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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Izanagi: I know that was hard.
Tsunade: Too hard.
Izanagi: But you have faith in him.
Tsunade: Aye, all of them.
*Izanagi walks up to Tsunade.*
Izanagi: Despite his life, the young man loves his village… *grinning* and his granny.
*Tsunade smiles as a tear runs down her cheek. Scene changes back to Naruto and Hinata’s apartment. Naruto is dressed in his black pants, white shirt, and orange cloak. He straps his scroll over his chest and looks at Hinata who is dressed in her black gear while wearing a light purple vest.*
Hinata: Just when it seems that we have a little time…
Naruto: I promise I won’t be long. You be careful, ok?
*Hinata nods. She leans in and kisses Naruto. Naruto flashes out. Hinata looks around then she too flashes out. Scene switches to the Whirlpool Country with Raijin, Sasuke, and Sakura.*
Raijin: According to Suijin, they should be just up ahead.
Sasuke: We encountered Amatsu here. Who’s to say he hasn’t already showed up and finished them off?
Raijin: He hasn’t.
Sakura: How do you know Lord Raijin?
Raijin: On this realm, the earth realm, we can sense each other and Amatsu, except for when Fujin is “one” with the wind.
Sasuke: So you can sense when Susanoo is on earth as well?
Raijin: No. For some reason, we cannot sense them all the time. Only when they are in their natural form.
Sakura: Natural form?
Raijin: Aye. This is not my natural form. I just make myself look like a human to make it easier to travel amongst you and not freak anyone out. You’ve seen Izanagi’s natural form.
Sasuke: The Death God jutsu?
Raijin: Precisely.
Sasuke: So how come you can sense some gods and not others?
Raijin: Because I’m on the same level as Izanagi, Fujin, Suijin, and Amatsu. We all have the same parents, the Kotoamatsukami. Susanoo and his brother and sister along with Hachimon and Benten are of the next generation, so to speak.
Sasuke: So it’s a generation-thing?
Raijin: Aye.
*The trio approach the cave. Hiru is seen watching the entrance, wielding Samehada.*
Hiru: And who are you?
Raijin: Relax. I’m here on behalf of Suijin.
Hiru: How can I trust you?
Mei appearing from the cave: Because you can, by my order. Hello, Lord Raijin.
*Mei bows to Raijin. Scene changes to Izanagi, Suijin, and Hinata.*
Suijin: Hinata, you have level of mastery of seals is astonishing.
Izanagi: You’ve progessed so much that you seem to be second to only me. Come forward Akatsuchi.
*Akatsuchi walks forward to the group. Izanagi hands Hinata a scroll. Hinata unravels the scroll, reading it. She looks up at Izanagi.*
Hinata: Why are you showing me this?
*Suijin hands Hinata another scroll.*
Suijin: Don’t open it now. If and when the time comes, you’ll know what to do.
Izanagi: Hinata, I’m not going to lie to you. Amatsu wields a weapon that can kill me. This is a seal that will allow the bijuu to survive on immediately after a jinchuuriki passes for whatever reason. It will also allow the jinchuuriki to survive the extraction of a jinchuuriki as well. This seal has already been placed on Naruto, Killer Bee, and Gaara. I want to make sure you know how to do it by placing it on Akatsuchi. You might have to do the rest of the bijuu and their jinchuurikis as well.
*Hinata rolls up the scroll Izanagi handed her, looks at Akatsuchi, and holds out her hand. She activates her byuakugan. She begins to draws the kanji for the signs in the air using her palm. A glowing can be seen from her hand. All of sudden the glowing disappears.*
Izanagi: Well done.
*Izanagi approaches Hinata, placing his palm on her forehead. Hinata looks at Izanagi and then faints. Izanagi catches her.*
Akatsuchi: What did you do Lord Izanagi?
Izanagi: She now knows the where-a-bouts of the scrolls her and Naruto were searching for. She will need them.
Suijin: You seem certain of it, brother.
Izanagi: Aye, it’s hard to see a fortunate outcome without the Amenonohoko.
*Scene switches to Iwagakure. Neji is seen in an inn room. He is packing his belongings.*
Neji: I hope they got my message.
*Scene switches to the tavern, showing Neji handing the barkeeper a bag full of money. Neji smiles at the man then flickers out. Scene switches to outside of Iwagakure, with Neji perched on a tree branch. A group of men wield swords and clubs is beneath him looking around. From nowhere, two men are sent flying, with three more ending up with kunais right square in the middle of their chests. Lee and Tenten walk below the branch.*
Lee: Come on down Neji. The coast is clear.
*Neji drops down.*
Neji: I could have handled them.
Tenten: And let you have all the fun?
Lee: So you got some intel as well?
Neji: Aye. What were you able to gather?
Lee: Some guy named Ryu knows where Kabuto is. Kabuto had Yamato, but apparently not anymore.
Neji: And Ryu and Kabuto left from here several days ago. They were heading to Kirigakure. We must head back to Konoha.
Lee and Tenten: Aye!
*The trio flickers out, heading back to Konoha. Scene switches to the Whirlpool country. Sasuke and Sakura walking on the beach.*
Sakura: Ready to head back to Konoha?
Sasuke: Yeah, it’s just that something doesn’t feel right.
Sakura: Like what?
Sasuke: This is where we first encountered Amatsu and Izanami.
Sakura: Yeah, so…
Sasuke: Why would Lord Suijin leave them here?
Sakura: I don’t know.
*Raijin flashes next to Sasuke, back-to-back. The panel zooms out to show they are surrounded by the clone army. Ryu walks into the circle staring at Sasuke, Sakura, and Raijin.*
Ryu: Well, Well…. if it isn’t the god of thunder himself.
*Hachimon flashes in.*
Hachimon: These three are not of your worry.
*Kabuto appears behind Ryu.*
Kabuto: Lord Hachimon is correct. We must dismiss of the Mizukage and the Swordsmen before reinforcements arrive.
Ryu smirking: Fine, we’ll go elsewhere and have some fun.
*Kabuto, Ryu, and the Clone army head towards the cave where Mei and the SSM were.*
Sasuke: We can’t let them go…
Voice: We’re not letting you go.
*Tsukuyomi and Amerterasu appears standing on the water.*
Raijin: Shit, this is not good.
*Suddenly, Raijin grabs Sakura, throwing her towards the cave. Just as Raijin releases her, a bolt of lightning strikes the ground where she was standing. Susanoo appears next to Sasuke and Raijin. Susanoo kicks Raijin in his chest, sending him flying back.*
Susanoo: We’ve come for what is rightfully ours.
Sasuke: I don’t know what in the hell you’re talking about.
Susanoo smirking: You damn arrogant Uchiha punk, low-life shinobi!
*Susanoo grabs Sasuke by his face, holding him in the air, throwing him to Tsukuyomi and Amerterasu. Sasuke crashes through the water, sinking for a moment then resurfacing. Amerterasu grabs Sasuke by his collar, and picks him up out of the water. She looks Sasuke in the face.*
Amerterasu: Give us what we want, and we won’t have to kill your wife.
*Sasuke goes wide-eyed. Scene switches to Raijin and Hachimon.*
Hachimon: So it looks like we get to fight uncle. Maybe this will bring father out and make him face me.
Raijin: For you being as old as you are, you still have a lot to learn.
Hachimon: Like what?
Raijin: The reason your father has never faced you is because he knows what will be required to defeat you.
Hachimon: And he doesn’t have that power.
Raijin: No, he has it. He just doesn’t want to use it on his son.
*Raijin leaps towards Hachimon, performing a jumping side kick. Hachimon dodges to the left, punching Raijin in his chest and knocking him to the side. Raijin rolls over, getting to his feet. He immediately punches the air with both fists, sending lightning bolts towards Hachimon. Both bolts connect, sending Hachimon backwards.*
Raijin in thought: I can handle Hachimon, Tsukuyomi, and Amerterasu, but Susanoo is going to be too much with those three combined.
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