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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Laughter breaks out amongst the group as everyone carries on eating and conversing. Scene switches to Suna, showing Naruto walking through the crevice in that is the only entrance into Suna. The rest of the jinchuuriki are following him.*
Gaara: So what are we doing here Naruto?
Naruto: Remember when we were both genin and we fought at the chuunin exams?
Gaara: Yeah… but we technically didn’t have a match.
Akatsuchi: I remember hearing about that. Isn’t that when Orochimaru attacked Konoha?
Naruto: Precisely. And he did it under the guise as the Kazekage.
Gaara: You don’t think he had a hideout here?
Naruto: Orochimaru was known to have hideouts everywhere.
Bee: I know the story is he died at the hands of Sasuke, but you really think he had control of Ei?
Naruto: There’s no doubt about it. Problem is, we’ve got to find him before he does something like that again. Lin Mei!
Lin Mei: Aye, Naruto…
Naruto: You and Matsu will accompany Gaara to the Kazkage’s office and look for any evidence of the attack 5 years ago.
**Matsu is grown man from the Iron country who is now the host for Choumei.
Bee: Meanwhile, we’ll cover y’alls asses.
Naruto: As planned. Remember, we all share a mental link now. Let’s use it instead of talking. If there is someone still here, we have to be careful. That goes double for you Ugito.
**Ugito is a teenage girl who likes to talk. She is from Iwa and is now the host of Kokuou.
Ugito: Aight… sheesh…
*Everyone splits up as designed, leaving Naruto at the entrance of the village. Bee is standing on the north section of the wall around Suna. Akatsuchi has the south. Ugito has taken the west, with Mungo and Ushita taking the east (the entrance). Scene focuses on Gaara, Lin Mei, and Matsu.*
**Mungo is a young man from Kiri who is now the host of Isopu.
**Ushita is a young woman from Kiri who is now the host of Saiken.
*Gaara and company have entered the office building through a huge hole in the side of the wall. It’s a post-apocalyptic scene with everything overturned or demolished.*
Gaara: To think one man could destroy this village.
Lin Mei: You weren’t here to protect it Kazekage-sama.
Matsu: You should be proud of your shinobi for evacuating your village in time to not witness all of this carnage.
Gaara: Naruto, there’s nothing here in this building.
Naruto: Is there any other place that there could be any evidence?
Gaara: Sure, there are plenty, but it’s going to take us some time.
Naruto: What do you mean?
Gaara sighs: None of us have a byuakugan to see every nook and cranny in this village. It’s going to take us a lot of time.
Naruto: Alright. What’s it looking like up there?
Bee: Nothing but wind and sand on this end.
Akatsuchi: Same here.
Ugito: Same here.
Naruto: What about you… Mungo… Ushita?
Ushita: I think I see something… or someone.
Mungo: I see the same thing.
Naruto: How far out?
Mungo: About 5km.
Naruto: Everyone, return to me. We’ve got to be careful.
*All of the jinks on the wall leap down and head towards Naruto. Gaara, Lin Mei, and Matsu begin to run there as well. The scene focuses Naruto who is now in Sage mode, looking in the direction of the object. Bee lands next to Naruto.*
Bee: Do you recognize this person?
Naruto: Unbelievable.
*Gaara and crew are near Naruto.*
Gaara: Who is it?
Naruto: It’s… Yamato…
*Scene shows Yamato barely crawling towards Sunagakure, collapsing at the entrance. Naruto and the rest of the jinks rush towards him.*

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