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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Ugito: So you think Sasuke is going to actually do it?
Hinata: Yeah.
Ugito: Then who will be Hokage?
Hinata: Something tells me that after tonight, we might not have any more kages for the time-being.
*There is a thud on the balcony. Bee enters from the balcony.*
Bee: Balls in motion, gotsta get movin’ to the ocean.
Ugito: So it’s actually going to happen?
Hinata: Yes, it is.
Ugito: And what of Naruto-sama?
Hinata: He will sense us.
*The next few panels show various shinobi standing at all of the gates of Konoha, calling for all willing civilians and shinobi to relocate. The scene switches to the Uchiha district as Sasuke enters his home. Sakura is seen waiting for Sasuke.*
Sakura: So it’s done?
*Sasuke walks up to her, grabs her by her ass, picking her up and kissing her. The two continue to kiss for some time until small footsteps are heard.*
Tsunade: Daddy… what are you doing to Mommy?
*Sasuke looks at his daughter, smiling.*
Sasuke: We’re celebrating.
Tsunade: Celebrating what?
Sasuke: Well, we’re going to take a trip, a long vacation.
Tsunade: Is anybody coming with us?
Sasuke smiling: Hopefully so.
*Scene switches to atop the Hokage office. All of Konoha’s jounin minus the Uchihas and Hinata are present. Shikaku stands before them all.*
Shikaku: As you might have heard, we no longer have a Hokage. Everyone is given the option of relocating with our former Hokage and his family. I know some of you wish to do so. Some of you must. Note, there will be no persecution against those who do relocate.
*The remaing kages flicker in beside Shikaku.*
Kitsuchi: For several years now, our homelands have been decimated.
Darui: It is time we leave your land to you.
Mei: But we will not drop the mantle of fighting the Ryun and the gods.
Gaara: So with that, I resign as Kazekage until my homeland is reclaimed.
Mei: I resign as Mizukage until my homeland is reclaimed.
Darui: I resign as Raikage until my homeland is reclaimed.
Kitsuchi: And I resign as Tsuchikage until my homeland is reclaimed.
*The panel zooms out to show the entire shinobi forces have encompassed the Hokage office as roars and shouts of approval ring out.*
Shikaku: So… jounin of Konoha, what say you?
*Scene switches back to Naruto as he enters the secret room of the hut, looking around.*
Naruto: There is no sense in hiding Ryu. I know you are here.
*Ryu emerges from the shadows.*
Ryu: So the Toad Sage has come to take down a stronghold of the Ryun?
*Naruto flashes over to Ryu, holding him in the air by his throat.*
Naruto: Tell me what Orochimaru is after.
Ryu: How does it feel… to know the truth is staring you in the face, yet you can’t grasp it?
Naruto: What do you mean?
Ryu laughing: How long have you been searching for Orochimaru?
Naruto: What do you mean… answer me!
Ryu: All this time you’ve been searching for Orochimaru… and he was in Konoha all this time.
*Naruto goes wide-eyed. The scene switches back to Konoha. Sasuke is seen approaching the main gate with several followers including the former kages with their entourages. Hinata, Mito, and Jiraya are seen surrounded by the remaining jinchuuriki. Kakashi and Gai meet them at the gate.*
Kakashi: So this is it, huh?
Sasuke: Afraid so.
*Orochimaru walks up behind Kakashi and Gai.*
Orochimaru: Why don’t the two of you stand aside so the former Hokage can make his leave. He is no longer wanted here.
*Kakashi and Gai turn to face Orochimaru, ignorant to who he is.*
Kakashi: Excuse me sir, but he was my student. Allow a sensei to have a few words with his former student.
Orochimaru: I don’t think so Kakashi…
*Orochimaru kicks Kakashi in the chest, sending him flying into the crowd behind Sasuke. Immediately Gai tries a roundhouse kick, which is caught by Orochimaru, who flings him up in the air. Orochimaru leaps up behind Gai, mimicking his movement in the air, grabbing Gai and spinning him into the ground as the two crash. Once the dust settles, Orochimaru is seen standing before Sasuke.*
Orochimaru chuckling: Ku ku ku ku… I never repaid you for what you did to me.
Sasuke with a horrified look on his face as he is holding Tsunade: Orochimaru.
Orochimaru yelling: I have come to avenge Konoha. For you see, this once criminal is now leaving to abide with another criminal… Uzumaki Naruto.
*Sasuke hands Tsunade to Sakura, ordering her and everyone to leave without him. Everyone leaves excluding the jinchuuriki (minus Ugito).*
Orochimaru: 8 vs. 1. Is that a fair fight now Sasuke-kun?
*Everyone enters a battle stance.*
Orochimaru: Maybe you should have Naruto show up. At least it would be closer to a fair fight then.
*The panel zooms in to show Orochimaru has the rinnegan.*
Orochimaru: Several years ago, a shinobi showed up having powers resembling those of Rikudo Sennin. He decimated Konoha. But he did not have the powers of Rikudo Sennin. I do.
*Suddenly Bee transforms into full bijuu mode, firing off a bijuu-dama. Orochimaru holds up his hand and absorbs the blast. Orochimaru is seen smirking.*
Orochimaru: Surely you can do better than that. I mean, you were the original perfect jinchuuriki.
*Bee roars at Orochimaru, causing a shockwave. Orochimaru stands his ground. He looks at Bee, holding his hand up again. The bijuu-dama suddenly appears, only this time heading towards Bee and the group. The scene switches to everyone leaving heading towards the ocean. Scene focuses on Hinata and Sakura, who are each carrying their little girls.*
Sakura: Do you think they will be alright?
Hinata: Your husband is the Son of Thunder. Have some faith.
*Suddenly an explosion is seen in the background, that covers half of Konoha. The women stop, looking at the explosion.*
Sakura: I’m going back.
Hinata: No you’re not. You’ve got to take care of Tsunade. Have faith in your husband and our friends.
*Scene switches back to the fight, showing everyone blown away as Orochimaru walks towards them.*
Orochimaru: Where is your might, Son of Thunder?!!
*The next panel shows Sasuke standing up, with blood flowing over his right eye.*
Sasuke: Gaara, Bee, get everyone else out of here.
Bee: You for sure?
Orochimaru: You’d better listen to him. A couple of battalions of the Ryun army are waiting for your friends at the coast.
*All of the jinchuuriki are seen now, wide-eyed.*
Orochimaru: You people are so predictable. You’d better hurry up if you want to be in time to save your friends.
*The scene switches to a forested area. Only trees are shown, except for one figure walking towards some lit torches in the distance. The next panel reveals Kabuto, walking in his Dragon Sage form. Scene switches back to Orochimaru.*
Orochimaru: The only question left to be answered is, who will Naruto come to rescue: his friend, or his family?
Sasuke grimacing: You bastard.
Gaara: We’ll go ahead. Handle this here Sasuke.
*The next panel shows some rubble away from the fight. A piece of wall is moved, revealing Kakashi. He looks around at the devastation.*
Kakashi: It’s a good thing you made preparations Sasuke.
*Flashback scene to Shikaku sitting at the Hokage’s desk. After the former kages have left the room, Shikaku is seen talking to Inoichi, Choza, Kakashi, and Gai. A plan is devised to have all civilians evacuated before Sasuke leaves with his party which is made up of high level shinobi and their children. Kakashi and Gai would stay behind with shadow clones made by Konohamaru and clones made by the jinchuuriki. Once the Ryun had made their way to Konoha, Kakashi and Gai would flee. End of flashback.*
Kakashi: Now time to find Gai.
*Scene switches back to Orochimaru and Sasuke.*
Sasuke: You want to see my might?
*Suddenly the walls of Konoha are lit in the black flames of Amerterasu.*
Sasuke: Konoha will be our battlefield Orochimaru. You will die here.
Orochimaru: Is that so?
*Sasuke activates his EMS.*
Sasuke: Aye.
*Instantly Sasuke throws several shuriken at Orochimaru. Sasuke does several handsigns, allowing the shuriken to multiply. He then glares at them, causing them to be set ablaze with Amerterasu.*
Orochimaru: Child’s Play.
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