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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Catastrophe Part 3
*The scene opens with the lifeless body of Tsunade on the ground. The next panel shows Orochimaru in his new body approach the corpse. He kneels down next to it.*
Orochimaru: Now join Jiraya.
*Orochimaru looks up, sensing a presence. He does a handsign and transforms into his old body. Benten approaches Orochimaru.*
Benten: So… you’re my love’s trump card?! You took care of the Hokage. No matter, she would have died by our hands if not your’s. What do you plan to do with the body?
Orochimaru grinning: I’m going to deliver to the gates of Konoha.
Benten in thought: You really are sadistic, aren’t you?
Benten: Good idea. Crush their morale even further.
Orochimaru: You have no idea.
Benten: Would you like to join us?
Orochimaru: Sorry, but I have business to attend to in Kumogakure.
Benten: Hmmph… Fine. I have my eye on you, Orochimaru.
*Benten flashes out. Orochimaru picks up Tsunade’s corpse and heads towards Konoha. Scene switches to the Whirlpool Country. The panel shows Fujin and Naruto standing back to back.*
Fujin: The ship approaches. You need to get them onboard that ship and then return. I’ll hold everyone off while you do so.
Naruto: Ok.
*Scene shows the ship with Darui, Shikamaru, Temari, and Gaara all at the bow. The next panel shows Naruto flashing into the middle of the wedge created by the SSM, Mizukage, Juugo, and Sakura. He touches Sakura and Juugo, while creating Kurama arms to touch everyone else and takes them to the ship. Naruto informs them that they need to leave. The ship begins to turn on the starboard side. Scene switches to Fujin who has just walked in between Suijin and Raijin, who have relaxed their stances. The next panel shows the face of Hachimon, who begins to sweat.*
Hachimon in thought: Is this where we battle father?
*Fujin stops and plants his staff into the ground. He looks at every god individually.*
Fujin: Amatsu… I know you’re here. You can come out.
*Nothing happens. Izanami steps forward.*
Fujin: You wish to battle me… sister.
Izanami: If that means I can get my hands on him, then so be it.
Fujin: You know you cannot defeat me.
Izanami: I will try.
*Izanami leaps at Fujin. Just as Izanami is about to start her descension on Fujin, he thrusts his palm in the air, creating a strong wind, sending her flying backwards.*
Hachimon: We’re at a disadvantage unless we can get close up.
Amerterasu: I will take care of that.
*Amerterasu sends several black flames towards Fujin. Fujin steps forward and blows a wind that dissipates the flames. Benten flashes in behind Amerterasu.*
Benten: Don’t forget, he is the strongest elemental god, and amongst our foes, he is the strongest.
Amerterasu: So how do we handle him.
Tsukuyomi: Why doesn’t Amatsu come out and handle him.
Benten in thought: Because Fujin is not his target.
*Scene switches to the ship. The ship has completely turned around.*
Shikamaru: Naruto, we’re not going fast enough.
Naruto: I’ll take care of that.
*Naruto slams his hand on the deck of the ship yelling kuchiyose no jutsu. A puff of smoke covers the ship entirely. Once the smoke has cleared, Gamatatsu is seen, swimming around the ship.*
Gamatatsu: Whatcha need Naruto?
Naruto: Can you take them to Port City?
Gamatatsu: Sure. That all you need?
Naruto: For now, yes.
*Naruto flashes out as Gamatatsu begins to swim, pushing the ship towards Port City.*
Sakura yelling: Make sure you don’t forget about Sasuke!!
*Scene switches back to the battle.*
Benten: What is the one element that strengthens fire?
Amerterasu: Wind, but his completely erases my flame.
Tsukuyomi: But what if Susanoo…
*All of the gods look at Susanoo.*
Susanoo: Fine, if that means there will be an opening on him, so be it.
*Susanoo disappears, then reappears behind Amerterasu. Amerterasu summons more flames, then shoots them at Fujin. Susanoo punches the air, sending a gust of wind to strengthen the flames as they remain on course. Fujin stands there calmly. Just as the flames are about to touch Fujin, there is a crash right in front of Fujin, with the resulting shockwave nullifying the flames. Once the dust settles, Naruto is seen standing in front of Fujin. Benten screams in frustration at the failed attempt.*
Fujin: Raijin, Suijin… Head to Port City to make sure that our comrades make it safely. Take Sasuke with you.
Sasuke: But I can fight!
Naruto: Sasuke… listen to him.
Sasuke: But…
Naruto: This will not be the last time we fight them.
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