling by foot on a beach. Ao is seen leading them, with several Kiri Anbu bringing up the rear. Fast forward to night time, a huge campsite with numerous tents. Ao and the Anbu are gathered around a bonfire.*
Anbu 1: What is the plan now, Mizukage-sama?
Ao: First and foremost, do not address me as Mizukage. Second, we stay on course.
*Karin walks to the middle of the group.*
Karin: We should send word to Konoha ahead of us.
Ao: Aye. Any volunteers?
Karin stepping forward: I volunteer.
Ao: And why should you go?
Karin: During my time under Orochimaru, I became acquainted with these parts of the world. Once I get to the Wave Country, it will take me one day’s journey to Konoha.
Ao: I’m sending someone with you.
Karin shocked: Why?
Ao: We may have lost the swordsman and the Mizukage. I know you’re relatively new to Kirigakure, but you are a part of our village. As acting head of the village, I can’t risk losing another shinobi. Not now.
Karin: Aye.
Ao: Rina…
*A short, petite woman appears next to Karin kneeling before Ao. She has long pink hair wrapped in two buns on the side of her hair (think Princess Leia). She rises wearing an Anbu mask.*
Ao: Protect her and aide in relaying the message to Konoha. We’ll be behind by two days. I’ll send word if there is any complications.
Rina: Aye.
Ao: Dismissed!
*The two girls disappear, heading towards the Wave Country.*
Anbu 1: We mustn’t be that far behind. What if they come after us?
Ao: Mei… Mizukage-sama will never allow that to happen.
*Scene switches to Kirigakure. The village is still flooded, but bodies are seen moving on the rooftops of villages. The panel focuses on top of the Mizukage office, showing Kabuto, Ryu, and Hachimon.*
Kabuto: To think, this is what he would do…
Hachimon: I can’t say that I am surprised.
Ryu: Why did you not confront your uncle, milord?
Kabuto: Because there was no need to. You have much to learn, my lieutenant.
Hachimon: Plus, Suijin is not my quarrel. My cousins must die, then him *scene shows Amatsu having his way with Izanami in his throne room*, and then my father. Then I will be able to ascend and grant you all what you deserve.
Kabuto: And are you sure she is in compliance with this?
Hachimon: If she is not, she will meet her end.
Kabuto: She knows about him.
Hachimon: And I know about you.
*Kabuto has a shocked face.*
Hachimon: When I get what I want, I will help those who have helped me.
*Hachimon disappears.*
Ryu: How does he know?
Kabuto: He is a god after all. I just never figured him to have any brains. Seems like we’ll have to be more discreet from here on out.
Ryu: Do you trust either one?
Kabuto: Once we fully understand how Rikudo was able to defeat the juubi, we won’t need to worry about either one.
Ryu: And what of Lady Benten’s plan?
Kabuto: She’s already taking care of it.
*Scene switches to a tavern in Konoha. Team 10 and Team Gai are at a table drinking. Kiba walks in with Shino.*
Shikamaru: AYYYYY, there’s more people to drink with us.
Kiba: How long has he been here?
Choji: We’ve been here for an hour. Shikamaru just doesn’t hold his sake that well.
Shikamaru: So what?! I pay my tab. I want more sake!
*Rock Lee knocks back a cold one.*
Lee: You know… ever since Naruto knocked Hinata up, I haven’t seen either one of them.
Tenten elbowing Lee: Use better language.
*Neji toys with his shot of sake and then downs it.*
Neji: Naruto hasn’t been seen in the village for three days now.
Shino: So…
Neji: He should be here to protect her in case something was to happen.
Kiba: You’re worried about Hinata? Dude… we’re talking about Hinata here. The only woman to stop all of us here (referring to the guys) in a matter of seconds. Not to mention, she’s supposedly a seal guru now. Relax a little. Go get some pie.
*Kiba notices a woman walk into the tavern with long red hair, wearing a purple kimono.*
Kiba: Like me. Yo…. pretty mama!
*Kiba walks off to the woman. The woman greets Kiba. Kiba begins to flirt heavily with her, and for once, the woman is flirting back. The two continue flirting so much; they leave, groping each other. Scene shows Choji, Shino, Neji, Lee, and Shikamaru all shit-faced.*
Choji: You’ve got to be shitting me, maaaaannnnn!
Shikamaru: There is no way that just happened.
Shino: Tis a sign of the times.
Lee: Good for him
*Lee turns to Tenten and goes to kiss her, but Tenten pushes him away.*
Tenten: Not when you have beer breath. Sober up and brush your teeth first.
Lee: But baby… I’m the drunken master.
Tenten blushing: Not now Lee.
Ino staring at Tenten: What does he mean the drunken master?
Lee: I’m not just a fighter… I’m a damn good lover too!
*The rest of the group busts out laughing as Neji stares off into space. Scene switches showing Kiba with the woman back at his place, as the two enjoy each other’s company in his bedroom. Scene switches to a forested area. A shadowy figure is seen approaching the area. The figure sits against a tree. Another figure appears next to the tree.*
Sitting figure: Wow!!! I’m starting to get the hang of this.
Standing figure: Aye, you are.
Sitting: So what’s next Raijin?
Raijin: The final step to becoming the son of thunder. Bringing forth lightning and thunder from yourself, and not nature. But that will wait. I’m sure your wife misses you Sasuke.
Sasuke: Yeah, you’re right. I miss her too. Any idea where Naruto and Fujin are?
Raijin: Naruto is the son of wind.
Sasuke: Yeah.
Raijin: They’ve already entered his second phase of training.
Sasuke: Yeah… how do you know that?
Raijin: Because Naruto is not the first son of wind. And he will not be the last. Neither will you be the last son of thunder.
Sasuke: Oh…
Raijin: You’re first phase was learning to channel and control the flow of electricity within yourself to create bolts of lightning. Naruto’s first phase is easier than your’s, calling on the wind. His is more difficult, because of the vastness of his power, the power of the wind. His learning of the control of the wind is the second phase. And there’s only one way to do that.
Sasuke: How so?
Raijin: The wind is everywhere. Even you can create wind, just nowhere near the level that Naruto and Fujin can. But the fastest way to learn how to control that power is… well… it’s to become like the wind… like the air. Free and willing to go around certain obstacles, but smashing through and slicing others.
Sasuke: I see… So because Naruto has probably became like the wind… air, he can’t be sensed.
Raijin: Aye… and it doesn’t hurt him that he has already mastered senjutsu as well.
Sasuke: Is there any way I could master senjutsu?
Raijin: No. You do not have the right body to be a senjutsu master. But… you can be a sage.
Sasuke: So there’s a difference between a sage and a senjutsu master?
Raijin: Technically, yes. The toads’ way of teaching senjutsu, there is not. But you’re enemy uses a different method.
Sasuke: What do you mean my enemy? I thought our enemy was the other gods.
Raijin: You and Naruto, yes. But for your comrades and wives, no. The other gods have went in league with certain humans and a handful of sages.
Sasuke: But I thought Naruto was the only Sage.
Raijin: That is not the truth. There are three sages, but technically, only two are warriors. The toads, and the snakes.
*Sasuke is shocked.*
Raijin: The toads have mastered senjutsu as was meant by Lady Miyashi. The snakes on the other hand, have developed two types of senjutsu. There is the great white snake sage *panel shows Ryu in his 8 snake form*, and there is the great dragon sage *panel shows Kabuto in his cloak*.
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