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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Suddenly Kakashi is ablaze from Amerterasu, as Amerterasu appears behind Kakashi. The next panel is back in reality, with Kakashi about to keel over, when Ryu appears with his blade, swinging, and beheading Kakashi. The next panel shows Kakashi’s head, falling and hitting the ground. The next panel shows Gai, who saw Kakashi’s beheading. Enraged with all sorts of emotions, Gai unlocks the 8th gate, the gate of death. The ground around Gai is quaking. With one swing of a nunchuku, Gai decapitates Raiju. Ryu sees this and disappears into the ground. In an instant, Gai is gone, and appears in front of the other kages. Gai performs his Afternoon Tiger attack, annihilating all of the kage clones excluding the younger Oonoki and Professor. They look at each other, nodding to one another. They each flicker to opposite sides of Gai. The scene switches back to Naruto, Sasuke, Hinata, and Orochimaru. Naruto catches Hinata.*
Sasuke: What the hell was that?
*The next panel shows Susanoo grinning at the group.*
Susanoo: I’m back motherfuckers!
*Susanoo continues to fire arrows at Orochimaru. Sasuke begins to charge up.*
Naruto: Wait a minute. He’s not going after us. Orochimaru is his target. We should take this time and regroup back at base. Yamato and the treasures have disappeared.
Sasuke: Just what in the hell is going on here?
*Scene switches back to Gai, Professor, and the younger Oonoki. Both men stop, with Professor shooting numerous fireballs at Gai, while the younger Oonoki shoots his jinton particle beam at Gai. Just as both attacks are about to connect, Gai vanishes. He appears directly infront of the younger Oonoki as the particle beam and fireballs collide with each other, creating a huge explosion. Gai grabs his wrist, and throws him towards the explosion. As the younger Oonoki is heading towards the blast, Gai appears behind him, punching him in his lower spine, sending him faster towards the blast. Gai then flickers to behind Professor, doing a basic roundhouse kick. As the kick connects, the body turns to mud, trapping Gai. The next panel shows Professor’s hand, with a Raikiri, sticking through Gai’s chest. Gai begins to cough up blood. Gai falls to his knees. The next panel shows the viewpoint from Gai’s eyes, looking at Kakashi’s decapitated head on the ground, staring back at him. The next few panels show Gai’s eyes closing.*
Gai: So we finally meet our end, my rival. You made them all proud.
*The next panel shows thought bubbles of Minato, Obito, Rin, and finally Sakumo. The next panel shows the viewpoint from Gai, with his eyes closed.*
Gai: Maybe I will finally beat you in the afterlife.
*The scene switches back to the beach, with only Amatsu standing, looking out over the ocean. Fujin, Raijin, and Suijin appear.*
Amatsu smiling: Nice to see you again so soon, at least compared to how long it has been in the past.
Fujin: Is this really what you want, brother?
Amatsu, walking towards the group: Aye. And it’s time these belligerent humans know their place as well.
Raijin: You know we will not allow that brother.
Amatsu: Aye, so…. Not long from now, it will only be myself and my bride. *looking at Fujin* I know your children plot behind me. Same goes for our niece and nephews. I also know of your son’s “trump card” against all of us. Susanoo is dealing with him now.
Fujin: So you know then?
Amatsu: Aye, I’ve known for some time now. I’m surprised your little bitch of a daughter hasn’t figured it out yet.
Suijin: You know we will end this here.
Amatsu: No… No you won’t.

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