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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*The four set sail towards the Whirlpool country as Ei watches from the dock. Ei flashes out. Scene focuses on Temari.*
Temari: How long is it going to take us to get there?
Shikamaru: About 6 hours, and that’s with a decent wind, too.
*The panel zooms out, and poof, a puff of smoke appears, and once it fades, Kitsuchi is seen with Fujin stading at the bow of the ship.*
Gaara: Kitsuchi-sama, tis good to see you.
Kitsuchi: Aye, tis good to see you as well Kazekage-sama.
*Fujin blows into the masts, and disappears.*
Temari: Why did he leave?
Kitsuchi: He’s probably gone ahead with Naruto.
Shikamaru: Ah shit… Naruto’s going to be there?
Gaara: Would that not be a good thing.
Kitsuchi: You know, don’t you?
*Shikamaru and Temari nod their heads.*
Gaara: Know what?
Kitsuchi: The foe that we face, he makes Madara seem like a cockroach.
Gaara: A cockroach?
*The rest nod their heads. Scene switches to Ei standing on a tree branch. He catches Tsunade as she tries to evade him and almost falls to the ground.*
Ei: Princess Tsunade…
Tsunade: Ei… what are you doing here?
Ei: Coming after you.
*Ei puts Tsunade down on the branch. The two embrace.*
Tsunade: Why were you coming after me? Why didn’t you just go on to the Whirlpool country?
Ei: Tsunade, you are one hell of a woman. From now on, when I stand, I want to be by you. After this trip, I’m stepping down as Raikage.
*Tsunade who has been looking up at Ei, now looks to the ground.*
Ei: What is it?
Tsunade: This is not right?
Ei: What is not right?
Tsunade in tears: All of this. We… We’re all going to die.
Ei: Why do you say that?
*Ei leans down and kisses Tsunade. Tsunade returns the kiss.*
Ei: Who’s going to die?
Tsunade: Naruto, Sasuke, You, Me…
*The panel zooms in on Tsunade’s face as it has a terrified look. Blood begins to flow from her mouth.*
Ei: For now, you are the only one to die.
*Panel zooms out to show Ei’s finger poking through Tsunade’s body.*
Ei: Straight through your heart. Now you can’t use your Byakugou.
*The next panel shows Tsunade’s lifeless body falling to the ground. The scene changes to Hinata in a room reading a scroll.*
Hinata in thought: So we will have a chance. Thank you Lord Izanagi.
*She rolls up the scroll and flashes out. The scene switches to the battlefield, showing carnage all over the island. Izanagi and Sasuke are beaten up and panting. Raijin and Suijin are shown standing infront of them, fighting the gods. The next panel shows two set of feet standing back to back on the battlefield. The next few panels show everyone looking at the two. Scene zooms out to show Naruto, in his Kurama Sage mode, looking right at Kabuto. Fujin is staring at his son, Hachimon. Both do a straight palm thrust, sending Kabuto and Hachimon flying off the island country. Scene switches back to Ei standing over Tsunade’s body. A body approaches Ei.*
Body: Well done, Raikage-sama.
Ei: What is your will now, Lord Orochimaru?
*The panel zooms out, showing Orochimaru in a body that resembles Rikudo Sennin.* Orochimaru: Did you lower the defenses like I asked?
Ei: Aye, milord.
Orochimaru: Good. Go to Suna, and destroy that village. We’re going to save Konoha for last.
*The next panel shows Orochimaru with the rinnegan, laughing maniacally. The scene switches back to Naruto who is now wide-eyed.*
Naruto: It can’t be… I thought he was dead.
*Scene switches to Kabuto walking up on a beach towards Naruto.*
Kabuto smirking, in thought: So he’s sensed him finally… Excellent.

To be continued.
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