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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Sakura: How did it go today?
Sasuke: Better than planned.
Sakura: Guess what I found out today.
Sasuke smirking: What?
Sakura: Naruto has been going beyond the seal.
Sasuke wide-eyed: How did you find that out?
Sakura: Hinata told me.
Sasuke: Have you told anyone else?
Sakura: No, and I’m not going to. Have long have you known?
Sasuke: For about a year now.
Sakura: What do you think he is after?
Sasuke: There is no telling. This seal is both a blessing and a curse.
Sakura: None of our sensors can see past it?
Sasuke: Aye.
Sakura: But that is not what is bothering you, is it?
Sasuke: I’m still trying to figure out how it happened.
*Sakura puts down her notes, and crawls over to Sasuke’s side of the bed, hugging him from behind.*
Sakura: You know, I can’t wait till Naruto takes over as Hokage.
Sasuke: Why is that?
Sakura: So my husband can come and have his way with me more often than he does now.
*Sakura begins to kiss Sasuke’s neck, allowing Sasuke to relax more. The two then kiss, rolling over, with Sasuke on top of Sakura. Scene switches to a bedroom, with two people writhing on the bed. The person on top rolls over, revealing Anko. The next panel shows Kakashi’s eyes and the bridge of his nose only.*
Anko: That was…
Kakashi: I know.
*Anko rolls over onto her side facing Kakashi.*
Anko: So now that we’re public…
Kakashi: What is it Anko?
Anko: Is it too soon for me to ask to move in with you?
*The shadow of Kakashi is seen sitting up.*
Kakashi: I don’t know if we’re ready for that.
*The panel shows Kakashi’s eyes looking at Anko.*
Kakashi: Let’s sleep on it, ok?
Anko half-heartedly smiling: Ok.
Kakashi: Besides… we both live in cramped apartments.
*Panel zooms in on Anko’s face showing her frustration and heart break. Scene switches to the Hokage’s office in the morning, with the sun beating down on the Hokage mountain. Naruto and Sasuke are seen inside his office.*
Sasuke: How did you sleep last night?
Naruto smirking: Pretty good. Looks like you had a good night as well *points to a hickey on Sasuke’s neck*.
*Sasuke does a nervous chuckle while Naruto giggles.*
Sasuke: I know Naruto.
Naruto: You know what?
Sasuke: That you’ve been going beyond the seal. I also know that you know Ei killed Tsunade and destroyed Suna. Why haven’t you told me any of this?
Naruto: I have my reasons.
Sasuke: Dammit Naruto, you’re supposed to be the Hokage, not me. There’s a reason why my face hasn’t been added to the mountain. I’m just an interim. Why won’t you take this job.
Naruto: I can’t, just yet.
Sasuke staring Naruto in the eye: I don’t know exactly what it is that you are after. Just make sure no one else knows about it.
*Naruto flashes out as Sasuke sits at the desk. Scene switches to a park. Hinata, Sakura, Ino, Tenten, and Temari are seen. Matsuri is the last to enter the scene.*
Ino: We haven’t done this in a long time.
Sakura: I know.
Temari: And we don’t have any booze either.
*Hinata, Sakura, Ino, and Tenten all look at each other and smile.*
Matsuri: I can’t have any anyway, so I’m glad you didn’t tempt me.
Hinata: Aren’t you due any moment Matsuri?
Matsuri: Aye.
Ino: So I’ve got a confession, ladies… I’m pregnant!!!
*All the ladies gush and congratulate her.*
Tenten looking at Sakura: I’ve got some news, too. I’m pregnant as well.
*All the women squeal again and congratulate her.*
Ino: So when are you and Shikamaru gonna have one, Temari?
Temari: I’m not sure we’re ready yet.
Sakura: So Ino, how has Sai taken the news?
Ino: He’s happy.
Sakura: Happy?
Ino: Yeah. It’s just that he’s been busy lately.
Sakura: So what about Lee, Tenten?
Tenten: I haven’t told him yet.
Ino: How come?
Tenten: Are you kidding? Once he and Gai-sensei find out…
All of the women: Ohh….
*Jiraya, Mito, and Tsunade come running over to all of the ladies.*
Mito: Momma, do you think Sieta will come and play with us today?
Hinata: Maybe.
Jiraya: I want to play with Sieta!!!
Tsunade: I want to play with Sieta!!!!
Mito: I want to play with Sieta too!!!!
*All of the women laugh as Kurenai approaches the group with Sieta.*
Kurenai: Who would have thought…
*Sieta runs over to the kids, then they go play.*
Ino: So is it true what they say?
Sakura: What do you mean?
Ino: Does the sex drop off after you’ve had a kid?
Sakura grins: That isn’t what has deprived mine and Sasuke’s.
Ino: Oh…
Sakura looking at Hinata: It’s her husband… not accepting the title of Hokage.
*Hinata blushes.*
Sakura: But we still have some good times.
Tenten: When was the last time?
Sakura: Last night.
*All of the women giggle.*
Ino: Spill the details.
Sakura: I will not spill all of the details.
Ino: Then spill some of them.
Sakura: I don’t know if I should…
Temari: Where’s Anko when you need her?
Kurenai in thought: Probably trying to get at Kakashi.
Sakura: Well… Let’s just say that I helped Sasuke go to sleep last night… and I helped wake him up… and I got a hefty serving of protein this morning.
Ino: Oh my gawd…. no you didn’t.
Sakura nodding her head: Yes, I did.
Matsuri: Isn’t that degrading?
Sakura: Think about it… you control his every whim… that’s power.
*Ino and Sakura do a high five.*
Temari: Hinata, how come you’ve never told us about you and Naruto? I mean, we all know something about everone else’s partner here. Shikamaru likes to… give me lotion for my breasts. Sai has a foot fetish. And Lee has opened the 1st gate one time with Tenten. What about you and Naruto?
Hinata: It’s embarrassing.
Ino: C’mon. It’s sex… and the two of you are married… sheesh…
Sakura: Yeah, I mean surely he hasn’t made clones and you know… gangbanged you…. he hasn’t done that right?
Ino: Whoa… a one man gangbanger…
Hinata: No, he hasn’t done that… and at my request, too. Fine… I’ll give you one thing.
Ino and Temari: What is it?
Hinata: It’s more about me than Naruto…
Tenten: Just tell us… I’m dying with anticipation.
Hinata: Because I… nevermind.
Sakura: C’mon, tell us.
Hinata: Naruto has always finished inside of me, but not always in the same place.
Sakura: That’s no biggie. That’s kinda like me and Sasuke.
Kurenai: Yeah, even me and Asuma…
Hinata: You don’t get it.
Sakura: Sure I…. whoa… Hinata… you sly girl.
Matsuri: What does she mean?
*Ino goes shit-faced.*
Ino whispers to Matsuri: Naruto has had Hinata in “every” single way.
Matsuri: Oh…. Ohhhhh.
*Hinata blushes.*
Ino: So… does he have a preference?
Sakura: Ok, that’s too much Ino.
Ino: What…
Hinata: He does… and no, it’s not that one.
Temari: Doesn’t it hurt?
Hinata: It was weird at first, but we love each other. Plus, it wasn’t his idea, it was mine.
Ino: Hinata, you seductive woman.
Tenten: You want to know what…
All the women: What?
Tenten: We’re just as bad as Kiba.
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