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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Scene opens with Susanoo walking up to the main gates of Iwagakure. Villagers are rushing to close the gates trying to protect themselves.*
Susanoo: Idiotic fools. Feel the wrath of the most powerful god!
*Susanoo raises both arms, with palms toward the sky, bringing forth a violent storm. Lightning is seen striking several antennas in Iwagakure, while thunder strikes and shakes the ground. Scene switches to Akatsuchi and Kitsuchi.*
Kitsuchi: What the hell is going on?
Akatsuchi: I don’t know. I… I just know that I was told to hurry back here and warn you.
Kitsuchi puzzled: What do you mean told?
Akatsuchi: I… I am now the jinchuuriki of the yonbi.
Kitsuchi astonished: What?!?!?!?
Akatsuchi: None of that matters right now. We need to get as many villagers out of here as fast as we can.
Kitsuchi: Sound the alarm then. *looking at Akatsuchi* Can you buy us some time?
Akatsuchi: I’ll try.
*Akatsuchi rushes out of the office while Kitsuchi makes way to make sure the alarms are sounded. Scene switches to Susanoo standing before the main gates. He looks up at the gates.*
Susanoo: Benten said to have a little fun. So I’m going to have some fun.
*Susanoo punches the middle of the gate, splitting the two doors. The two giant stone doors shoot off of the hinges, knocking over several buildings.*
Susanoo: It’s time we took our strongholds back, bitches!
*Susanoo points towards the sky, then in a foul swoop, brings lightning down onto a villager running from him, striking the villager dead. Noticing several doors slam shut to numerous buildings, Susanoo begins to laugh. With a single punch from his left hand, three buidings are blown away by Susanoo’s wind attack. Screaming and yelling is heard throughout the village. Susanoo continues his stroll through the main street in Iwa. He walks upon an old man praying.*
Susanoo: Say… old timer, who ya praying to?
Old man trembling: To Lord Benten and Ryu. They will handle you.
*Susanoo picks up the old man by his face.*
Susanoo: You really don’t know what kind of bitch she is, do you?
*Susanoo crushes the old man’s skull, killing him.*
Susanoo screaming: Where are they? Where are your sages Iwagakure?
*Akatsuchi lands behind Susanoo as the sirens begin to scream throughout the village.*
Akatsuchi: I’m not a sage, but I am the new host of Son Goku.
Susanoo: So you’re the host of that pathetic monkey.
Son in thought: Why I oughta….
Son to Akatsuchi: We haven’t had time to train and combine our powers yet. So when you get to the point, I will take over. I will defend this village with our life if that is your wish.
Akatsuchi to Son: It is.
*Akatsuchi makes a few handsigns, then a rock golem spews from his mouth. The golem rushes towards Susanoo, swinging at him, knocking him into the wall of the Tsuchikage office. The golem charges again, this time grabbing Susanoo and throwing him out of the village. As Susanoo’s tumbling ends, he gets up wiping himself off. Akatsuchi and his golem walk towards Iwa.*
Susanoo: Guess this little twerp wants to play rough. So be it.
*A huge battle double-sided axe is formed in Susanoo’s hands. He runs towards the golem, swing the axe through the golem destroying it. He then swings at Akatsuchi, but Akatsuchi was able to roll out of the way at the last moment. All of sudden, Akatsuchi transforms into Son Goku. Son roars at Susanoo.*
Susanoo: So, you decided to come out and play… monkey.
*Scene switches to the koi pond with Amerterasu and Tsukuyomi watching the fight. Benten walks up behind the duo.*
Benten: How are things progressing?
Amerterasu: As you stated. But there has been one thing you didn’t account for. That monkey has chosen a host, and the host accepted.
Benten: Just a minor complication. Hachimon will take care of it.
Tsukuyomi: You sure this plan will work Benten?
Benten: Yes. Once we have two of the five great villages, the other three will not stand a chance. Then our fathers won’t have any help, making our venture all the more easy. Plus it’s fun… toying with the humans, wouldn’t you agree?
Amerterasu: I don’t care as long as I get my flame back.
Benten: And you will, once your brother has handled Raijin and the son of thunder. All three of you will get what you desire.
Amerterasu: You do realize once our brother has defeated our father, your father, and our uncles, no one will be able to stop him, not even us. Why are you so trusting of him?
*Benten walks over to Tsukuyomi, transforming into various women, accentuating her bosom, hips, and derriere.*
Benten: Because I know what it takes to keep any male pleased, whether he be a human, or a god. And I’m willing to do it, as well.
Tsukuyomi: Are you sure our brother has those types… of desires?
Benten: Don’t you?
*Tsukuyomi gulps.*
Benten: Amerterasu… cousin… It would serve you well to learn these methods. Right now I belong to Hachimon. But who’s to say *Benten begins to grope Tsukuyomi* that one of your brothers becomes my new *she licks his neck* mate.
Amerterasu: You are not accounting for Amatsu, the wielder of the only item we all fear.
*Benten bites Tsukuyomi on the neck as he begins to sweat and then walks over to Amerterasu.*
Benten: If you are threatened by me, you should be. If you don’t take them first, I will. And Amatsu is accounted for.
*Benten grabs Amerterasu and throws her towards Tsukuyomi. Tsukuyomi catches Amerterasu.*
Benten: Do not doubt me cousin. And you *looking at Tsukuyomi* you know where to find me if you want to… finish.
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