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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Benten disappears. Tsukuyomi just stares in the direction Benten was standing. Amerterasu begins to dust herself off.*
Amerterasu: To think that winch…
Tsukuyomi: She has a point sister. Unlike father and our uncles, this is our natural presence. And it has urges. Surely you’ve had them.
Amerterasu: Wha… Think about what you are saying.
Tsukuyomi: I’m saying I don’t want to see you hurt. And she will hurt you. Susanoo is already too powerful for the two of us combined. And he will succumb to her.
Amerterasu: What about you?
Tsukuyomi: I cannot lie. I crave that form. But I crave your’s as well. Even with your flame and my dimension, we’ll still be stepping stones for whoever takes it all in the end.
Amerterasu: What are you saying?
Tsukuyomi: I’m saying that I don’t want to be a puppet of Amatsu. And the only thing that can kill Amatsu is that damn spear, only when wielded by son or daughter of an element. One way or another, unless we pledge servitude to Susanoo or Hachimon, we will end up under Amatsu. I don’t want to see you like her.
Amerterasu: Fine. We will aid both for as long as possible.
*Amerterasu reaches up and kisses Tsukuyomi on his cheek.*
Amerterasu: And next time, don’t hide your feelings.
*Scene switches to Iwa, as half of the village has been destroyed by Son and Susanoo. Scene switches to an underground theatre, filled with Ryun followers. A priest is on the stage.*
Priest: Do not worry brethren. For our redemption is at hand. Lord Benten, along with Lord Ryuden will return and vanquish this foe. And finally, we will be cleansed of the allied scum!
*The crowd roars in approval.*
Priest: This all came about because our leaders supported a criminal. A criminal who is backed by that very god out there. Son of thunder my ass! It’s time we took back what is ours. It’s time for our freedom!
*The crowd roars in approval. Scene switches to a group of Iwa shinobi trying to save as many civilians as possible. Kurotsuchi is leading the group.*
Kurotsuchi: Once we’ve done this that will be it for evacuation. We’ve done what we could. We must go and find my father.
*Panel shows Susanoo grabbing Son’s hand and throwing him out of the village. Son is shown beaten up, with several bruises already. Susanoo once again has his axe, and has leapt to deliver a fatal blow. Just as he is about to land the blow, he is met by an open palm, hitting him square in the chest. Panel zooms out to show Izanagi.*
Izanagi: I will not let you kill him.
Susanoo: Come on now father. You know you can’t stop me.
*Susanoo grabs his axe and throws it at Izanagi. He forms a sword and chases after the axe swingin at Izanagi. Izanagi is able to dodge the axe but is struck by the sword in the shoulder. Susanoo is seen with a manical smile.*
Susanoo: Come on old man. Surely you’ve got more left in the tank than that.
*A figure rushes into the scene, hitting Susanoo with a shoulder tackle, sending Susanoo flying. Panel zooms out to show Hachimon. He pulls the sword out of Izanagi.*
Hachimon: You’ll die by my hands, not his uncle. Tell father I said hello.
*Hachimon kicks Izanagi in the gut, sending him flying back into Son who is still lying on the ground. Hachimon begins to walk towards Susanoo.*
Hachimon: I’ve waited a long time for this cousin.
Susanoo: Aye. For now, let’s see who is the strongest.
Hachimon: Aye.
Susanoo: And make sure your bitch holds true to her word as well.
*Hachimon tosses Susanoo his sword and unsheathes his own sword. Both remain in their human forms. Susanoo releases an aura that is a dark purple color. He is then covered in plated armor of the color of the aura. His blond hair flows down to his shoulder out from underneath his helmet. Hachimon releases a red aura, that enshrouds him in samurai armor.*
Hachimon: It is time cousin!
Susanoo: It is!
*The two rush at each, clashing blades. As soon as the blades make contact, lightning strikes, thunder crashes, and an explosion of energy erupts from the two blades meeting, blowing everything within a mile radius away. Scene switches to Izanagi and Son.*
Izanagi: We must get you out of here.
Son: But what about the village.
Izanagi: Do not worry, all will be restored. And casualties were kept at a minimum. Your safety is the priority now.
Son: But what about the Tsuchikage?
Izanagi: He is alive, and will see another day. We must go.
*Izanagi touches Son and both disappear. Scene switches back to Hachimon and Susanoo as both are panting.*
Hachimon: You’ve gone soft Susanoo.
*Hachimon swings horizontally, with Susanoo parrying his attack, and countering with an upward strike. Hachimon side-steps the attack, and connects with a side kick to the rib area. Susanoo is knocked back a bit.*
Susanoo: You think I’ve gone soft?! Me!!!
*Susanoo punches the air, knocking Hachimon back with a gust of wind. With another punch, he sends a lightning bolt at Hachimon, which is deflected by his blade.*
Susanoo: I have the powers of your father! While you have none.
Hachimon smirking: But there is a reason why I am the god of war.
*Hachimon gets in a stance to throw a spear, and from nothing a golden spear is formed, with Hachimon throwing it at Susanoo, striking him in his shoulder. Hachimon walks up to Susanoo.*
Hachimon: I don’t need my father’s powers to defeat the likes of you.
*Thunder claps as it begins to rain. Susanoo begins to laugh.*
Susanoo: It’s high time I showed you the power of the god of storms.
*Susanoo rolls over backwards on his shoulders into a stance. He raises both arms as lightning strikes while thunder crashes. The rain grows heavier, causing a slight fog on the battlefield. Susanoo does a series of punches into the air, sending lightning bolts at Hachimon. Each one connects, causing a moment’s paralysis to Hachimon. Susanoo subsequently grabs his sword, swing it horizontally, causing a trail of wind to strike Hachimon and slice his chest, causing the breastplate of his armor to split and fall off. Then with a double punch, Hachimon is blown away back into Iwagakure, crashing into the mountainside. Susanoo walks calmly towards Hachimon.*
Susanoo: Fuck the plan. This is too much fun. If I kill you, I kill you.
*Susanoo enters the village, walking towards Hachimon. Hachimon pulls himself from the mountainside panting.*
Hachimon: I’m not done yet, you weakling.
*Susanoo raises his hand to send a lightning strike towards Hachimon. Hachimon places his hands as if he were firing a bow and arrow. Suddenly an arrow strikes Susanoo’s hand in the palm, passing through Susanoo’s hand completely. Another arrow strikes Susanoo’s right shoulder, separating the shoulder joint. Hachimon charges at Susanoo wielding his blade. As he begins his swing, Susanoo changes into his original form. He now towers over Hachimon at 12’ with six arms. His blonde hair grows down his back into a braided ponytail. With his lowest left arm, he removes the arrow from his upper right shoulder. He kicks Hachimon in the face sending his flying into the ground.*
Susanoo: I grow tired of this quarrel.
*Hachimon pulls himself off of the ground.*
Hachimon: I had no idea you wanted to go authentic in this battle cousin. May the best god win.
*Hachimon changes into his original form. His hair grows down to his butt. His size increases to 14’. Hardened bone plates form around his body, forming armor.*
Hachimon: No one has seen this form since he was silenced.
Susanoo: Same here.
*The two run at each other, Hachimon swinging his blade which is now the size of his human form. Susanoo catches the hand, stopping the blow, punching Hachimon several times with his remaining hands. He finally places all of his remaining hands on Hachimon, blowing Hachimon away. Once Hachimon stops rolling on the ground, the panel zooms in to show small cuts on several of Hachimon’s bone plates. Hachimon rises to a knee.*
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