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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The New Shinobi World
*Scene opens at the new main gate entrance into Konoha. A group of shinobi is approaching the gate. A close up shows Mei and Darui walking side by side into Konoha. Behind them is another group, with Kitsuchi walking in the middle. The next panel shows Gaara flying in the air on a disc of sand. All of the kages are shown heading towards the Hokage’s office. The next panel shows Naruto opening the door to his apartment. Jiraya and Mito look up and run towards their father. He grabs both, pulling them up into a hug. The children giggle as Naruto walks in, kissing Hinata on the lips.*
Naruto: I’m back kids.
Jiraya: Daddy, will you play with us and Tsunade?
Naruto: Sure…
*Naruto puts the two children down and goes and kisses Hinata again, this time lingering a little longer. He then joins the children in the living area on all fours as Mito and Tsunade crawl onto his back. He then chases Jiraya around on all fours. Scene switches to Hinata and Sakura in the kitchen.*
Sakura: I never would have thought that Naruto would be…. like this.
Hinata: Yeah… So how did you find out about Ino and Tenten?
Sakura: Ino told me yesterday, and I saw Tenten today at the hospital.
Hinata: You diagnosed her?
Sakura: Yeah.
Hinata: That leaves Temari now, because isn’t Matsuri due at any moment?
Sakura: Yeah… and she’s stressing out over it, too.
Hinata: How come?
Sakura: She said that Gaara has been telling her that he’s going to be gone on a mission soon.
*Hinata stares at Naruto at the mention of this, unbeknownst to Sakura.*
Sakura: I mean, he’s the Kazekage for crying out loud. And no one has went outside the seal… except for Naruto as you said.
Hinata in thought, staring at Naruto: What are you up to?
Hinata: I’m sure it’s nothing. She just needs to calm down. We need to have another girls’ night out again.
Sakura: Yeah, but Ino and Tenten aren’t supposed to drink now.
Hinata: Then we need to have a luncheon then.
Sakura: Ok, we could do that.
*Both women realize how quiet it is in the apartment now. They look towards the living area where Naruto and the kids were, seeing the kids laying on top of a sleeping Naruto.*
Hinata: Won’t you and Tsunade stay for dinner tonight?
Sakura: Nah… I’ve got to get home and fix dinner for Sasuke.
*Hinata nods her head.*
Sakura: Is Naruto… ready?
Hinata: For what?
Sakura: You know… to take over as Hokage?
Hinata: I remember when we were in the academy and that was all he could talk about. And now, he’s always saying he has something else to do before he accepts the title.
Sakura: Yeah, but that’s Naruto for you.
Hinata: Yeah.
Sakura: He knows there is a dangerous task ahead.
Hinata: And instead of sending someone else as a kage would usually do, he wants to go himself. That is my husband.
*Sakura goes and picks up a sleeping Tsunade. She holds Tsunade in one arm and hugs Hinata with the other and then leaves the apartment. Hinata is seen still preparing the meal, now getting more meat out of the fridge for Naruto. Scene switches to the Hokage’s office, with all of the kages standing before Sasuke.*
Sasuke: In three months’ time, the barrier will dissipate, and the gods will be allowed into our safe haven. At that point in time, our top safety priority will be Uzumaki-Namikaze Hinata. She can put the barrier back up at any moment.
Darui: What are we going to do about the Ryun?
Sasuke: Thus far, we’ve succeeded at keeping them at bay. But something tells me that they really haven’t tried to strike at us.
Mei: How so?
Sasuke: We know they are led by the Dragon Sage, Yakushi Kabuto. We also know of their general, Ryu. We also know that Ryu has assumed the powers that once belonged to Orochimaru. We also know that this army is clones, stronger clones than the Zetsu clones from the last war. Our forces are prepared, but considering how fast they destroyed Kirigakure, it leads me to believe that they’ve been holding back. And it worries me as well.
Kitsuchi: That is understood, but why hold this meeting?
Sasuke: Because several pieces of information have come about.
Kitsuchi: Please, do share.
Sasuke: It is known that Suna was destroyed almost 5 years ago, the same day as Kumo. It was believed that one of the gods did this atrocity like what almost happened in Iwa. But on that day, all of the gods were present in the land of whirlpools.
Darui: Ok, tell us what we don’t know.
Sasuke: There were three human beings at that time known to wield that power.
Mei: You, Naruto…
Darui: And my old man. So you think that Naruto or my dad had a hand in all of this?
Sasuke: I doubt it was Naruto, because none of his jutsus leave the marks that were found on the bodies in Suna. But…
Darui: My father would never do such a thing. *slamming his fist against the wall, knocking a hole through the wall*.
Sasuke: I’m not making any accusations at this point in time, but there is evidence that makes this a possibility.
Mei: Such as…
Sasuke: Ei was supposed to be on the boat that was coming to get us from the land of whirlpools. We met him at the dock. That left a window of half a day. That’s enough time for the second fastest man to head from Port City to Suna and back. At his speed, he could get there in less than one hour. And we all know how powerful he was.
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