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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Anko frowning: Nope. But he did promise me one thing.
Tenten: What’s that?
Anko: Who would take off his mask for me when he’s going to propose.
Temari: You haven’t seen his face yet?
*Anko shakes her head.*
Temari: You mean you’ve slept with him, and he kept the mask on?
Anko: Yeah, so…
*Everyone but Anko is laughing.*
Anko: Think about it for a moment… it adds a bit of flare. I mean this mysterious man, whom I adore, is taking me… it drives me wild just now thinking about it.
*Scene switches to Naruto and the other jinchuuriki walking down a road.*
Matsu: So why are we walking? Why not just flash us wherever?
Naruto: I have my reasons.
*The group approaches a sentry tower that can be seen from distance.*
Bee: So that’s your plan?
Naruto: You figured it out, huh?
Matsu: What is it?
Naruto: I’m going to Kumo to delay the forces there. Who knows, I might be able to stop them completely there.
Lin Mei: There are forces in Kumo?
Naruto: Aye.
Lin Mei: Then I’m coming with you.
Naruto: No you’re not. I need you, all of you to stay behind. The seal is good for only several more weeks. The SSM and the Mizukage have already had a tough time with this army. If for whatever reason I’m not able to handle this, you must stay here and protect everyone.
Lin Mei sighing: Fine.
Akatsuchi: What about those in the neighboring countries?
Naruto: Hopefully I’ll gain some intel as to why Iwa has been allowed to stand and why other smaller villages stand as well.
Akatsuchi: So are you going to Iwa after Kumo?
Naruto: I doubt it.
Bee: So how long you gonna be?
Naruto: I don’t know. Gaara knows of my plan. That is why he stayed behind. You should all return to Konoha. After what I’m about to do, there will be a meeting tonight, I’m sure of it.
Matsu: So you’re going to openly break the law now?
*Naruto nods.*
Ugito: I get it Naruto-sama. I promise to protect Jiraya and Mito for you.
Naruto smiles as he places his hand on her shoulder: You’re growing up Ugito. Just don’t grow up too fast.
Bee: So this is it then? Too bad, cuz I was gonna run over my new rhymes with ya.
Ushita: Be careful Naruto-sama. If you don’t come back I’ll hunt you down for Hinata-chan.
Akatsuchi: As will I.
*Naruto smiles at the group. He bumps fists with everyone and then starts walking towards the sentry tower.*
Bee: C’mon, let’s head back.
Mungo: Things are about to get interesting, huh?
Akatsuchi: You have no idea.
*The rest of the jinchuuriki head back to Konoha. The next panel shows Naruto approaching the sentry tower. A shinobi is standing at the base looking at Naruto, while another is up at the top, looking out for any movements.*
Base shinobi: Naruto-sama??? Is that you?
Naruto: Yeah.
Shinobi: What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be back in Kono…
*Naruto punches the shinobi in the gut.*
Naruto: No hard feelings.
*Naruto grabs the shinobi then flashes to the top of the tower. He lays the shinobi down, looking at the other shinobi.*
Naruto: I think you know what to do.
*Naruto flashes back down to the road and walks beyond the seal. The shinobi at the top grabs a scroll and begins to write information on it. He ties it to a hawk and sets it towards Konoha. He then tries to revive his comrade. The scene switches to Naruto walking towards Kumo by himself as the sun is now at high noon. The scene switches to a room with Sasuke and Inoichi.*
Sasuke: So what intel where you able to retrieve?
Inoichi: We are in a much dire situation than estimated.
Sasuke: How so?
Inoichi: Orochimaru lives. And he’s obtained a power that rivals Naruto’s.
Sasuke: What makes the situation so dire? I expected the news of Orochimaru.
Inoichi: Orochimaru is in league with the god, Hachimon. He is also after some weapons.
Sasuke: What weapons?
Inoichi: Rikudo’s weapons. The ones used to defeat the juubi.
Sasuke: And who else is aware of this intel?
Inoichi: No one yet.
Sasuke: Good. Don’t tell anyone, especially Naruto. Now we must find out who is spreading the rumors of Ei murdering Tsunade.
Inoichi: That’s another thing.
Sasuke: What?
Inoichi: Yamato’s subconscious heard Kabuto and Orochimaru talking about him subduing the Raikage.
Sasuke: But how?
Inoichi: That I cannot confirm. Based on what I was able to find out, what he heard was still in the planning stages. But I can lay it out for you as I was able to uncover.
*Scene switches to a small village outside of Konoha. The stranger from before is seen walking through the village. A random person approaches him.*
Person: Have you heard the news?
Stranger: And what is that, pray tell.
Person: That Lady Tsunade was killed by the former Raikage himself. Something ain’t right about them Kumo people.
Stranger: Is that so?
Person: Yeah. And now the word is that Naruto-sama knew of this, and told no one.
Stranger: So this Naruto… maybe he’s not who you thought he was?
Person: I don’t know. Naruto-sama, he’s saved us before. And word is, his wife set up some barrier to protect us from them gods. It just don’t add up right.
*The stranger makes a handsign, causing the person’s facial expression to go blank.*
Stranger: Naruto and Hinata harbored a known murderer, the former Raikage. It was the Ryun who took that murderer down, not Naruto or Sasuke. Now tell me, who is Konoha’s savior… or avenger in this case.
Person in a monotone: Well, the Ryun.
Stranger: And now that word is leaked out about the former Raikage, and soon the connection to Naruto will be drawn, what if Naruto runs away?
Person: That will prove his guilt.
Stranger: If you say so, you feeble mind.
*The scene switches to show a hawk flying into Konoha. The next panel shows Sasuke in his office, slamming his fist down onto the desk.*
Sasuke: What the hell was he thinking?
*Scene switches to later that night, with Sasuke infront of a group of people outside of the main gate of Konoha.*
Sasuke: Uzumaki Naruto is now a wanted criminal of the Shinobi alliance. If you see him, flee and inform any jounin of any village that you see. The rest of the kages and myself are working together to bring Naruto to justice.
Person who spoke with the stranger earlier: I don’t trust the shinobi of Kumo. Their Raikage killed Lady Tsunade.
Sasuke shouting: That has not been confirmed!
Person: Word is Naruto left so he wouldn’t be prosecuted. Hunt him down.
Sasuke shouting: We can’t! We can’t go beyond the seal.
Person: Then who’s going to seek Naruto and bring justice?!
*The crowd roars in approval. The panel zooms out and shows the stranger amongst the crowd, smiling.*
Stranger in thought: So by leaving you thought you could thwart our plan. You may accomplish annihilating that battalion, but you’ve left your precious friend alone in Konoha, defenseless.
Sasuke yelling: Calm down and go home. Just know that if you see Naruto, flee and notify any official.
*Sasuke is shown leaving the scene, with guards closing all of the gates to Konoha. The next scene shows all of the Kages in a large room, with select jounin from each village. Sasuke is in the middle of the room.*
Sasuke: As I’m sure that you’ve all heard by now, Naruto has went beyond the seal again. These rules are put in place to protect not only yourself, but the person next to you and the ones who are out there. Naruto has endangered not only himself, but us as well. Once you have been notified, seek out any kage or jinchuuriki. That includes you, Hinata *Sasuke looks at Hinata*. Dismissed.
*The scene switches to Naruto and Hinata’s apartment. All of the Konoha 12 are there, including Sasuke. There is a knock at the door. Kiba goes to answer the door, and in walks Gaara, Kankuro, and Shikamaru. Gaara walks to the middle of the room, and looks at everyone.*
Gaara: I was the last person to speak with Naruto. I will not reveal our conversation. But I will tell you this. *He looks at Hinata* He knew he would be leaving, yet he has promised to come back.
*Hinata smiles at this.*
Gaara looking at Sasuke: And he knows what you face as Hokage. What happened tonight at the main gate is only the beginning.
*Sasuke looks down.*
Gaara: The title of Kage has not been bestowed upon him… yet. He is doing something that only he can do.
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