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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Sasuke stands up.*
Sasuke: I’m the son of thunder, as well as the Hokage.
Gaara: And as the Hokage, you cannot go beyond the seal, breaking the law, and fight the enemy. Neither can I as the Kazekage. But he can. I recommend to all of you that you treat Naruto the way that Sasuke has stated. As shinobi, we must aid in the enforcement of the law to protect those who cannot protect themselves.
*Sasuke begins to walk toward the door. Gaara grabs his arm as he tries to walk past him.*
Gaara: You’re not alone in how you feel. We all feel the same way. *He turns to Hinata* Naruto anticipated such events as tonight at the main gate. And fearing that they will get worse, Naruto asked us to make sure that you and the children were protected.
Hinata: Us?
*Gaara nods towards the window. Everyone turns to the see the rest of the jinchuuriki standing on the balcony. Hinata goes to open the door so that they can enter the room.*
Bee looking at Sasuke: I know how you feeling. You handle yo business, cuz he’s handlin’ his.
Ugito: I promised Naruto-sama personally that nothing would happen to you or Mito or Jiraya.
*Hinata smiles at Ugito.*
Gaara: We all must retire for the night now. Darkness approaches.
*The scene switches to the stranger walking down the middle of street and entering a tavern. He sits at a table with another gentleman sitting there already.*
Stranger: Odd to see you here.
*The other person leans forward to reveal the face of Ryu by candlelight on the table.*
Ryu: So Naruto is heading to Kumo. He’ll annihilate our forces there.
Stranger: Yes. But they are nothing more than fodder.
Ryu: Lord Hachimon says to move along to the next step.
Stranger: I will, once I have his… I mean my weapons.
Ryu: I swear Orochimaru… if Hachimon doesn’t watch his back, you’ll own him one day.
Orochimaru: So what will you do now… son?
Ryu: Son?
Orochimaru: You are my clone.
Ryu: What would you have me do then… father?
Orochimaru: I’m going to stay here for a bit longer. I think you should head to Oto, and make sure certain places and items are not found.
Ryu: You think he will head to Oto once he’s done in Kumo?
Orochimaru: I know he will. But I’m not worried about him.
Ryu: That’s right, it is beyond the seal.
Orochimaru: Precisely.

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