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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Konohamaru charges at the shinobi, with a rasengan in each hand. The shinobi stares on calmly, doing several handsigns.*
Shinobi: Doton Doryu Taiga.
*Konohamaru begins to sink in some mud being thrown off balance. The two rasengans collide into each other, causing an explosion, sending Konohamaru flying into the forest all by himself.*
Shinobi: Alright then… nephew. Call me Professor.
*Professor begins to walk into the direction of Konohamaru when he met by Inoichi, Choza, and Shikaku.*
Shikaku: We’re your opponents now.
Professor: So be it. You will fall, just like he will…. all of you will.
Professor doing handsigns: Katon Karyu Endan!
*Suddenly a giant flame is about to consume the trio from their front three sides. The next panel shows nothing but flame. Once the flame dissipates, two large hands are seen, charred and burnt. Choza reverts his hands back to their normal size.*
Choza: Can’t do that much more often.
Inoichi: You won’t have…
*Inoichi evades a roundhouse kick from Professor at the last moment.*
Inoichi: That was close.
Professor: I’m done playing with the three of you.
Shikaku in thought: This is not good. He has his knowledge and his youth.
Professor doing handsigns: Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!
*Four professors appear. Suddenly the front three are holding chidoris. Inoichi, Shikaku, and Choza are astonished.*
Shikaku in thought: Shit!
Professor doing more handsigns: Doton Doryu Taiga!
*Only Choza begins to stumble. The three front Professors charge the trio, as Choza is now sinking in the mud. Shikaku does some handsigns, completing the shadow binding technique, and stopping the clone attacking him. Inoichi uses this direct attack to enter into the clone’s mind that was attacking him. Shikaku watches as Inoichi’s body goes limp. Shikaku then notices that the fourth Professor is missing. Suddenly the fourth professor is behind Choza.*
Professor doing more handsigns: Katon Karyudan!
*The professor spews a stream of fire that turn the mud that Choza was trapped in into a hardened clay. Just as the Professor that was charging Choza is about to connect with his chidori, Choza explodes with Chakra in his moth form, flying in the sky now. The scene switches to Choji, Shikamaru, and Temari who are now the last layer of protection for the children.*
Choji in thought: Show what you can do Dad.
*Scene switches to Kitsuchi, Oonoki, and the new Oonoki.*
Kitsuchi: Don’t take this the wrong way dad, but I’m going to enjoy beating the old you up.
Oonoki: Don’t get cocky boy. *looks at the younger version of himself* Who are you?
New Oonoki: Dumb as a rock I see.
*Scene switches to Kabuto who is hopping back away from Sakura to evade her.*
Kabuto in thought: Now… Time to break their will.
*Scene switches to the young Oonoki. He looks at Kitsuchi and the real Oonoki, smirking.*
New Oonoki: Unfortunately, I’m not your opponent.
*The younger Oonoki flickers away, appearing above Choza who is still in his moth form. He holds his hands together, forming a diamond shape. Suddenly, Choza is hit by the Jinton: Particle Beam. Everyone looks on in shock and fear. The next panel shows Oonoki trying to fly up to the younger Oonoki. Suddenly he is kneed by Raiju, sending him flying away from the battlefield. Kitsuchi sees this and tries to enter a battlestance. Before he can do so, Raiju is in front of him, clotheslining him, sending him in the same direction as Oonoki. Scene switches to Shikaku, as he watches on in horror at his comrades falling prey to their oppressors. Suddenly, Professor has vanished, with his clones disappearing in a poof of smoke. The Yagura look-a-like has disappeared as well. So have the younger Oonoki, and Raiju. A thick mist covers the area where the group has now huddled.*
Shikamaru: Hinata…
Hinata: On it.
*Hinata activates her byuakugan. She looks around.*
Hinata: Impossible.
Shikaku: What is it?
Hinata: It’s nothing but chakra. I’m as blind with my byuakugan as I am without it.
Shikamaru: Kiba, you know what to do.
*Kiba and the other Inuzuka clansmen take posts at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions. All four are seen sniffing the air.*
Shikaku: Anything?
All four together: No.
Shikamaru: We’re sitting ducks.
Shikaku: Everyone stay calm. That’s our only hope of survival.
*Scene switches to Konohamaru who is seen now regaining his senses. He sees the dense mist up ahead, hearing his comrades yelling in confusion. Once he’s gathered that they are sitting ducks, he does several handsigns.
Konohamaru: Doton: Earth Dome Shield!
*Suddenly a giant dome of earth closes up on the group.*
Sakura: Who did this?
Hinata with her byukugan activated again: I don’t know, but it’s closed off the chakra.
*Hinata looks down at the ground.*
Hinata: And I can see the clones moving through the ground. They’re heading west. And… someone is out there in the direction they are heading.
*Scene switches to Konohamaru who is panting, kneeling on the ground.*
Konohamaru in thought: Maybe that will buy them some time to come up with a plan.
*Scene switches back to Hinata.*
Hinata: I’ve got an idea.
*Hinata reaches into her pouch, and pulls out a FTG kunai, handing it to Sakura.*
Hinata: Once I’m gone, throw this Kunai to the west. I’ll be back shortly. We’ve got to aide whoever put us in this dome.
*Hinata flashes out. Sakura throws the kunai, with it sinking into the earthen wall. Scene switches to Kitsuchi who is stumbling now to a keeled over Oonoki.*
Oonoki: I’m too damn old for this.
Kitsuchi: What do you suggest we do?
Oonoki: We’ve got to handle that younger version of me first. He is the most devastating of any of them, excluding Kabuto.
Kitsuchi: So what did you have in mind?
*Scene switches to Kabuto and his new henchmen.*
Raiju: So how long are we going to wait?
Kabuto: It won’t be much longer. Remember, even if you perish, you must take at least one of them with you.
Raiju: I don’t plan on dying.
Kabuto: Yagura…
*The Yagura look-a-like looks at Kabuto.*
Kabuto: You and Raiju head back to base. Reinforcements are on their way here for these lowlifes. We’ll handle the rest.
Raiju: Fine.
*Both men disappear as Kabuto, evil Oonoki, and Professor advance towards the dome. Suddenly Hinata is seen dropping a few feet outside of the earth dome with a rasengan, clearing an opening for the group to escape the dome. Kiba and the rest of the Inuzuka are on their dogs, racing towards Konohamaru’s location. They are followed by the SSM. Suddenly there is a poof of smoke, with Ma Toad showing up.*
Shima: Hinata dear, where are they?
*Hinata comes up to Shima, with her arms around the kids.*
Shima: This all of ‘em?
Hinata nodding: Yes.
*Sakura runs up to Hinata*
Sakura: Great idea. But what about the gods?
Shima: I’m not taking them to Myoubokou.
Sakura: Then where are you going? To the Land of Whirlpools. The boys are on their way there already.
Hinata: And any word from Naruto?
Shima: Sorry dear.
*All four children are huddled around Shima. She slams her hand on the ground, and in a poof of smoke, they are all gone. Meanwhile, the remaining shinobi are staying at the entrance into the earth dome.*
Shikaku: Ok, we’re missing Konohamaru, Kitsuchi, and Oonoki. We think at least one of them is in that direction *points westward*.
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