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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Scene opens with Sasuke standing before the motionless body of Orochimaru.*
Sasuke: This time, you will not return.
*Sasuke glares at Orochimaru, setting his body ablaze with amerterasu. Sasuke begins to back away as the flames grow. Scene switches to Kakashi near the area where Orochimaru laid Gai out. Kakashi slides down into the crater, and picks up Gai.*
Kakashi: C’mon Gai, you need to lay off the sweets
*Gai mumbles.*
Kakashi: I think it’s time we leave.
*Sasuke flickers over to Kakashi and Gai.*
Sasuke: How is he?
Kakashi: He’ll be fine. Question is, when will he be able to move on his own?
Sasuke: You heading on?
Kakashi looking around: I really don’t see a reason to stay here any longer.
Sasuke: I’m going to make sure that
*Sasuke notices the astonished look in Kakashi’s eyes. He turns around to see Orochimaru standing, laughing.*
Sasuke: Impossible.
Orochimaru: Nothing is impossible boy. Do you seriously think that you can defeat the Sage himself?
*Orochimaru laughs maniacally.*
Sasuke: We need to come up with a plan until Gai can move. I don’t think you can make it over the wall carrying Gai.
Kakashi: And I can’t carry him underneath either.
Orochimaru: To think, on the same day the Copy Cat ninja, the Green Beast, and the last Uchiha all fall at my hand.
Sasuke: You fought Pein, Kakashi. What were his abilities?
Kakashi: You’ve seen his ninjutsu absorption technique… didn’t know he could throw it back at us. He was highly skilled in summons, the ability to attract and repel his enemies, and enclosing his enemies in substances.
Sasuke: Ok, that’s what we know.
*Orochimaru holds up his hand towards Sasuke and Kakashi. Suddenly all three are flung backwards, crashing into buildings. Once the dust has cleared, Sasuke’s Susanoo is seen beginning to form as a building crumbles around its form.*
Orochimaru: Guess he is getting serious now.
*Sasuke’s Susanoo takes its complete form, bow at the ready, aimed at Orochimaru. Sasuke shoots an arrow, followed by three amerterasu shuriken at Orochimaru. Orochimaru stares at the projectiles headed at him. All of a sudden they all disappear. Orochimaru in seen laughing.*
Orochimaru: I thought you were a genius boy?! Was it not enough for you to see me absorb the bijuu-dama earlier?
*Orochimaru begins to walk towards Sasuke.*
Orochimaru: Don’t you think it’s time that both of us got serious?
*Orochimaru does a double punch combo, the first sending the arrow back at Sasuke, which he blocks and parries easily. The three amerterasu shuriken are thrown to Sasuke’s left. Kakashi is seen still holding Gai, trying to dodge the three shuriken headed at them.*
Sasuke in thought: Shit! I can’t stop them in time.
*Kakashi pulls up his headband revealing his MS.*
Kakashi: Kamui!
*All three shuriken are absorbed by Kakashi and sent to another dimension. Kakashi falls over, with Gai laying on top of him now. The next panel shows Orochimaru stand before Sasuke. He grabs the garb that Susanoo is wearing and just stands there. All of a sudden Sasuke falls to a knee and Susanoo dissipates. Orochimaru is laughing.*
Orochimaru: Thank you Sasuke-kun, for replenishing my chakra.
*Sasuke is seen lying on the ground as Orochimaru stands before him. Orochimaru walks up to him, grabbing him by the throat, holding Sasuke in the air.*
Orochimaru: You are defeated boy.
Sasuke: Is that right, you piece of shit?
*Sasuke holds out his hand as if to call Kirin down.*
Orochimaru: That won’t work this time. You may have used that to make your precious brother succumb, but you don’t even have enough chakra to control your natural affinity. As a matter of fact, you’re about to draw your last breath, you’re so low on chakra.
*Scene switches to the group in the forest, surround by Kabuto clones as Kabuto and his new team advance towards the group.*
Choujourrou: What do we do now Mizuka..
Mei: Change of plans. Swordsmen, you protect the children from the clones.
SSM in unison: Aye.
Mei: Ao and I will handle the one who resembles my predecessor.
Darui: I got the one that looks like my old man.
Kitsuchi: What do you say pops? Want to take on yourself?
Oonoki: I never thought I would fight again after battling Uchiha Madara. *sighs* So be it.
Konohamaru: I’ve got the one that looks like me.
Kabuto: Actually, he’s designed after your grandfather.
Kurenai: You bastard.
*Sakura leaps over Ugito and the SSM, bull-rushing Kabuto. She charges chakra into her right fist, swinging a haymaker at Kabuto. Kabuto easily dodges. As Sakura begins to tumble over, she reverts all the chakra from her right fist, into her right heel, heel-kicking the ground, causing an earthquake and creating a ridge in the ground. Kabuto leaps away from Sakura as she is seen standing.*
Sakura: Leftovers are fine with me.
Kabuto: Are you sure this is what you want?
Sakura: You forget one thing Kabuto… I’m not alone here.
*Sakura charges at Kabuto with both fists charged with chakra. Sakura lunges at Kabuto with another haymaker, which he dodges. Sakura then tries a spinning backfist with her other hand, which Kabuto catches and kicks her in the back, sending her flying forward. Scene switches to the SSM encircling the party. Shikamaru, Temari, Shikaku, Inoichi, Choza, and Choji are seen in the middle.*
Inoichi: What’s the plan Shikaku?
Shikaku: Based on what intel we do have, we’re going to need to give aide to each of the fighters while the Swordsmen hold off the clones.
Choza: So who do we help first?
Shikamaru: That would be Sakura. She’s our medic.
*Hinata is seen jumping through the group towards Sakura and Kabuto.*
Hinata: Consider it done.
Inoichi: Should we still aide Sakura and Hinata?
Shikaku: No. Our biggest threat of all is that one. *pointing at the man looking like Sarutobi Hiruzen*
Shikaku: If he is any resemblance to who I think he is meant to be, he’s going to be our biggest problem with his plethora of jutsus.
Kabuto in thought upon hearing Shikaku: Those damn Nara. We need to handle them quickly.
*Scene switches to Konohamaru standing before the Hiruzen look-a-like.*
Konohamaru yelling and with tears rolling down his face: Who the hell are you?
Shinobi: I guess you could say I am the son of Sarutobi Hiruzen. Who are you?
Konohamaru: You bastard… I’m his grandson!
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