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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Hinata: What is it?
Naruto: I just realized… my wife… is now a milf.
*Hinata blushes.*
Naruto laughing: Oh man, now I really am going to kill Kiba.
*Hinata pours the stock, meat, veggies, and egg into a huge bowl of noodles. She then takes a ladle, making two bowls of ramen for the couple. She brings the bowls over to Naruto and sits next to him while the two eat.*
Hinata: So how has your training been going Honey?
Naruto: You’re never going to give up on that, are you?
Hinata slurping some noodles: Nope.
Naruto: It’s coming along. Lord Fujin says I’m progressing.
Hinata: Do you have to travel off to train?
Naruto: For now, yeah. But I doubt I’ll be gone as long as I was this time.
Hinata: What makes you say that?
Naruto smiling: Lord Fujin told me to apologize to you for him.
Hinata: Tell him I accept, as long as this doesn’t continue like so.
Naruto: Yes ma’am.
*Naruto gulps down the remaining ramen and puts the bowl in the sink. Hinata is still finishing her meal, slurping some more noodles.*
Hinata: There is something I want to tell you.
Naruto: Really?
Hinata: Yeah. While you’ve been gone, I’ve been busy.
Naruto puzzled: Busy with what?
Hinata: Just a few things.
Naruto intrigued: Like what?
Hinata: Oh, I’ve mastered a s-level jutsu.
Naruto: You finally added water to the rasengan?
Hinata frowning: NO!
*Naruto shrugs his shoulders.*
Naruto: Then what?
*Hinata walks over to the sink, and puts her bowl in it. She walks back over to Naruto, and kisses him.*
Hinata: Come and find me.
*Hinata flashes out of the apartment. Naruto is stunned staring at the area where Hinata was standing.*
Naruto: She mastered the Flying Thunder God?
Naruto smiling: She mastered the FTG!
*Naruto enters Kurama Sage mode. He closes his eyes just for a moment. He opens them up and flashes out of the apartment. Scene switches to the training grounds, with Hinata standing next to the middle log. Naruto flashes in next to her.*
Naruto: How did you…
Hinata smiling: You aren’t the only one who has been training.
Naruto: But how?
Hinata: I hope you don’t get mad at me, but I came across an heirloom of your’s, and it was my starting point.
*Hinata pulls out one of Minato’s kunais from under her shirt, holding it in front of Naruto.*
Hinata: You’re not mad, are you?
Naruto: No, not at all. But I thought the seals on those kunais was made specifically for my father.
Hinata: They were. I’ve changed the chakra signature on them to mine.
Naruto: That’s brilliant Baby! Who else knows?
Hinata: No one, and I want it to stay that way for as long as possible.
Naruto: Ok.
Hinata: And guess what.
Naruto: What?
Hinata: What we do, is two different things according to Lord Izanagi.
Naruto: What?
Hinata: He told me that what you do, because of your chakra reserves, along with your sensor capabilities, you can transfer your body to anywhere on the face of the planet without a seal, mainly because of your senjutsu. But mine, is the actual FTG. My technique requires seals.
Naruto: You really are becoming the master of seals Baby.
*Naruto walks up to Hinata, holding her in his arms.*
Naruto: Don’t forget though, my technique allows me to take others along with me.
*Naruto kisses Hinata as the two flash out. Scene switches to the Uchiha household. Sasuke and Sakura are seen sitting on a couch together, holding each other. Raijin enters the household.*
Raijin: Pardon my intrusion, but both of you are needed.
*Scene switches to the main gate of Konoha. Tsunade, Ao, Gaara, Izanagi, Raijin, Fujin, Sasuke, and Sakura are seen.*
Tsunade: Sasuke and Sakura, the two of you will head to the Whirlpool country to aid the Mizukage and the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist return to Port City. Lord Raijin will accompany you. You will meet up with Lord Suijin there.
Sasuke: So I take it Naruto is back as well?
Fujin: Aye.
Sasuke: And has he done it?
Fujin: Nay, not yet.
*All three gods smile.*
Fujin: But if you like, I’m sure I could summon him to give you a little demonstration, as well as you him.
Sasuke: Will you permit it Hokage-sama?
Tsunade smirking: Even if I don’t, something tells me that you would still do it anyway.
From atop the gate: Nah, we wouldn’t do that.
*Naruto leaps down, holding Hinata in his arms.*
Naruto: Even if we are stronger than you Granny Tsunade, you are still our Hokage.
Tsunade: Spare me.
Fujin: First, show us what you have learned Uchiha.
Sasuke: Stand back Sakura. I don’t want you to get caught by my lightning. It’s the only part I haven’t perfected yet. Give me a target.
*Naruto makes a clone, sending it out on the road about a quarter of a mile ahead.*
Naruto: Show us what you have Sasuke.
*Sasuke enters horse stance (tae kwon do) holding his right hand at his chest level, with his left hand at his stomach level. He begins to growl, as electrical sparks are visibly seen forming around his body. Two lightning bolts begin to form in each hand, extending through his arms, until they meet at his neck. Suddenly, Sasuke punches with his left hand, sending the entire bolt at the clone. It hits the clone within a second, making the clone disperse.*
Fujin: Very impressive Uchiha. Naruto, make a clone.
*Naruto makes a clone. Fujin has the wind blow him a single leaf, the size of leaf crest on Konoha’s headbands. Fujin hands the leaf to the clone.*
Fujin: Double the distance.
*The clone flashes out, and appears as a speck in the dark. Fujin turns to Raijin.*
Fujin: Brother, could you go verify that this is not a hoax.
*Raijin disappears and reappears next to Naruto’s clone. Raijin takes hold of the leaf holding it out. The clone disperses.*
Fujin: Slice it in half Naruto.
Sasuke: There is no way. That’s too far.
*Naruto just stands there looking at Raijin in the distance. He takes a deep breath. He looks at Hinata, and motions in the air as if he was playing with her hair. Hinata’s hair begins to move with the wind. Naruto suddenly thrusts his hand forward in the direction of Raijin. Raijin begins to bust out laughing.*
Raijin yelling: You missed.
Fujin: Impossible. I told you to slice it.
*Raijin appears next to Fujin and Izanagi laughing.*
Raijin: He still has a ways to go brother.
Izanagi: Take a closer look Raijin.
*Raijin looks at the leaf and is then shocked. The next panel zooms in on the leaf, showing a single dark hair impaling the leaf right in the middle.*
Sasuke: What is it?
*Raijin shows the leaf to Sasuke, then to Tsunade, Gaara, and Ao. He approaches Naruto.*
Raijin: Not many have made me look like a fool boy. The two of you boys surely are something.
Ao: Did he just fucking do that?
Gaara: I would never have believed had I not seen it myself.
Tsunade: Remember, we are talking about Naruto.
*Hinata walks up to Naruto, slapping him on the shoulder.*
Hinata: Did you really need one of my hairs to prove a point?
Naruto: You didn’t feel a thing.
Hinata: Regardless.
Fujin: Do we need to show the absolute power and strength of the wind now?
Sasuke: We’re good, we’re good.
Raijin: Tis time for us to head out.
*Raijin walks over to Sasuke and Sakura, placing a hand on a shoulder of each, disappearing.*
Tsunade: Now all we have to do is summon the Raikage and locate the Tsuchikage.
Naruto: What do you mean locate the Tsuchikage?
Fujin: Calm down Naruto. You are needed. We have business to attend to. Gaara, would you mind joining us?
Gaara: Sure.
*Gaara walks over to Fujin and Izanagi, and all three disappear.*
Tsunade looking at Ao: This is great.
Naruto: What’s happened to Kitsuchi-sama?
Ao: He’s disappeared since Iwa was demolished.
Naruto: What do you mean demolished. And by the way, what is the Mizukage doing in the Whirlpool country?
Ao: Kirigakure has been taken over… by the Ryun. They were led by Yakushi Kabuto. Their forces were made up of a clone army of him.
Naruto: Dammit.
Ao: All is fine. We were able to evacuate those who wanted to be spared.
Tsunade: Naruto, go home and get some rest. Spend some time with Hinata. We’ll fill you in in the morning.
Naruto sighing: Fine.
*Hinata walks up to Naruto and Tsunade.*
Hinata: You know we won’t wait.
*Tsunade walks up to Naruto and hugs him. She looks up at Naruto and then at Hinata.*
Tsunade: Thanks for coming back. Now go home, be with your wife. Lord Izanagi has assured us that Kitsuchi is ok. We’ll give you the details in the morning.
Naruto: Alright Granny Tsunade.
Hinata: Tsunade-sama…
Tsunade: Yeah?
Hinata: Thank you.
*Tsunade nods at her, as the couple walks off. Ao walks up to Tsunade.*
Ao: What was that all about?
Tsunade: He’s about to be a father. That boy has had no family accept for Sasuke, Sakura, and Jiraya. I promised Jiraya before he left that I would look after him. He no longer needs me to look after him. But he’s still like a grandson to me.
Ao: Pardon my intrusion, but weren’t you and Jiraya-sama, you know…
Tsunade: No. I was too foolish to realize how good of a thing I had right under my nose. I will not allow the only other Uzumaki in Konoha to suffer what I have.
*Scene switches to Naruto and Hinata sitting on their rooftop, with Hinata straddling Naruto kissing while they are covered up with large blanket.*

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