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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Darui is seen with a scowl on his face staring at Sasuke.*
Sasuke: Also, a bit of info that has not been released to any of you is… Baki and Tsunade had the same wound, right through the chest and heart.
Darui: You’re saying my father…. he took down Suna and the Hokage?
Sasuke: I’m not saying he did it. But we strongly believe that the two are linked.
Kitsuchi: So you think we may have some traitors in our ranks?
Sasuke: Knowing Kabuto, it wouldn’t surprise me. It also wouldn’t surprise me that this is all a rouse to drive us apart.
Darui: So what do you recommend, Hokage?
Sasuke: The only people to know the information that I have told you are my assistant, Shizune, Konoha’s lead jounin Nara Shikaku, and Hatake Kakashi. They’ve kept this secret over these years. We shall do the same.
Mei: Agreed. Right now, we cannot afford dissension amongst our peoples.
Sasuke: And finally…
*Sasuke turns to Gaara.*
Sasuke: Tell Naruto that before he leaves tomorrow morning I wish to speak with him… alone.
Gaara smirking: Aye, Hokage-sama.
*The kages begin to leave as Sasuke approaches Darui.*
Sasuke: There is something I would like to speak with you about in person.
*Darui stares at Sasuke coldly as the rest of the kages leave. Sasuke walks back to his desk and pulls out a picture. He walks back to Darui and hands the picture to him.*
Sasuke: Did you see a mark similar to this on your father.
*The scene shows the cursed mark.*
Darui: No, why do you ask?
Sasuke: I was hoping there would have been one. This would have cleared your father.
Darui: What do you mean?
Sasuke: Both Baki and Tsunade had a clean pierced hole in their chests. Clean, with the inside burnt a small bit. I can think of only one attack to be so precise, and only one man fast enough to do it. My question is why?
Darui: What are you saying?
Sasuke: This doesn’t add up. We all knew that Tsunade and your father were going to retire together and travel.
Darui: So you think someone was controlling him?
Sasuke: If it was him, yes. But I can’t prove it, and that’s what we’re going to need, is proof.
Darui: So why did you think it had something to do with that mark?
Sasuke: Call it a hunch.
*Scene switches to a tavern. Shikaku, Choza, and Inoichi are all seen at the bar.*
Shikaku: So you’re going to be a grandpa huh?
Inoichi: Yeah. I don’t know if I’m proud or pissed off.
Choza: What do you mean?
Inoichi: There’s only one way a baby is made…
Choza and Shikaku simultaneously: Ohhhh….
*Scene shows a table with Anko, Kurenai, and Kakashi sitting at it. Gai approaches the table with two pitchers of beer. A glass is poured for everyone. They’re all holding their glasses up for a toast.*
Gai: To my friend Kakashi… and his new girlfriend.
*Anko blushes. They all clink their drinks. Gai downs his, while the rest take sips.*
Kurenai: So, you two are going public?
Anko: Yeah.
Kurenai: Why did you wait so long?
Kakashi looking at Anko: I’ll let you answer that one.
Anko: I had to finish sowing my wild oats.
*Anko grabs Kakashi’s arm and cuddles up to him.*
Anko: I’m just glad he waited for me.
Gai: Yeah… now Kakashi is the only one on his team who doesn’t have a child or is expecting one.
Anko: We can take care of that.
Gai: Ah… the essence of youth.
*Scene switches to Naruto and Hinata’s apartment. Naruto and Hinata are tucking in Jiraya and Mito and kissing them good night. The couple stands in the children’s doorway looking at their children. They then head to their quarters.*
Hinata: So… when were you going to tell me about it?
Naruto: About what?
Hinata: Sakura told me Mitsuri said that Gaara has a mission for tomorrow.
*Naruto sighes.*
Hinata: So spill it mister.
Naruto: We’re heading to Sunagakure tomorrow.
Hinata: We?
Naruto: Yeah, we.
Hinata: Who is we?
Naruto: All of us jinchuuriki.
Hinata: Why are you taking all of them? I mean you can get away from anybody, but are you going to be able to protect everyone else?
Naruto: Losing faith in me?
Hinata sighes: No…. I just wish you wouldn’t keep things from me, that’s all.
Naruto: No offense my love, but you’re not the best at keeping secrets.
*The two enter their bedroom and begin to disrobe. Hinata is ticked off at Naruto’s last comment.*
Hinata: What do you mean by that?
Naruto: You were the one that told everyone you mastered the FTG.
Hinata: So…
Naruto: Baby… you’re just too honest.
Hinata: Too honest?! Keep digging that hole mister!
*Naruto is now in just his boxers while Hinata has just slipped on a nightie.*
Naruto: But baby…
*Hinata looks at Naruto with arms crossed, accidentally accentuating her busom.*
Naruto: You have no idea how sexy you are right now.
Hinata: I don’t care. You’ve pissed me off Naruto.
*Naruto smiles and walks over to Hinata, who keeps her arms crossed.*
Naruto: I won’t keep anymore secrets from you, at all.
Hinata pouting a bit: You promise?
*Naruto grabs her butt and picks her up, Hinata wrapping her arms and legs around Naruto.*
Naruto kissing Hinata: Promise.
Hinata in between kissing: Ok… I… trust…. you.
*Naruto lays Hinata down on the bed as the two continue to make out. Scene switches to the Uchiha district. Sasuke is seen walking home. A Konoha anbu lands before him.*
Anbu: Hokage-sama…
Sasuke: Any news?
Anbu: No sir.
Sasuke: I know he’s going to make a move soon.
Anbu: Why would he hide it from you?
Sasuke: Because he knows something I don’t, or at least he thinks that.
Anbu: What if he goes beyond the seal again?
Sasuke: Other than Gaara, do any of the other kages know of this?
Anbu: No sir.
Sasuke: Let’s keep it that way. We can’t have word spreading that Naruto leaves the seal.
Anbu: Do you still trust him after what we have found out?
Sasuke: Aye, as should you.
Anbu: I have never lost faith in him Hokage-sama.
Sasuke: Then never lose faith in him.
*The Anbu disappears. Sasuke continues home. Scene switches to Sakura and Sasuke’s house. Tsunade is shown sleeping in her bed next a big stuffed slug. Sakura is in bed propped up, writing down notes. Sasuke enters the room and begins to undress.*
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