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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Tsunade: We must be prepared to take on refugees. Make the necessary preparations.
Gai: For how long milady?
Tsunade: I’ve been advised that the longer this war lasts, the better for us.
*Tsunade flickers out, as the jounin look at each other.*
Random jounin: What does she mean by that?
Gai: Is that all she told you Kakashi?
Kakashi: No… and for now, I’m not going to share it with you. But we need to make sure an emergency meeting of the jounin can be held at a moment’s notice.
Shikaku stunned: So she means to do that?
Kakashi: I think so.
*Scene switches back to Hinata’s apartment, showing Konohamaru taking a piss. Hinata sits up abruptly, looking around. Realizing where she is, she looks around seeing no one and flashes out. Konohamaru returns, noticing that Hinata is missing.*
Konohamaru: Oh shit. Kakashi is going to kill me. And if he doesn’t, Naruto will.
*Konohamaru runs off to find Kakashi. Scene switches back to the Whirlpool country, showing Sakura, Mei, and SSM battling the clone army.*
Mei: We should break off into two teams of four.
Sakura: Why?
Mei: Because you’re our only medic. One team will take the right side while the other takes the left. Juugo will take the front. It’s our best chance for survival.
Juugo: Agreed.
*Juugo transforms as the Mizukage and SSM gather on the left and right sides Sakura. The group begins to move towards the clone army. Several clones leap at the group. One is caught mid-air by Juugo, him slamming the clone down into the ground by its head. Kazuka then swings his blade down, beheading the clone.*
Sakura: That’s one way of handling these guys.
*Jamena impales two clones on his sword, thrusting it into the ground. Kazuka spins over, swinging his blade down the on the clones, beheading these two.*
Mei: Is Kazuka’s blade the best one against the clones?
Choujourrou: Aye milady.
Mei: Shio, will your blade be as effective?
Shio: Afraid not milady. But it is the second best, that is if Jamena can wrangle up several of them for me on his blade.
Choujourrou: Ok, change of plans. Let’s form a wedge. Hiru, you’re up front. Jamena, you take the first left, while Kazuka takes the first right. Shio, you’ll be behind Jamena. Toyo, you’ll be behind Kazuka. I’ll take the rear on the left while Chizo takes the right rear. Juugo and Mizukage-sama will take up the rear middle, leaving Sakura-chan in the middle to heal anyone if need be.
Mei: Sounds like a plan.
*The group reshuffles around as they press forward towards Sasuke and the beach. Scene switches to Kabuto, Ryu, Suijin, and Raijin.*
Ryu: Don’t you think it’s time that we showed them our true power?
Kabuto: Not yet.
Suijin: You think you can toy with us?
Kabuto grinning: Of course. I know you can sense him, but you don’t know exactly where he is at. Does that drive you mad?
Raijin: Calm down brother.
*Scene switches to Sasuke, Tsukuyomi, and Amerterasu fighting. Sasuke is doing everything he can to fend of the two as they attack simultaneously.*
Sasuke panting: I was hoping I would have to resort to this, but since it’s the two of you, I think I just might…
*Panel focuses in on Sasuke’s EMS. The next panel shows him staring at Amerterasu, shooting the black flame at her. She is hit directly, but walks out of the flame.*
Amerterasu: Do you think that can harm me?
*Sasuke is stunned. He glances over his shoulder, seeing Susanoo wield weapons that looked similar to those that belonged to Madara’s Susanoo.*
Sasuke in thought: Shit… well, this should at least work.
*Sasuke stares at Tsukuyomi, sending him into the dimension. Tsukuyomi begins to step towards Sasuke.*
Tsukuyomi: Haven’t you learned by now that you can’t harm me here. This is my dimension after all.
Sasuke: I didn’t bring you here to harm you with this genjutsu. I brought you here to face you one on one.
Tsukuyomi: Pretty smart boy.
*Tsukuyomi begins to walk towards Sasuke.*
Tsukuyomi: You catch on fast. I’ll admit that.
*Sasuke immediately covers himself in his Susanoo. He fires an arrow at Tsukuyomi, which he dodges. Tsukuyomi charges at Sasuke, but stops abruptly as Sasuke surrounds himself with Amerterasu flames.*
Tsukuyomi: You catch on real fast boy.
Sasuke: You ain’t seen nothing yet.
*Sasuke has his Susanoo ready another arrow, but lightning is seen coursing through this arrow. Sasuke fires the arrow, hitting Tsukuyomi square in the chest. Tsukuyomi is sent back flying. A dust cloud resides over the area where Tsukuyomi was hit. As the dust clears, Tsukuyomi is seen standing, laughing at Sasuke.*
Tsukuyomi: You were smart to bring me, one of us here. You just picked the wrong person. This is my dimension, my domain. You can’t harm me here.
*Tsukuyomi holds his hand forth towards Sasuke. The Amerterasu flames that encircled him are now getting closer and closer to him. The flames make contact with his Susanoo. Suddenly, his Susanoo is engulfed in the flames. Sasuke is seen sweating. The next panel shows Sasuke staring at the flames.*
Tsukuyomi: Like I said boy, this is my domain. These flames no longer belong to you, they’re mine. You can’t cancel them.
*Sasuke falls to his knees, grimacing. All of sudden the genjutsu is cancelled. Sasuke is seen standing before Tsukuyomi.*
Tsukuyomi: Well done boy. But you are back in your previous predicament.
*Amerterasu walks up beside Tsukuyomi. Tsukuyomi looks at her and smiles.*
Amerterasu: Why are you smiling brother?
*Tsukuyomi kisses Amerterasu, and then looks into her eyes. A maniacal grin appears on her face.*
Amerterasu: The fool.
*Amerterasu turns to Sasuke.*
Amerterasu: Both you and your wife will die here today.
*Scene switches to Izanagi, Susanoo, and Hachimon. Susanoo and Hachimon are seen standing on opposite sides of Izanagi, circling around him, looking for an open. Izanagi is standing there, calmly, with his left hand in a fist behind his back, and his right hand, palm opened pointing straight forward.*
Izanagi: I thought the two of you were to be the strongest amongst you. Yet you do not attack?
Susanoo: Who said we were going to attack you?
*Izanami is seen walking towards Izanagi.*
Izanami: Izanagi, you bastard!
*Izanagi turns to Izanami.*
Izanagi: So, have you come to take your revenge?
Izanami: Absolutely.
*Izanami leaps at Izanagi, swinging with an open fist strike. She claws at the side of Izanagi’s face. Izanagi kicks Izanami in her rib section, sending her towards Susanoo. Hachimon sees the opening and goes to attack. As Hachimon swings his spear downward, Izanagi flips to the side, performing a spinning side kick, sending him away. Susanoo is in midair, swinging an axe downwards. Izanagi parries the attack at the last moment, pushing Susanoo back.*
Izanagi: It’s going to take more than that to stop me.
*Izanagi feels something flying towards him, and catches Sasuke’s body. Izanagi looks at that direction, and sees Tsukuyomi and Amerterasu approaching the battle as well.*
Amerterasu: Ah, father… it’s been so long…
*Amerterasu points at Izanagi. Izanagi flashes out just before flames burst in the area where he was located.*
Izanagi in thought: This is not good. If those two have their powers… We need you now, Fujin.
*Scene switches to Port City. Gaara is seen walking with Shikamaru and Temari. They walk towards a boat. The panel zooms out to show Darui on the boat.*
Shikamaru: Darui… what are you doing here? Where’s the Raikage?
Darui: He said he would be here, he just had to wrap something up back in Kumo.
*Ei flickers in next to Darui.*
Gaara: Raikage-sama, it’s good to see you again.
Ei: I wish it was on better terms.
*Everyone nods in agreement.*
Gaara: Where is Bee-sama?
Ei: He’s been training the new host of the Niibi.
Shikamaru: The new… jinchuuriki?!
Ei: Yeah. It appears that cat has found a new playmate.
Gaara: Who is it?
Ei: A kunoichi named Lin Mei. She just graduated from our academy.
Shikamaru: So she’s, what, 11 or 12 years old?
Ei: No, she’s 16.
Shikamaru sarcastically: Guess she’s a late bloomer then?
Ei: No, she’s one of our most promising medical shinobi. She graduated from our medical academy first, and then went through the ninja academy. Don’t be surprised when you see her at the next chuunin exams.
Temari: Wow. Sakura must have really helped you guys out a lot in that area.
Ei: Aye. Where is Lady Tsunade?
Gaara: I doubt she will be coming.
Ei: Why do you say that?
Gaara: She tried to prevent me from coming.
*Shikamaru and Temari glance at each other then down at the ground.*
Ei: You four go on ahead without me. I’ll stay behind, and go get her myself if I have to.
Gaara: Ok.
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