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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Anko: Are you serious?
Kakashi: Yeah. My students have children now. I’m not saying that I’m going to settle down completely…
Anko: I understand.
*She jumps up and kisses Kakashi. Once the kiss is finished, they walk into a restaurant, with Anko bumping into a gentleman who is leaving the restaurant. The man looks at Anko awkwardly and Anko goes wide-eyed, with a small body shiver.*
Kakashi: You ok?
Anko: Yeah, I think so. Did that guy look familiar to you?
*Kakashi turns to look at the man who is walking away.*
Kakashi: No, not really.
*The two are now seen sitting at a booth.*
Anko: So we’re really going to move in together… in a new place.
Kakashi: Why not?
Anko: It’s just so exciting.
Kakashi: I meant what I said last night. I don’t want you to move into my place… and I really don’t want to move into your’s. They’re both too small for the two of us. We need a bigger place.
Anko: Just answer me this then.
Kakashi: What?
Anko: Promise to take your mask off every now and then.
Kakashi: I don’t know about that.
Anko depressed: Why not?!
Kakashi: Consider the day I take off my mask for you to be the day I ask you to marry me.
*Anko cocks her eyebrow at Kakashi.*
Anko: We’ll see.
Anko in thought: You’re going to be that way, two can play this game.
*Anko slides her foot up Kakashi’s leg and begins to fondle his manhood with her foot. Kakashi looks at Anko straight-faced.*
Kakashi: So it’s going to be that way.
Anko: You haven’t seen… or felt anything yet.
*Anko looks around, seeing no one is paying attention to the couple in the booth. Anko slides down under the table and is soon servicing her man. Kiba, Neji, and Shino walk into the restaurant. They see Kakashi in a relaxed position and walk over to his booth.*
Kiba: Kakashi-sensei!!!
*Kakashi jumps a bit, still being serviced by Anko.*
Kakashi: Kiba, Shino, Neji… what’s going on?
Kakashi in thought: Please God, don’t let Neji activate his byuakugan.
Kiba: Not much. We just came back from a meeting. All the kages have been summoned for a meeting once again, so before we are to report as guards for the meeting, we thought we’d sit and have a bite to eat.
Kakashi: Another meeting?
*Kakashi shivers just a small bit. Shino notices and looks at Neji. Neji then looks at Kakashi.*
Neji: You ok, Kakashi?
Kakashi: Yeeaaaahhhhh….hhhh.
*The next panel shows Anko putting Kakashi’s pants back with a huge grin on her face.*
Neji: Ok… well, we’re going over to the bar.
Shino: Gotta eat and run.
Kakashi: Yeah. Before you leave, come back over here and fill me in.
Kiba: We can do it right now.
Kakashi: I don’t think that will be a good idea.
Kiba: How come.
Shino: She’s going to meet you here, isn’t she?
Kakashi: Aye.
*Shino grabs Neji and Kiba, pulling them towards the bar. Once all three have sit and placed their orders Shino fills them in on Kakashi and Anko. Panel switches back to Kakashi looking around.*
Kakashi: You can come out now.
*Anko slips up right next to Kakashi. A waitress just walks up and delivers their food to them.*
Kakashi: Can you imagine what would have happened had Neji…
Anko: That made it that much more fun and exciting.
Kakashi: While I like your antics, I’m a high ranking shinobi of Konoha and of this alliance. I can’t be caught in these types of situations with you.
Anko: Marry me then. Then we’ll just be a horny married couple.
*Scene switches to Hinata and Hanabi sitting in a room, watching Jiraya and Mito play. Hiashi walks into the room.*
Hiashi: Daughters… what is it that you wanted to see me about?
Hinata: Dad… we’ve been thinking and talking…
Hanabi: And we think it’s time.
Hiashi: Time for what.
Hanabi: For you to name a successor.
Hiashi: I was afraid of this.
Hinata: Why?
Hiashi: Because I can’t name you. You didn’t marry a Hyuuga. And you… Hanabi… are you willing to marry a Hyuuga? Because the Hyuuga name will need to be carried on.
Hinata: That’s what we wanted to talk to you about.
Hanabi: We think it’s time.
Hiashi: For what?
Hinata: For the branches to be united, as one.
Hiashi sighing: I have thought the same as well. Are you sure the rest of the clan will accept this?
Hinata: They must.
Hanabi: As the heirs to the head of the family, we won’t accept an alternative.
Hiashi: Then who is the boy that you like, Hanabi?
Hanabi: Udon…
Hiashi: Udon…
Hanabi blushes: Yeah.
Hiashi: And what makes him special?
Hanabi: I don’t know… he just makes me smile.
Hiashi: You know the rule. The boy must come to me first if he wishes to date you.
Hanabi: That’s it?
Hiashi: That’s it.
*Mito runs up to and jumps on Hiashi.*
Mito: What about me grandpa? Does my boyfriend have to talk to you too?
Hiashi: Do you want him to?
Mito: It’s ok. I’ll just tell daddy he has to talk to you.
*Hiashi, Hinata, and Hanabi bust out laughing. Scene switches to the Uchiha room, with the tablet in the background. The Kages are all looking at one another. Naruto then flashes in with Yamato. Naruto is staring at Sasuke angrily. The kages, excluding Gaara, are shocked to see Yamato.*
Sasuke: Can it be?
Naruto: Why aren’t Sakura and Ino here?
Sasuke: Do you realize how hard it was for us to meet here?
Naruto: That is of little consequence now.
Mei: What do you mean?
Sasuke: Naruto thinks that Orochimaru has entered the picture once again.
*The next panel shows Naruto looking at Sasuke, with Gaara in the background.*
Darui: But I thought that you defeated Orochimaru. That’s what the intel from Konoha said.
Sasuke: It was all a lie. I didn’t defeat Orochimaru. My brother, Itachi defeated Orochimaru. But if Naruto is correct, then somehow, he has managed to survive. And if Kabuto is involved, he had a hand in it some way.
Naruto: Tell them what you told me Yamato.
*Yamato begins to explain his story to the kages. Several hours have passed after deliberation amongst Yamato and the kages.*
Sasuke: So you saw all of that… sharingans, byuakugans, and several bodies in stasis?
Yamato: Aye.
Gaara: So what is the plan, Hokage?
*Everyone turns to Sasuke.*
Sasuke: With this new information, we can definitely affirm that they have not attacked us on purpose. We must try to figure out what it is they are planning.
Naruto: There’s one more problem.
Sasuke: What’s that?
Naruto: I can sense Orochimaru’s aura, but I can’t pinpoint it.
Darui: Can you at least tell from which direction he is in?
Naruto: No, I’m afraid not. I can’t, because I sense him everywhere. Some places stronger than others.
Darui: Such as?
Naruto staring at Darui: The day Suna and Kumo fell.
*Darui goes wide-eyed.*
Darui: You’re saying this one man destroyed two the five great villages in one day?
Naruto: No… but he had a hand in it.
Gaara: What else is on your mind Naruto?
Sasuke: Yes, you’re holding something back.
Naruto: I sense Orochimaru about Yamato, but I do not sense an evil intention within him.
Sasuke: Summon Ino and Inoichi. I want the entire deciphering squad on this case. *turns to Yamato* I apologize in advance, but you must understand…
Yamato: I do.
*Scene switches to Kirigakure, showing a Shaolin temple, with guards surrounding it, wearing the Ryun crest. The next panel shows Ryu walking in the water garden to a small island, with Kabuto sitting the middle, meditating.*
Ryu: Any word, milord?
Kabuto: Yes.
Ryu: Should I go to Benten and Ryuden?
Kabuto: Don’t be in such a hurry. Let’s let our opposition sweat this out a little.
Ryu: So now they know?
Kabuto: I’m sure Naruto does. Question is, will he share everything with the rest of them or not.
Ryu: And what of Lord Hachimon? Is he aware of our plans?
Kabuto: I’m sure he’s aware of it. But he thinks it is Benten’s fail-safe, not ours.
Ryu: And Amatsu?
Kabuto: Amatsu is powerful right now, but once he has lost the Amenonohoko, he will be no match for Orochimaru-sama and myself.
Ryu: Then I await your command, milord.
Kabuto: It’s time we started setting up our battle camps. You know what to do.
*Ryu grins and flickers out. The panel focuses on Kabuto.*
Kabuto in thought: You have no idea how close you are to the truth Naruto.
*Scene switches back Konoha, showing Yamato in the deciphering corps main exam room, with both Ino and Inoichi at Yamato’s head as he lies on a table. The next panel shows the next day of Gaara, Neji, and Naruto searching through Suna. The next panel shows Kiba and Shino at a tavern, sitting at the bar having a few drinks. The stranger that bumped into Anko at the restaurant is sitting next to Kiba.*
Kiba: You don’t get it man. I had my dream girl, and now she’s gone.
Shino: How do you know she was your dream girl? You knew her for only a couple of weeks.
Kiba: Yeah, so….
Shino: She hasn’t been around for almost 5 years man… move on.
The stranger in thought: What a embicile.
Stranger: Forgive my intrustion young man, but I agree with your friend. No woman is worth waiting 5 years for.
Kiba: You don’t understand. She was so beautiful. I mean she had this smokin’ body, and she was smart, super smart.
Stranger: What was her name?
Kiba: Benten.
Stranger in thought: The fact that neither he nor his comrade has made the connection shows how befallen the Konoha shinobi is.
Stranger: I once knew a Benten. She was beautiful. She was also a lady who knew her way around the streets and villages.
*The stranger gets up and leaves the bar with that last statement, leaving both Kiba and Shino staring at him. The panel shows the man walking down the street, looking up, and seeing Naruto staring out one of his windows, holding Jiraya.*
Stranger in thought: This is going to be so much fun.

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