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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Darkness Rising
*Scene opens up after a week from the last chapter. The jinchuuriki are shown in a field, minus Naruto and Gaara.*
Ugito: Bee-sama, why have we not seen Naruto or Gaara-sama all week now?
Bee: Somethings are best left alone Ugito. Dangerous times we be in… ya kno’.
Matsu: But even Naruto would have sent a clone out by now. I don’t like what’s going on.
Akatsuchi: It’s all politics. That’s all you need to know.
Ushita: Politics be damned. What is going on?!
*Bee jumps up between Akatsuchi and Ushita.*
Bee: Calm down, everyone. Suchi is right. He and I have been near our kages’ sides for years. We both know the politics involved.
Matsu: So both Naruto and Gaara are staying put for political reasons?
Akatsuchi: Gaara, yes. I’m not so sure about Naruto.
*Hinata flashes in next to Akatsuchi.*
Akatsuchi: Hinata-chan, what are you doing here?
Hinata: I come bearing news from my husband.
*Hinata looks at all of them. She then turns to Bee.*
Hinata: My husband is about to do something very drastic. Even I don’t know what it is, but tensions are growing in Konoha amongst the Leaf and the Cloud. Word is spreading Ei was the one who killed Tsunade, although that cannot be confirmed or denied at this point.
*Scene switches to Naruto and Gaara in a small room with only a door.*
Naruto: I don’t know, but word is beginning to spread.
Gaara: Only us jinchuuriki, the kages, and a few Konoha shinobi know of the details floating about.
Naruto: That’s not entirely true. I believe there is someone else.
Gaara: Orochimaru?!
Naruto: Aye, and something must be done before tensions boil over between Konoha and Kumo.
Gaara: This is not all that troubles you?
Naruto: I’ve sensed a growing presence in Kumogakure.
Gaara: So you think they are beginning to make their move?
Naruto: Aye.
Gaara: So what is your plan?
Naruto: Technically, I’m already an outlaw.
Gaara: As am I and the rest of the jinchuuriki.
Naruto: But you can stand against the Ryun army. Ordinary shinobi will have a much more difficult time.
Gaara: So you plan on breaking the law again.
Naruto: Aye. It will ease tensions for the time being amongst Konoha and Kumo, even some blame may be put on me.
Gaara: And if it is learned that Sasuke allowed you to break the law, surely he will be ousted as Hokage.
Naruto: True. But you and I both know he will need to be on the front lines in the coming months. Maybe this is for the best for him and Sakura.
Gaara: So what do you want of me?
Naruto: While I’m gone, make sure that neither harm nor ill will is put upon Hinata, Mito, or Jiraya.
Gaara: I will make sure of it. I’m sure there will be others who do the same. So, you’re heading to Kumo? Is it safe to assume you may head to Oto after Kumo?
Naruto smiling: I’m not a gambling man, but if I were, I would make that bet.
*The two friends smile at each other. Naruto flashes out, leaving Gaara, who exits the room. Scene switches to Sasuke who is walking with Shikamaru and Shikaku.*
Sasuke: Has there been any intel on the rumors flying about?
Shikaku: None. But there are suspicions that the Ryun are involved. There are thousands of ways to enter the country… we can’t secure them all.
Sasuke: Any updates on Yamato?
Shikamaru: Not yet. So far what has been found, we already knew about.
Sasuke: Keep me updated.
*Scene switches to Naruto and Hinata with Mito and Jiraya in a field, having a picnic. The next panel shows Naruto playing with Mito, while the next one shows him carrying Mito on his left shoulder, with Jiraya on his right shoulder. The next panel shows the group posing for a family photo, with Naruto holding Mito and Hinata holding Jiraya. The next panel shows the family back home, Hinata and Naruto just having tucked Mito and Jiraya into bed. Naruto and Hinata are standing in the doorway to the room.*
Hinata: So how long will it be this time?
Naruto: I don’t know.
Hinata: I don’t want you to go.
Naruto holding Hinata: But I must. I’ve arranged for you and the kids to be protected.
*Hinata looks Naruto in the eyes.*
Hinata: I know you’re not telling me everything.
Naruto: Yeah. Here’s what I will tell you. I’m heading to Kumo.
Hinata: But Sasuke has made in plain and clear, anyone who goes beyond the seal from here on out will be treated as a criminal.
Naruto: I know.
Hinata: So that’s you plan.
*Naruto has a serious look on his face.*
Hinata: You’re trying to alleviate some tension between Kumo and Konoha by becoming enemy #1?
*Naruto nods.*
Hinata: Then do me one favor.
Naruto softly: What is it?
*Hinata walks into their bedroom and returns with her (Yondaime’s kunai).*
Hinata: Take this with you.
Naruto: Why?
Hinata: Because honestly, I’m pissed. Before they went into hiding, Suijin and Izanagi told me everything. About you and Sasuke… me and Sakura… I realize that we are who we are, but we are entitled to live as normal of a life as we can. And these assholes are messing that up for you and I.
Naruto smiling: So you don’t want to save me?
*Hinata punches Naruto in the arm.*
Hinata: I don’t need to save you. But I want these punks to feel some of my wrath.
Naruto: Baby… that would mean that you would be an outlaw too.
Hinata sulking: So.
Naruto: Besides… Someone has to protect our home on this front as well. It might as well be the second best shinobi in the world.
Hinata: I’m not the second best Honey… I’m the best.
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