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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Scene switches to Kitsuchi and Oonoki.*
Oonoki: Go on ahead to the group. I’ll get whoever’s over there *nodding in Konohamaru’s direction*.
Kitsuchi: Alright.
*Kitsuchi begins running to the group as Oonoki flies over to Konohamaru. As he is about to land, he sees the Konohamaru is kneeling, panting. He lands beside him.*
Oonoki: You ok boy?
*Konohamaru glances at Oonoki.*
Konohamaru in between pants: Yeah… making that dome took a lot out of me.
Oonoki: C’mon, they need our he…
*Suddenly the Kabuto clones emerge from the ground, one stabbing Oonoki with a sword. Oonoki is seen coughing up blood. Suddenly barks heard from the Inuzuka dogs are heard. Scene switches to Kabuto.*
Kabuto in thought: So the old man is finally going to perish. Ironic that even the great Uchiha Madara could not finish him off, but a hapless clone of mine could.
*Scene switches back to Konohamaru and Oonoki.*
Oonoki: Go boy… run. Tell the others to move forward. GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Konohamaru stares at Oonoki for a moment, then runs towards to group yelling at Kiba and the others to return to the group. The Kabuto clones begin to give chase. The panel focuses on Oonoki.*
Oonoki: I don’t think so bastards. My life will be the only one you’ll take tonight!
*Oonoki places his hands together. Suddenly a cubic parameter is set up that houses Oonoki and all of the clones. The next minute, they are all gone. The scene switches to Kiba and the SSM as they witness Oonoki’s sacrifice. Konohamaru reaches them.*
Konohamaru: We must go back to the group.
*The scene switches back to the group. Kabuto is seen standing on top of the dome.*
Kabuto: We don’t have all the time in the world. Are you done playing?
Ugito: I think it’s high time I had some fun.
*Ugito changes immediately into her full bijuu form. Scene switches to the remaining Jinchuuriki who are closing in and are able to see Ugito.*
Gaara: We must hurry.
*Scene switches back to Ugito, who snarls at Kabuto. Suddenly a bijuu-dama is forming, and Ugito aims it right at Kabuto. Scene switches back to Naruto and Ryu.*
Ryu: So what will you choice be, Toad Sage?
Naruto: For once, I’m going to let them handle it.
*Shock appears on Ryu’s face.*
Ryu chuckling: So you are going to allow them to die?
Naruto: No, I’m going to allow them to live, and to fight. For years now anger and frustration has built up in them. They need a way to express those feelings. Now tell me, what is Orochimaru after?
*Naruto grabs Ryu by the throat, chocking him. Ryu has grabbed Naruto’s arm, but to no avail.*
Naruto: Tell me, or you die here.
Voice from behind Naruto: He’s after the weapons belonging to Rikudo Sennin.
*Naruto turns to see Hachimon. Scene switches back Sasuke and Orochimaru, Orochimaru holding Sasuke up by his throat.*
Sasuke: You want to know what really pisses me off?
Orochimaru: Humor me with your dying words boy.
Sasuke: I’m tired of people thinking they’re better than me and holding me by my damn throat!
*Sasuke shoots a bolt of lightning at Orochimaru through his fingertips, sending Orochimaru flying as he drops Sasuke. Sasuke collapses to the ground. Scene switches to Kabuto as he is staring at the nearing bijuu-dama in slow motion.*
Kabuto in thought: Naive girl. Not only will that kill me, but everyone else here.
*Suddenly Kabuto, Professor, and Oonoki flash out, leaving the scene. Ugito’s bijuu-dama connects with the earth, causing a huge explosion. The shockwave is shown clearing a mile-radius of forest. A huge dust cloud is seen where the group stood. As the dust cloud clears a huge sphere is sand is seen. The sand begins to crumble away, revealing that everyone was safe.*
Shikaku: Any word of Sasuke?
Gaara: We came ahead because we were warned that you were being attacked.
Shikamaru: We should continue on as planned, but we’ll need a recon team to head back to check on Sasuke, Kakashi, and Gai.
*Scene switches, to show a split panel of all three lying on the ground motionless. A shadowy figure is seen approaching Kakashi and Gai. Scene switches back to the group.*
Bee: I’ll go back.
Mungo: As will I.
*The two nod at each other. They flicker away instantly. Scene changes to Naruto, Ryu, and Hachimon.*
Hachimon: Orochimaru is my trump card against Amatsu.
Naruto: Then why do you fight with him?
Hachimon: You, my father, and Amatsu are the only beings left that I am not sure I would have a positive outcome with in battle. That’s right. Even though the power does not belong to me yet, I can feel the power of wind in you, and recognize as a worthy adversary.
*Naruto stares at Hachimon, still choking Ryu.*
Hachimon: Once Orochimaru has the necessary tools, no one on the earth will be able to oppose him.
Naruto: How is he your trump card against Amatsu?
Hachimon: The wielder of those objects controls power that rivals that of the supreme gods. He will be on equal footing with me. Be wary of him, Son of Wind.
Naruto: You should listen to your own advice.
*Scene changes to the Whirlpool Country the next day. The panel focuses on the former kages with Shikaku and Hinata.*
Shikaku: So you’ll be able to do this?
Hinata: Aye.
Kitsuchi: Shouldn’t we wait until Bee and Mungo have returned with Sasuke, Kakashi, and Gai?
Gaara: When you flash to Konoha, where will you be exactly?
Hinata: I’ll be on Yondaime’s head.
Gaara: Why there?
Hinata: I’ve placed a tag there. I need to be in the central location to difuse the seal. That area is on Shodai’s head. Once I am finished, I’ll come back and put up a new seal here.
Gaara: My vote is….
*Gaara is interrupted by Shizune who has run into the meeting.*
Shizune: Gaara-sama. Matsuri, she is delivering now.
Kitsuchi smiling: Go on Gaara-sama. It’s not every day one becomes a father.
*Gaara runs to Matsuri with Shizune.*
Mei: How long will this take you?
Hinata: Moments.
Mei: And this new seal… how will it function?
Hinata: The same as the previous one. Since we are on a smaller island, I think it will be easier for us to set up defenses against the Ryun.
Darui: And what of those damn clones?
Hinata: I can set up another barrier, but it will restrict every one.
Darui: I vote in favor.
Kitsuchi: I as well.
Mei sighing: Then go Hinata, and please hurry.
*Hinata flashes out. The next panel shows her standing on Yondaime’s head, as she looks at the destruction that has befallen Konoha.*
Hinata: Unbelievable.
*Hinata activates her byuakugan. She looks around at the devastation, seeing spots of Amerterasu still burning. She leaps over to Shodai monument and performs the seal.*
Hinata in thought: I hope Bee-sama and Mungo-sama are on their way back.
*Hinata flashes out, back to the Whirlpool Country. Scene changes to the hospital, showing Gaara holding a baby, smiling. Temari and Kankuro are present as well.*
Temari: So, what will her name be?
Matsuri: I’ve got one picked out.
Gaara: What is it?
Matsuri: Karura.
*The sand siblings smile at the mention of their mother’s name.*
Gaara: Are you sure?
Matsuri: You don’t like it?
Gaara: I love it.
*Scene switches to at night, with Naruto returned as the shinobi are at a service for Oonoki. His body is set atop a stack of wood that is set aflame.*
Naruto: So… old man Oonoki can finally rest?
Gaara: Aye.
Sakura: Are you sure you can’t sense him?
Naruto: No, I can’t Sakura. Have faith in him.
*Scene switches a small, dimly lit room. Sasuke, Kakashi, and Gai are all seen laying down, covered up. Scene switches back to Naruto and company.*
Naruto: And what of Inoichi?
Shikaku: I saw him perform his mind transfer jutsu. He’s probably still in that person’s body.
Shikamaru: Wouldn’t that mean?
Shikaku: Precisely. Inoichi, right now is probably gaining some very valuable intel. Question is, will he be able to return and provide that intel?
*Scene switches to Kirigakure. Kabuto is seen with Raiju, Yagura, the younger Oonoki, and Professor.*
Raiju: So what is next?
Kabuto: No doubt, they will spend the next couple of days looking for Sasuke. We’ll take this time to regroup and gain intel ourselves. And why don’t we start right now?
*Kabuto walks to the middle of the group, summoning a lifeless body.*
Kabuto: Don’t you think it’s time? *looking at Professor*
*Professor walks over to the corpse and does some handsigns. Suddenly the body comes to life, gasping for air.*
Kabuto: So… Inoichi-san… Long time, no see.
Inoichi: How did you know?
Kabuto: Unlike Naruto, I’m always in touch with nature. I knew you were hiding there the whole time.
Inoichi: Then why didn’t you kill me?
Kabuto: Because now is not your time. You’re merely going to be our messenger. Arise!
Inoichi shocked: How did you?
Kabuto: How… Orochimaru is now the Rikudo Sennin. No one, not even the gods can stand before us with this army.
*The panel zooms out showing younger versions of every preceding kage, encircling Kabuto.*
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