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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Scene switches back to the whirlpool country. A meeting is being held at night around a huge bonfire. Shikaku is standing, informing all in attendance about what has been learned. Sasuke and Naruto are nowhere to be seen. The next panel shows the two, standing on the ocean, looking back in the direction of Konoha.*
Sasuke: I can’t believe you kissed her.
Naruto: I had no choice. Susanoo threatened to fry everyone with lightning if I didn’t do it. I’m just glad I sensed you when I did.
Sasuke chuckling: So is Hinata going to kill you?
Naruto laughing: No… no… But I’ve got to make it up to her. And Sakura…
Sasuke: She’s fine. She cried like a baby when she saw me.
Naruto: We’ve got to stop being wreckless Sasuke. We have families now.
Sasuke: Aye, but…
Naruto: But what?
Sasuke looking at Naruto: We’re always going to fight. It’s who we are. But you are right. I’m not going to keep going off on solo fights and missions.
Naruto: Same here. *looks at Sasuke* Admit it though… that Amerterasu girl was hot.
Sasuke smiles: I’m not saying anything. I’ve heard the stories about Sakura beating the shit out of you when you tried to date her.
Naruto laughs: Yeah, smart move.
*Scene switches to later in the night. Sasuke is with Sakura in the medical hut.*
Sasuke: Sakura…
Sakura in tears: Yeah…
*Sasuke grabs Sakura, kissing her deeply. Sakura returns the kiss.*
Sasuke smiling: I saw you knock the shit out of Orochimaru.
Sakura smiling: Yeah, I did, didn’t I?
*The couple hugs.*
Sakura: I knew he couldn’t kill you.
*Scene switches to a forested area. Hinata is seen propped up against a tree. Naruto approaches her.*
Naruto: About today.
*Hinata looks up at Naruto.*
Naruto: It meant nothing. But I know that you’re still hurt. I… I…
*Hinata gets up and walks over to Naruto. She throws herself at him kissing him. Naruto returns the kiss.*
Hinata: I am hurt, but understand that you had some reason for doing that. Only you can heal what harm has been caused Naruto.
*Naruto looks into Hinata’s deep lilac-colored eyes. The couple kisses again. The next panel focuses on the moon as heavy breathing and panting is heard.*

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