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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Mungo in conversation with Bee through Isopu: It’s decided. Once we have a distraction, we’re making a break for it.
Bee through Gyuuki: Fo’ sho’. You got the point.
*Gai walks over to Bee.*
Gai: We’ve fought against each other, and side by side. Kakashi is my eternal rival and greatest friend. After today, I consider you as another.
*Bee looks up at Gai and puts his fist out. Gai and Bee bump fists.*
Gai: I know you want to stay behind and make sure we get out as well, but we, the shinobi alliance, need the two of you more than Kakashi and I.
Kakashi: The two of you can at least fight a god. We cannot.
Bee: Fine den. Just make sure you make it back. A’ight?
Kakashi: We’ll do our best.
Gai: With the power of Youth.
*The door to the barrier room flies open, in walking Ryu.*
Ryu: Well, Well, Well! Let’s have some fun boys!
*Ryu does some handsigns, and then blows a giant fireball at the door, knocking the door off of its hinges. Everyone is shocked, and then realizes that Ryu has disappeared.*
Kakashi: Everyone knows what to do.
Gai, Bee, and Mungo in unison: Aye!
*All four men head out of the cell, with Kakashi and Gai taking the lead. Just as soon as they get outside, and the sun hits their faces, all of the men stops, shielding their eyes from the sunlight as their eyes adjust. Scene switches to the whirlpool country. The former kages are seen with Shikaku and Hinata.*
Shikaku: So that is what we are facing. Hinata-chan, Naruto requested that you go and speak with the elder gods.
*Hinata nods, then stands up and leaves the meeting. In an instant, she has vanished. Scene switches to the dimension with the gods. Fujin, Raijin, and Suijin are seen. Hinata approaches the gods. Suijin is the first to look at Hinata.*
Suijin smiling: Hinata, it’s been a long time now.
Hinata bowing: Suijin-sama, Fujin-sama, Raijin-sama…
Fujin: What brings you here child?
Hinata: I’ve come to tell you about what has happened since we last spoke.
Raijin: Aye, how have things been?
Hinata: The remaining forces of the shinobi alliance have relocated to the Whirlpool Country.
Fujin: So the Ryun were finally able to take Konoha?
Hinata: There is more. As you know, Lady Tsunade was murdered.
Suijin: Aye.
Hinata: Well, we learned that she was murdered by the Raikage.
Fujin: Hmmm…
Hinata: We also learned he was under another’s control.
*The three gods look at each other.*
Raijin: Do you think?
Fujin: It makes sense.
Hinata: What did I miss?
Fujin: Where is Naruto?
Hinata: I’m not entirely sure. But I was told that you would know where to find him. Is something wrong?
Suijin: We must get you out of here, at once. Return, NOW!!!!!!
Fujin: We three will go with you. Naruto and Sasuke are on their own, for the time being.
Voice from behind the group: Oh come now. Is my being here crashing your party?
*The next panel shows Orochimaru, in his new body, standing behind the group.*
Fujin: This explains how we’ve been able to stay here for so long.
Hinata: What do you mean? I thought Izanagi had placed a seal to keep this dimension open.
Suijin: That’s what we thought at first. That is until we sensed an essence similar to Izanagi’s.
Hinata: I don’t understand.
*Hinata activates her byakugan, and sees Orochimaru’s aura all over the dimension. She looks at him, worried.*
Orochimaru: Do not worry. I am not here to fight, at least not yet.
Fujin: What is it?
*Orochimaru disappears and appears behind Hinata, putting her in a reverse choke hold.*
Orochimaru: I need an insurance policy first.
*Orochimaru and Hinata disappear. The three gods look at each other, then disapper. The scene changes to Kakashi, Gai, Bee, and Mungo.*
Kakashi: Unbelievable.
Gai: Bee, Mungo, GO!!!!
*Bee and Mungo start to run towards the Whirlpool country. They are intercepted by Ryu and several of Kabuto’s clones.*
Ryu: Not so fast boys.
*Scene switches back to Kakashi and Gai who are fighting clones. Kakashi has activated his Raikiri, and is attacking clones one after the other. The next panel shows Gai, with the 2nd gate opened, kicking and punching the clones around him.*
Kakashi: Gai, go help out Bee and Mungo. I can handle things here.
*Gai nods to Kakashi. Scene switches to Bee and Mungo as both are now in their bijuu chakra cloaks. Suddenly Bee appears in front of Ryu, punching him in the face, sending him flying backwards. The ground begins to rumble as water erupts from the ground, launching the clones up in the air. Bee and Mungo look at one another and the carnage they created.*
Bee: Not bad, my man.
Mungo: We should go.
*Just as both men begin to leave, tree branches sprout from the ground, imprisoning both men. The kage clones step out and approach the two jinchuuriki. Gai sees this and picks up his pace to reach his comrades. Scene switches back to Kakashi, who continues to slash the clones with his Raikiri, but isn’t finishing off the clones.*
Kakashi in thought: This is not working.
*Suddenly the area around Kakashi goes black. Scene switches to Naruto and Sasuke who are walking through the main entrance to Suna.*
Sasuke: Do you sense him?
Naruto: Aye. He’s here.
Sasuke: And anyone else?
*Kabuto appears at the top of the wall.*
Kabuto: I’m here, of course.
*Naruto flickers up to Kabuto, as Sasuke continues to enter Suna.*
Naruto: We have unfinished business.
Kabuto: Aye…. we do.
*Kabuto flings off his cloak, entering a battle stance, instantly entering his sage mode. The next panel shows Naruto looking at Kabuto with his toad eyes.*
Kabuto: This should be interesting.
Naruto thinking back to when he beat Kabuto to protect Tsunade: I beat you once, I can do it again.
Kabuto: Surely you don’t think I was going all out during that time.
Naruto: Maybe you should have.
*Instantly Naruto flickers to Kabuto’s position, with a rasengan in hand. The rasengan connects, exploding and sending Kabuto flying off the wall. Naruto flickers to where Kabuto landed, waiting for the dust to clear.*
Naruto: Quit hiding, you snake.
Kabuto: Surely you know by now, I am no snake. I am the Dragon Sage.
*Suddenly, Kabuto erupts through the ground, mouth wide open, with Naruto up to his knees in his mouth. As Kabuto’s intial thrust throws Naruto out of his mouth before he can close it, he is following Naruto in the air, with a chakra scalpel cloak on both hands. Once Naruto has reached the pinnacle of his jump in the air, he begins to fall back towards Kabuto. Kabuto is seen grinning. The next panel shows Naruto with a calm face, looking at Kabuto.*
Naruto in thought: It’s time I show you what I have mastered.
*Just as Kabuto is about to reach Naruto, he does a descending roundhouse kick, using the natural energy to push himself to the side as Kabuto parries the kick. Both men fall to the ground.*
Kabuto: Well done, Naruto-kun. *begins to grin* But I’m afraid that our fight for now, ends here.
*Suddenly, Orochimaru comes out of the ground, with Hinata in a reverse choke hold. The scene switches to Mungo, Bee, as they are still trapped in the roots. Bee and Mungo look at each other, then back to the oncoming kages.*
Bee: Mutha Fuckas, I’m tired of dis shit!
*Suddenly a bijuu-dama appears in front of Bee, with Bee launching it towards the kages. As the bijuu-dama reaches the kages, they all dodge the attack with ease, but during the attack by Bee, Mungo was able to use a fireball jutsu to free him and Bee. Suddenly, Raiju emerges from the dust cloud of the bijuu-dama, sprinting towards Bee and Mungo with his one finger attack. Bee, seeing that he is the first target, realizes that he cannot evade the attack. Right before Raiju reaches Bee, Gai (in his 7th gate form) crashes down, parrying Raiju’s attack with his nunchuckus.*
Gai: Run like hell!
*Bee and Mungo start running again. Raiju takes notice and begins to pursue the two. Suddenly a large turtle falls to ground right in front of Raiju. Gai is standing on the turtle’s shell.*
Gai: I’m your opponent.
Raiju: You die here, you piece of trash.
Gai: Youth before wisdom.
*Gai launches himself towards Raiju. Both men are shown to be on a head-on collision. The two collide, and shockwave sends everyone and thing backwards, by the enormous force. The scene switches to Suna, with Sasuke walking up to a bloodied Yamato.*
Sasuke: So Orochimaru is after those?!
*Sasuke glares at the five treasures of Rikudo Sennin.*
Sasuke: He’s not going to get them.
*Sasuke picks Yamato up by his collar with his left hand, with a chidori charged in his right hand. Sasuke pulls his hand back, ready to strike.*
Naruto yelling: Sasuke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Sasuke looks back at Naruto, seeing him standing in front of Orochimaru and Kabuto, with Orochimaru holding Hinata as hostage. Sasuke drops Yamato. Yamato then scurries over to the treasures, gathering them and running towards Orochimaru and Kabuto.*
Orochimaru: Do it.
*Kabuto makes a handsign, and instantly, he along with Yamato and the treasures disappear. Orochimaru is grinning at Naruto and Sasuke. Suddenly Orochimaru has an alerted look about his face. He flings Hinata towards Naruto, as he leaps to dodge a projectile that causes an explosion. Scene switches back to the fight between Gai and Raiju. Gai is seen approaching Raiju, who is down on one knee. As Gai walks up to Raiju, he keels over. Gai suddenly notices two figures around Kakashi. The next panel shows Kakashi in darkness.*
Kakashi: It can’t be. This is Tsukuyomi!
*Tsukuyomi walks around Kakashi.*
Tsukuyomi: Precisely. This is your second trip here, correct?
Kakashi: What are you doing here?
Tsukuyomi: Making sure that you die.
Kakashi: Why me?
Tsukuyomi: Because of your sharingan.
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