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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Orochimaru summons the Rashomon gate, blocking all of the shuriken. Orochimaru leaps over the gate, coming down shooting thousands of snakes at Sasuke. Sasuke is seen with grin on his face. The next panel shows his left hand with a chidori in it, ready to strike. Sasuke punches his hand with the chidori up at Orochimaru, extending the the spear up into Orochimaru, stabbing him in the gut. Orochimaru is impaled on the chidori spear, dangling in the air. Sasuke releases the jutsu, allowing Orochimaru to fall to the ground. Scene switches to the jinchuuriki racing after the group.*
Mungo: Do you think that was a ruse?
Gaara: Even if it is, we must confirm it. Sasuke is the son of thunder, he can handle himself.
*Scene switches to the group as the front line of the group, the Inuzukas pick up Kabuto’s scent. All of the Inuzuka dogs begin to bark ferociously at Kabuto. Everyone has come to a halt, with Ugito coming to the front line. Kabuto smiles upon seeing her.*
Kabuto: So I see they sent a child to handle this job.
Ugito: I may be a child, but I can still kick your ass.
*Suddenly the SSM land infront of Ugito.*
Hiru: You made a promise to Uzumaki Naruto to protect his young. Continue on ahead. We’ll handle this.
Kazuka: Besides… we owe him one for destroying our home.
*Mei appears behind Ugito.*
Mei: Let us continue forward.
Ugito: Aye Mizu… Mei-sama.
Kabuto: Who says I’m the only one here?
*Suddenly Raiju appears next to Kabuto. The next panel shows a shocked Darui. Then several figures drop from trees landing next to the duo. The next few panels show younger versions of Oonoki, a shocked Kitsuchi and Oonoki, Yagura, a shocked Ao and Mei, Hiruzen Sarutobi, and a shocked Konohamaru.*
Kabuto: And I’m sure you’ve met these guys before.
*Suddenly the Kabuto clones appear from the ground surrounding the group. Scene switches to Naruto and Ryu.*
Ryu: So what’s it gonna be Toad Sage? Me, Orochimaru and Sasuke, or your family and friends?
*Naruto is shown with a grimace on his face.*

The End.
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