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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Scene opens with Sasuke sleeping on a mat on the floor. He begins to stir and wake up. He sits up and looks around.*
Sasuke: Where am I?
Voice: You’re safe for now.
*Panel shows Yamato sitting at a table. The next panel zooms out revealing seal marks on Sasuke.*
Sasuke: What am I doing here?
Yamato: You’re being kept safe. Do you realize that you were on the cusp of death? His plan will not come to fruition if the Son of Thunder dies. No… you and Naruto are too valuable right now.
Sasuke: What do you mean?
Yamato: Nothing, forget about it.
Sasuke: So… how long have you been on their side?
*Yamato walks up to Sasuke, backhanding him across the face.*
Yamato: I’ve always wanted to do that.
*Sasuke looks up at Yamato.*
Sasuke: At least tell me what you’ve done to Kakashi and Gai.
Yamato: Them… they’re alive… for now. Knowing those two, they’ll make it out alive, to reach the others. They would be stupid to come and rescue you by themselves. If your octopus and turtle friends show up, they will not like what they find.
Sasuke: I get you fooling me and Inoichi, but how did you fool Naruto?
Yamato smirking: We deduced that Naruto was able to sense Orochimaru through the former Raikage. After being with Kabuto and Orochimaru for so long, I understood their reasoning. And after witnessing what I have of the gods, I fully support them over the alternative.
Sasuke: You support those gods over your fellow man?
Yamato: Fool… Amatsu wishes nothing more than to imprison us as eternal slaves. Orochimaru and Kabuto are using his own kind against him.
Sasuke: Then why not side with us?
Yamato: You’ve seen it. Orochimaru is now the only being to take on the gods and come out on a positive end.
Sasuke: So you’ve lost faith in Naruto and myself?
Yamato: You… you’re a power-hungry international criminal. And Naruto… even Naruto can’t stand alone against them.
Sasuke: If I’m such a low-life, then why did your peers make me the interim Hokage?
*Yamato backhands Sasuke again, this time drawing blood.*
Yamato: I do not have any ill-will towards Naruto or anyone else in Konoha. That’s how I fooled him.
Sasuke: Then what were you doing in Suna?
*Orochimaru walks into the room.*
Orochimaru: He was on a mission for me.
*Yamato stands up and leaves the room.*
Orochimaru: That was a nice little show you put on out there Sasuke-kun.
Sasuke: So you’re planning on taking on the gods?
Orochimaru: Maybe I am, maybe I’m not.
Sasuke: Right… what benefit are you getting from this?
Orochimaru smirking: With this new body… I’ve learned quite a few things. I’ve learned that I don’t need you anymore. You’re nothing more than a chew toy for me. But I’m still after one thing.
Sasuke: Eternal Life?
Orochimaru: Sasuke-kun… you were always meddling into my business, but you still haven’t figured it out.
Sasuke: Just tell me this you snake… why haven’t you killed me yet?
Orochimaru: You still have a role to play. As do Hatake Kakashi and Might Gai. Hopefully the three of you realize your roles and don’t try to over-exert yourselves.
*Scene changes to the new alliance base. People are seen building make-shift huts and setting up sentry towers along the beaches. Panel focuses on Sakura who is standing on the beach looking back in the direction of Konoha. Naruto walks up behind her.*
Naruto: Sakura…
*Panel shows a tear falling from Sakura’s cheek.*
Naruto: Once we have the sentry towers up, I’m goin…
Sakura: Take me to Konoha, please.
Naruto: I don’t think that is a good idea.
Sakura: I don’t give a damn. If it was Hinata, you would already have been there at least twenty times and back!
*Naruto looks down. Hinata sees the two talking and begins to walk over to the two. Hinata just heard what Sakura yelled at Naruto.*
Hinata: Sakura… Naruto…
*Both look up at Hinata.*
Hinata: Naruto… maybe we should…
Naruto: No… if anyone’s going, it’s me, and just me.
*Several more people take notice of the commotion on the beach. A crowd begins to form around the trio.*
Hinata: Dammit Naruto… you don’t get it, do you? You’re always putting yourself before others without realizing it.
*Naruto is shocked by what he just heard.*
Hinata: Every single time you went on a damn mission without telling me… do you know what you put me through? Every single time you go away… I have faith you will come back, but do you realize what it feels like to have that small ounce of doubt that you won’t? It’s unbearable.
*Iruka approaches the trio.*
Iruka: Naruto…
*Naruto looks at Iruka.*
Iruka: Your wife is right. You mean a lot to all of us. As does Sasuke. The pain and doubt you feel, multiply that several times, and that is what Sakura is going through. If anything, she deserves some form of closure.
*Shikamaru steps forward.*
Shikamaru: Also, Bee and Mungo have yet to return. With the old seal being removed, we need to find them.
Shikaku from the crowd: We are all a people without a kage, right now. We don’t need bickering amongst each other. We need to come together, and become stronger.
Naruto: Alright… Sakura, Hinata, Neji, and Kiba… get ready… we’re going on a trip.
*Choji walks up to Shikamaru, resting his elbow on his shoulder.*
Choji: Don’t forget about us.
*Lee crosses his arms.*
Lee: And me.
*Ino and Tenten are seen waddling up to the group.*
Ino: We want in as well.
Tenten: Yeah, don’t forget about us.
*Sai stands next to Naruto.*
Sai: I don’t think that will be a good idea.
Naruto: I’m with Sai on this one.
Ino and Tenten simultaneously: Why NOT!!!!
Lee: Tenten, darling… I love you… but you are carrying my child right now. To lose you would be one death for me to burden. To lose both you and the child…
*Tenten walks over to Lee, hugging him and kissing him.*
Tenten: Fine then. But if you come back with a single bruise…
Lee smiling: Understood.
Ino: That was so sweet. Who knew Lee had it in him.
*Panel shows inner-Ino.*
inner-Ino: How come can’t my man be sweet and romantic like that?!
*Panel shows Sai smiling. Sai walks up to Ino.*
Sai: Not only are you pregnant, but you will be needed here.
Shikaku: He’s right. With your father still gone, we’re going to need you.
*Scene switches to Kiri, showing Kabuto, several Kabuto clones, and his new clones. The panel focuses on the corpse that Inoichi is trapped in.*
Inoichi: How is this possible?
Kabuto: That does not concern you. All you need to know is that our army has grown in quantity and quality.
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