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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Both begin to laugh as Naruto picks Hinata up in his arms. The two begin to kiss, falling onto the couch. The next panel shows a shirtless Naruto now holding Hinata with her legs wrapped around his waist, her being completely naked. The next panel shows the two writing in bed under a few sheets. The next panel shows the two lying in bed as the sun beams through the window. Naruto begins to stir as Hinata is seen kissing Naruto on his neck.*
Naruto: Baby… not now… what about the kids?
Hinata in between kisses: They’re not up yet. Plus, I’ve already asked Kurenai to come and get them so they can play with Sieta.
*There’s a knock at the door.*
Hinata: And on time, too. Go get the shower ready, I’m not done with you.
*Hinata gets up to go answer the door. Naruto is seen stumbling to the shower, starting it, creating a lot of steam in the bathroom. The next panel shows Kurenai holding Jiraya, with Konohamaru accompanying her and carrying Mito. Hinata makes a mad dash back to the bathroom, to find Naruto in the shower. She removes her clothing, as her ample curves are viewed from her back. The next panels show several silhouettes of the two in various positions in the shower. The last panel shows the two wrapped in towels, standing before the bathroom mirror getting ready for the day.*
Naruto: If I didn’t know any better, I could have sworn that you are trying to get pregnant again.
Hinata: If it happens, it happens. But if my man is going to be gone for some time, I’ve got to get the getting while it is good.
*Both laugh at this statement.*
Naruto: So what are your plans for today?
Hinata: The girls are getting together; we’re going to plan a shower for both Ino and Tenten.
Naruto: That all?
*Hinata turns towards Naruto, pulling him in for a kiss.*
Hinata: Nope, I think the getting is still good.
*The panel shows the view from behind Naruto, showing both towels drop to the floor as Hinata wraps her legs around Naruto once again. The scene switches to Naruto and the rest of the jinchuuriki outside of the main gate of Konoha. Bee holds out his fist, which Naruto bumps.*
Bee: Aw shiyat maaaaan!
*Naruto grins.*
Ugito: What’s going on?
Bee: Uh… nuthin’.
Akatsuchi: It’s probably best we don’t know.
Naruto: Agreed.
Matsu: Long time no see… Naruto-sama.
Naruto with a serious look: And it’s about to be longer.
Ushita: What do mean?
Naruto: I’m going on a solo mission. All of you will need to stay here and protect everyone else from what might arise.
Bee: Understood brah.
Lin Mei: Can we at least accompany you, even if it is for a little while?
Naruto: Sure.
Gaara: I’m going to stay behind.
Ushita: C’mon Gaara, come with us.
Naruto: It’s best he stays.
*Gaara and Naruto shake hands as the two turn and head in different directions.*
Ugito: What is that all about?
Naruto: We’ll discuss it as we walk.
*Scene switches to Sakura, Ino, Tenten, and Hinata all sitting at a large table at a café.*
Sakura: Do you know when Kurenai is going to show up?
Hinata: She won’t be coming. She watched Jiraya and Mito for us this morning.
Ino: Somebody got some action already I see… bow chick-a-wow wow.
Hinata blushing: The getting was good.
Sakura: So that’s why you’re smiling as such and have this air about you.
*Hinata nods, still blushing.*
Sakura: Temari told me she would be running late. Anko and Kakashi are still moving in, so she’ll be late. Matsuri is going to be late, because she has still not delivered.
Ino and Tenten together: You’ve got to be kidding!
Hinata: Bless her heart.
Sakura: She said she would try to make it unless she goes into labor.
Ino: Think about it girls. We all knew how Naruto, Sasuke, and Gaara were ten years ago. And within a couple of days… all three will fathers.
*Matsuri enters café, waddling over to the table.*
Matsuri: Who will be fathers?
Ino: We’re just a talking about Naruto, Sasuke, and Gaara.
Matsuri: Oh… well, I wish this one would just pop out already. The doctor told me that if he hasn’t come within the next few days, he’ll come by c-section.
*Matsuri sees Hinata blushing.*
Matsuri: So what did the two of you do?
Hinata laughing: Is it that obvious?
Matsuri: You’re pinker than…
Ino laughing: Oh my gawd….
Matsuri: What?!
Tenten: It’s confirmed, we’re worse than Kiba.
*The entire group busts out laughing now as Anko and Temari enter the café.*
Anko: What’s so funny?
Sakura: According to Hinata, the getting has been good with Naruto.
Anko smirking: It’s been good for me too.
Matsuri: This is not fair!
Anko: What?
Matsuri: You and her *nodding at Hinata* can go be with your men, but I can’t because of this baby.
*Everyone laughs again, including Matsuri.*
Matsuri: I swear once this baby has been born, and I’m given the ok by the doctor, Gaara won’t know what happened to him.
*Everyone keeps on laughing.*
Sakura: Ok girls, time to get down to business. No more sex talk.
Ino and Anko simultaneously: But it’s fun.
Sakura: Let’s at least take care of business first.
*The next few panels show the women eating and talking. One panel shows Temari feeling the baby move in Matsuri’s abdomen.*
Anko: Ok, business is done now. I want the details Hinata.
Hinata blushing: Let’s just say I haven’t had a 12 hour span like that… ever.
Anko flabberghasted: 12 hours?!
Hinata nodding: Yep! And it was worth it too.
Ino: I don’t know.
Hinata: Well, we did have a few naps here and there, but waking him up… him waking me up…. the shower…. well worth it.
Anko: How many times?
Hinata smirking: How many what?
Anko: Who climaxed the most?
Hinata: I’m not entirely sure… I lost count after no. 5 for me.
Sakura: So how are things between you and Kakashi-sensei, Anko?
Anko blushing: Great… we just bought a place together. We’re going to move me out first and then him. I’m so excited.
Ino: So no ring yet?
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