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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Izanagi: Actually, what he does isn’t the FTG. His chakra, combined with senjutsu and kurama’s, allows him to just appear anywhere on the face of the planet. You on the otherhand, have fully mastered the body transfer seal. No matter where this seal is, you can transfer your body to it.
Hinata: I just hope Naruto doesn’t mind me using his father’s kunais.
Izanagi: I doubt it. And knowing Namikaze Minato, he wouldn’t mind it either.
Hinata: You knew Naruto’s father?
Izanagi: He was trapped in this dimension for over 16 years. We never really conversed, but I watched him spar and train with his predecessors and half of Kurama. He was a lot like you. Not the strongest, but a strong heart and strong will. He was outclassed in power by the Senju brothers, but he held his own against those two and that Sarutobi kid. Not to mention doing that, all while holding off that Kurama.
Hinata: No wonder Naruto is so amazing.
Izanagi: Aye, but do you want to know why he does what he does? Just like Minato, he does it for you. Minato would do anything for Uzumaki Kushina. That’s why he ended up here.
Hinata: I want to become stronger, for Naruto.
Akatsuchi: And I want to be a better partner for Son.
Izanagi: Then come at your full force. Do not hold back, for it will not end well for you *Izanagi motions for the two to come after him*.
*Hinata activates her byuakugan. Akatsuchi is enveloped in a chakra cloak from Son. The two rush at Izanagi. Scene switches to Konoha at the Hokage’s office. Tsunade and Shizune are seen.*
Tsunade: What are we going to do? Kiri has fallen. Iwa has been torn apart, with Kitsuchi’s where-a-bouts still unknown. Naruto has gone missing.
Shizune: At least we still know the where-a-bout of Uchiha Sasuke.
Tsunade: Did we receive the update for Neji?
Shizune: Aye. They have successfully infiltrated Iwa. And from his report, it seems that Iwa no longer recognized Kitsuchi-sama as the Tsuchikage.
Tsunade: But how?
Shizune: Neji reports that Iwa no longer recognizes any shinobi belonging to an alliance nation, and is attacked on first sight. The Ryun have a strong political hold there.
Tsunade: And now with them having a foothold in Kiri…
Shizune: We face opposition on two fronts.
Tsunade: And what of Lee and Tenten?
Shizune: Neji stated he received word from them that they reached the land of Iron. They are still following the lead there.
Tsunade in thought: Just don’t do something crazy Neji. I can’t believe I let you do this by yourself.
*Scene shows Neji stumbling through the busy streets of Iwa. Neji is dressed in a brown robe, holding a cane, and wearing a straw hat. Neji bumps into a villager.*
Villager: Hey watch it ya bum.
Neji: Apologies… I did not know you were there.
Villager: What do ya…
*The villager notices Neji’s cane, and sees his byuakugan, mistaking it for pupils having lost their light (gone blind).*
Villager: Ah, nevermind. Just watch it next time.
Neji in thought: It worked.
*Another villager is seen across the street eyeballing Neji. Neji walks to a tavern and enters the building. A group of people follow Neji. Scene switches inside of the tavern with Neji at a bar, ordering a shot of sake. The bartender grabs a bottle and pours Neji a drink. Neji feels for the glass, and then sniffs it.*
Neji: Don’t jip me. This is not sake.
Bartender: Oh yeah?
Neji: Yeah, it doesn’t smell like sake. It has no smell. I would guess it to be water.
Bartender: Sharp nose ya got there.
*The bartender takes the shot, pours it out and pours Neji some sake. The group of villagers enter the tavern and surround Neji. The bartender backs away as Neji downs the drink.*
Neji: Ahhh…. that hit the spot.
Bartender: Now… you guys… go on and git. Don’t make me ask Lord Ryu to come in here and take care of you.
Fodder: Shaddyup. Nobody has seen this guy before. How do we not know he isn’t a spy?
Neji: I’m just a blind traveler, please leave me be.
Fodder: Oh yeah?
*The villager acts as if he is going to punch Neji in the face, stopping at the last second. Neji does not react, keeping a stoic face, facing the group of villagers.*
Bartender: See, he didn’t flinch. Now leave the man in peace.
Fodder: We’ll be keeping an eye on you.
*The group leaves the tavern as the villager that was staring at Neji takes a seat at a table, ordering some rice wine.*
Bartender: Sorry about that.
Neji: About what?
Bartender: Oh yeah….
Neji in thought: That was close. I can’t break my cover this early. I must wait for Lee and Tenten to come back.
*Neji leaves the tavern. After he has left, the stranger walks up to the bartender and pays for his drink. He then leaves as well. Scene switches to Hinata and Akatsuchi sweating and panting. Izanagi walks up to the duo.*
Izanagi: Be proud. There has been only one person to push me this far.
Hinata: Who was that?
Izanagi: Your husband.
*Akatsuchi laughs, while Hinata grins.*
Izanagi: Hinata, it is time you returned. We can’t raise any suspicions.
*Hinata bows to Izanagi and then to Akatsuchi. She flashes out.*
Izanagi: Now you can go full force Akatsuchi. I could sense you were holding back. Don’t worry about her. She’s tougher than you think.
Akatsuchi: Aye, Lord Izanagi.
*Akatsuchi goes tailed beast mode with 3 tails. He launches himself at Izanagi. Scene switches to Konoha. Hinata flashes in at her bedroom. She looks around then walks into the bathroom, turning the shower on. Scene switches to the Uchiha household. Sakura is preparing dinner, while Sasuke is in a courtyard continuing his training. Raijin is seen under a tree watching Sasuke.*
Raijin: You’re close, real close.
Sasuke panting: Close to what?
Raijin: Mastering lightning and thunder.
*Sasuke looks at Raijin.*
Raijin: Once you have mastered them, your training will not be done though.
Sasuke: What do you mean?
Raijin: It will be time for you… and her to learn to fight like gods.
Sasuke: Why are you bringing Sakura into this?
*Sakura is seen standing in the doorway looking out at the two, eavesdropping in on their conversation.*
Raijin: Just like with Hinata, the forces we face will come after Sakura. She will never be at your’s or Naruto’s level. But she still must be trained. You do not realize the forces you face. You, alone, could not defeat Uchiha Madara and the juubi. How do you expect to defeat beings a thousand times more powerful than those two?
Sasuke: I will not let them touch Sakura. I’ll die before they touch her.
Raijin approaches Sasuke: That’s it. You are not useful dead. You can’t protect her if you’re dead. You cannot rebuild your clan if you are dead.
Sasuke clenching his fists: I won’t allow it.
*Sakura has walked up behind Sasuke, wrapping her arms around his waist. She kisses him on his shoulder.*
Sakura: He’s right.
*Sasuke turns around, facing Sakura.*
Sakura looking Sasuke in his eyes: If Lord Raijin says that I must train, then I will. For far too long I’ve had to watch you… Naruto… I’ve always wondered why I was left behind. I’m not weak. But I’m not as strong as the two of you either. But I want to be as strong as I can… for you. You must concentrate on beating your opponent in front of you. Not the one I am facing.
Sasuke sighs: Fine.
*Sakura leans in and kisses Sasuke.*
Sakura: I won’t let you down.
Sasuke: I know you won’t.
*The panel shows Raijin smiling.*
Raijin in thought: These women… so feeble and soft, yet so strong.
*Scene switches to Hinata’s apartment. A shadow is seen entering the apartment through the window in the living area. The next panel shows the shadow entering the bedroom. The next panel shows Hinata in a steamy shower. Hinata is singing a pop song. The next panel zooms out showing Naruto silently laughing at his bride, her oblivious to his presence. Naruto begins to shed his clothes and joins Hinata in the shower, with her back to him. Naruto wraps his arms around her naked body, groping her breasts and womanhood. The next panel zooms in on Hinata’s lower face, showing a smirk. Hinata exhales a sigh.*
Hinata: I’ve been waiting for you… Honey.
*Naruto nuzzles into her neck, kissing her neck.*
Naruto: I’ll let that slide for now. God, I’ve missed you.
*The panel zooms out, showing a cloud of steam and the back of Hinata and Naruto’s heads. The scene switches to sometime later, still in Naruto and Hinata’s apartment. The two are in the kitchen, Naruto in shorts and a tank top, Hinata in one of Naruto’s shirts. Hinata is trying to fix Naruto some pork ramen, while Naruto keeps kissing, holding, and groping Hinata.*
Hinata: Honey, if you want to eat, you have to let me fix ramen for you.
Naruto: Ah, ok.
*Naruto sits on a barstool, watching Hinata prepare the meal for the two. Naruto is beginning to giggle.*
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