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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Hinata looking down: Aye.
Kakashi: Does that mean that Izanagi, Fujin, Raijin, and Suijin can no longer come here as well?
Hinata with a tear in her eye: Aye.
Kakashi: How long will the seal last?
Hinata: This one… five years.
Kakashi: Will it hold out the army?
Hinata: No. We’ll have to do that ourselves.
Gai: How far does this seal span?
Hinata: The entire Fire country along with the small bordering countries and small pieces of the Wind, Earth, and Lightning Countries.
Kakashi: What about the Whirlpool country?
Hinata: Part of it should be covered.
Kakashi: Hinata, you need to rest. Gai, we must summon every jounin here for an emergency council meeting.
Gai: Including the other villages?
Kakashi: Aye. If Suna and Kumo haven’t fallen already, they will soon. We need to gather all of our troops and set up defense barriers.
*Scene switches back to Naruto and Izanagi, who are now fighting off Amerterasu, Susanoo, and Tsukuyomi. Izanami approaches to fight. She leaps towards Izanagi, scratching his face again. She tries a sweeping leg kick on Naruto to take him down, with Naruto jumping and evading the kick at the last moment. Suddenly Izanagi and Naruto are trapped in Tsukuyomi’s dimension.*
Tsukuyomi: How do you like this father? You are about to die at the hands of your ex-lover and children. Have any regrets?
*Naruto strains to move.*
Izanagi: Only one.
Amerterasu smirking: And that is?
Izanagi: Not aiding Rikudo more than I did.
*Amerterasu casts a circle of flames surrounding Izanagi. She walks up next to Tsukuyomi, leaning in and kissing him. Susanoo walks towards Izanagi, enshrouding himself in his complete armor, wielding all of his weapons.*
Susanoo: Which one should I strike you down with?
*Izanami stands in front of Susanoo.*
Izanami: If I don’t get to kill him, at least allow me to have some fun first.
*Izanami walks up to Izanagi, caressing the side of his face.*
Izanami: You left me for dead. Why?
Izanagi: You had been tainted by Amatsu. You were no longer mine.
Izanami: Is that so… I still longed for you… until I gave into him.
*Izanami digs a claw into Izanagi’s chest, carving a cut, pulling it away as she begins to walk away.*
Izanami: Not only is he more powerful than you, but he…*she smirks* well, he satisfies me in every way. You know, it won’t be long before they bow to us.
Izanagi: That will never happen.
Izanami: Yes it will.
*Izanami puts her arm around Susanoo’s shoulders.*
Izanami: Once Susanoo has assumed his full powers from both you and Fujin, both he and Amatsu will have the strength to bring Heaven down to Hell.
*Izanagi looks down smiling.*
Susanoo: What’s so damn funny old man?
Izanagi: Never underestimate the humans.
*Suddenly the dimension is cancelled. Izanagi, Izanami, Amerterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Susanoo are sent flying. Naruto stands around looking at every god being sent flying as he just stands there. The next panel shows Fujin and Izanagi standing back to back, facing off against the rest of the gods on the ocean.*
Fujin: So the plan worked?
Izanagi: Aye.
Fujin: And how long will we be hidden from Naruto?
Izanagi: A couple of minutes.
Fujin: Think we can last that long?
Izanagi: I’m not sure… all of my children have regained their powers.
Fujin smiling: Mine are still pigheaded as can be. But that Hachimon, tis a shame he’s not on our side.
Izanagi: I think it’s time we showed our true selves.
*Both Izanagi and Fujin transform into their original forms. Amatsu smiles and joins them. The rest of the gods follow suit, excluding Amerterasu and Tsukuyomi. All of the gods begin grunting at each other. Fujin, holding his staff, which has transformed into a tree without branches, slams it on the surface of the water. A wind so furious blows from the point of impact, that the younger gods are blown away, while Izanami struggle to hold her place. Amatsu, wielding Amenonohoko stands still, looking at the two.*
Amatsu: I’m going to take pleasure in this, brothers.
*Amatsu flashes over to the two, swinging the spear horizontally. Both evade, with Izanagi punching Amatsu and Fujin kicking Amatsu in his mid-area on the side. Amatsu looks at the two, then blows pewter flames at the two, which make contact with Izanagi. His body is singed badly. Fujin rushes to his aide. Just before he can reach Izanagi, he is kicked in the chest by Izanami. She hisses at Fujin. Fujin does a double palm thrust at Izanami, blowing her away. Fujin sees that Amatsu is next to Izanagi and is about to decapitate him, when he summons a wind to stop the swing. The wind slows Amatsu’s swing enough for Izanagi to evade.*
Amatsu: To think brother, that you’ve been reduced to this. And you were once the pride of them.
Izanagi: You’ll never overthrow them.
Amatsu: Yes… I will.
*Amatsu shoots more pewter flames towards Izanagi. Izanagi is too weak to move. Fujin dives in at the last moment, swinging his arms, cancelling out the flames.*
Amatsu: And you have become quite the nuisance, brother.
Fujin in thought: I alone cannot hold off all of them.
*Just as Amatsu is about to attack Fujin, he is kicked in the side of the face by Naruto, sending Amatsu flying.*
Naruto: What in the hell just happened.
Fujin: Your wife, she’s what happened. Naruto, we face a dire situation here. We…
*The panel zooms out to show several arrows in the back of Fujin. Hachimon is seen in the distance with his bow. He flashes next to Fujin, kicking him in his side, sending him flying. He looks at Naruto. He does a spinning back kick and sends Naruto flying away. The scene switches to Izanagi, laying on the surface of the water. Amatsu approaches him, pointing the tip of Amenonohoko at Izanagi’s throat.*
Amatsu: I’m one step closer to overthrowing them.
Izanagi smiling: You will have to wait.
*Amatsu raises Amenonohoko to ready the fatal strike. Suddenly Izanagi is set ablaze in black flames. Susanoo appears from nowhere and beheads Izanagi. Amatsu looks at Susanoo with disgust.*
Amatsu: You fool!!!
*Susanoo swings his blade at Amatsu, which is parried. Amatsu flashes to Susanoo, grabbing him by the throat.*
Amatsu: If I didn’t need you, you would be dead already.
*Amatsu throws Susanoo back in the direction of Kirigakure. Scene switches to Fujin, stumbling around. Benten approaches him.*
Benten: Not so strong now… father?!
*Fujin flicks his wrist in the direction of Benten. She is blown away by the wind.*
Fujin: You never were known for your physical attributes, just the mental huh?!
*Fujin sees Izanagi’s headless body floating in the water. He then spots Naruto being dominated by Hachimon. He flashes over to them. He blocks Hachimon’s spear attack by knocking the spear out of his hand.*
Hachimon: So you’re returned for some more punishment?
Fujin: You think this is punishment? You haven’t seen anything yet.
*Fujin begins moving his hands in the air. The wind begins to pick up and follow the movements of his hands. The panels show all of the gods excluding Amatsu getting picked up by the wind. Fujin does a double punch, and all of the gods are sent flying. Fujin then stares at Amatsu.*
Amatsu chuckling: Hmmph! We’ll meet again.
*Fujin grabs Naruto and flashes over to Izanagi’s body. Naruto looks distraught.*
Fujin: Do not despair Naruto. We planned for this.
Naruto: How… How so?
Fujin: The reason Izanagi was so weak was because he gave Raijin, Suijin, and myself access to his dimension. We’ll be safe there. Your wife has taken the necessary measures to make sure that what is left of your allies will be safe. You must go to Port City, and see to it that your comrades are safe. Her seal protects the Fire country from any god, including me. But that clone army still can pass through it. Go… protect your friends. Protect your wife. Protect your children. We’ll meet again. Hinata has the details.
*Fujin grabs Izanagi’s headless body and flashes out. Naruto looks around and flashes out. Scene switches to the cave where Naruto completed his bijuu training. Bee is seen sitting across a kunoichi with long purple hair. Their fists are extended, touching each other. Orochimaru walks up to the pair in his Rikudo body.*
Orochimaru: Well, well, well. If it isn’t the Hachibi’s host.
*Bee breaks the connection with the girl, bringing her back to reality. Bee jumps up and enters into a battle stance with all of his swords. Orochimaru motions as if he doesn’t want to fight.*
Orochimaru: I’m not here to fight.
Bee: Then what you want foo’?
Orochimaru: I’ve come to deliver a message.
Bee: Oh yea?
Orochimaru: The Ryun army is on its way to Kumo. You and her might survive the attack, but how many others will?
Lin Mei: Why do you tell us this?
Orochimaru: Because I need you to find something for me.
Bee: What’s that punkass biyatch?
Orochimaru: I need you to find my belongings. I believe… what’s her name… Mabui knows what I’m referring to. Go to her, make sure she survives, and then ask her about the treasures. She’ll know what you’re talking about. Find them for me, and I’ll give you back your Samui and her mumbling brother.
Bee: Who are you? Who’s side are you on?
Orochimaru: Right now, I’m not against you. Just leave it at that.
*Scene switches to Konoha’s main gate. Several medics are seen encircled at the entrance. Kakashi is seen walking back to Gai, Kurenai, and Shikaku.*
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