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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The Ascension of a God
*The scene opens showing Gai’s corpse lying next to Kakashi’s decapitated head. Professor and the younger Oonoki are seen walking up to the body and head.*
Professor: It’s time we delivered this message.
*The younger Oonoki smirks and nods. Professor grabs the head by the hair, while the younger Oonoki grabs Gai’s body. They begin walking towards the south. Scene switches to base camp, with Naruto, Sasuke, and Hinata poofing in. The panel zooms in and shows Naruto’s face, shocked. Hinata notices Naruto’s face.*
Hinata: What is wrong?
Naruto: It can’t be….
Sasuke: What?
Naruto turning to Sasuke: Kakashi-sensei… Gai-sensei… They’re gone.
Sasuke: What do you mean?
Naruto: They’re gone… forever.
*Shikamaru and the rest of the Konoha 12 begin to run towards the trio, smiling at their arrival, but soon notice the down-trodden looks on their faces.*
Shikamaru: What’s wrong?
Hinata turning to Shikamaru: Kakashi-sensei and Gai-sensei are dead.
Shikamaru: How can you be sure?
Naruto: I lost track of Kakashi’s chakra suddenly, but I felt Gai’s drift away slowly.
*Sakura walks towards Naruto and Sasuke, grabbing both in a hug around their necks. All three embrace. Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji all look at each then to Lee, Neji, and Tenten. Lee is shedding a tear, as Tenten bawls her eyes out, meanwhile Neji stares out into the distance.*
Neji: We must prepare. Naruto, can you tell who did this to them?
Naruto: Aye. I can tell you that it was a shinobi, and not a god.
Neji and Lee simultaneously: Good.
*Others are starting to surround the group. Lin Mei steps forward.*
Lin Mei: What about Bee-sama and Mungo-sama.
Naruto: They are heading here as we speak.
Matsu: Are you going to go get them?
Naruto: No. We’re going to prepare. Where is Ugito?
Sakura: She is with the kids.
Naruto: We need to train her up before the night is over.
Gaara: Are you sure that is the right thing to do?
Naruto: Considering what we’re up against… No offense (looking at Shikamaru and Neji) you guys aren’t going to be much of a help against the gods. You’re going to have to take on the Ryun army, along with Ryu, and these… clones. You (looking at Gaara, Matsu, and Lin Mei) will probably be needed to aide us against the gods.
Sasuke: And don’t forget about Orochimaru, Kabuto, and Yamato.
Naruto: Precisely. They’re going to bring the fight here. I want one of us (referring to the jinchuuriki) to watch over all of the kids here. *smiles* And I can’t think of a better person than her.
Gaara: So be it.
*Scene switches to the beach, with Fujin, Raijin, and Suijin all in battle stances.*
Raijin: You think you can beat the three of us?
Amatsu: Ah, my youngest brother, you have much to learn. Unfortunately for you, you just don’t have the time.
*Amatsu flickers next to Raijin. The next panel shows Amatsu to the right of Raijin, having just finished a horizontal swing with the Amenonohoko, showing the swing going through Raijin’s torso. The next panels show the shocked expressions of Fujin and Suijin. Amatsu is smirking.*
Amatsu: What a shame. Had you not tainted him, brothers, he would have lived on with me.
Suijin enraged: Don’t you mean under you?
*Amatsu stands the blade up, looking at it.*
Amatsu: Maybe so, maybe not. Now… who wants to die next?
*Scene switches to Orochimaru and Susanoo. Susanoo is still firing arrows at Orochimaru, who is dodging them with ease.*
Orochimaru in thought: So they finally caught on. Doesn’t matter now. I have the tools, and Amatsu will fall to me. Let’s see what this new body can handle.
*Susanoo is still firing arrows at Orochimaru.*
Susanoo: Sit still you son of a bitch!
Orochimaru: Come now. You are supposed to be the god of storms. Surely you can handle little ole me.
Susanoo: Don’t toy with me human.
Orochimaru: Me… toy with the great god, Susanoo?
Susanoo in thought: That’s it you fucker!
*Susanoo changes into his natural state, growing the extra arms. Suddenly he flickers next to Orochimaru, punching the ground, where Orochimaru was standing. Orochimaru flickers out of the way at the last moment, evading the attack. Once Orochimaru lands, he is hit by Susanoo’s fist, as he is sent flying. Susanoo chuckles.*
Susanoo: Gotcha, ya piece of shit.
*The next panel shows Orochimaru standing up, wiping his chin with his sleeve.*
Orochimaru: Fair enough. Guess I’m done toying with you
*Orochimaru’s face is shown, with his eyes now showing the rinnegan.*
Orochimaru: Tell me, does Amatsu know of my partnership with Hachimon?
Susanoo: Yeah, we all do.
Orochimaru: So with the cat out of the bag, it’s time…
*Hachimon appears behind Orochimaru.*
Hachimon: It’s time for you to leave.
Susanoo: Oh, now this is nice.
Orochimaru: Are you sure?
Hachimon: Yes.
Orochimaru in thought: Good. That was very close.
*Orochimaru begins to sink into the ground as Hachimon takes on his normal form and walks towards Susanoo.*
Susanoo: Tell me cousin, when you heard Amatsu say what he did earlier, whom do you think he was talking about?
Hachimon: You didn’t know?
Susanoo: What do you mean?
Hachimon: I’m here to kill you. Amatsu is going to kill my father, along with our uncles. He’s probably doing it as we speak.
Susanoo with an upset expression on his face: What are you saying?
Hachimon: All this time, my underling has had access to your father’s dimension. I’ve known where they have been hiding this whole time.
Susanoo: Why you little…
Hachimon: You’re the one who must look up to me, cousin.
Susanoo: Why would you betray your own kind?
Hachimon: Own kind?
*A sword forms in Hachimon’s hand, and he swings it diagonally at Susanoo. Susanoo parries the attack with his battle axe. Susanoo uses this opportunity to attack with his sword, which Hachimon evades with ease.*
Hachimon: Amatsu plans to either kill and/or enslave us all. Think about it cousin. All this time, we’ve lived in the heavens and walked upon the earth. Meanwhile, he has had to deal with the rotting flesh of dead ones in the underworld. He’s been jealous of us.
*Susanoo arms his bow and fires an arrow at Hachimon at close range. Hachimon, unflinching, catches the arrow, staring his cousin in the eye.*
Hachimon: We’re playing into his hands.
*Hachimon throws the arrow down to the ground.*
Susanoo: And what of your wife? Is she on your side, or his?
Hachimon: She’s on whichever side she thinks will win.
Susanoo: And how will you deal with her?
Hachimon: You leave that to me?
*Susanoo puts his weapons down, signaling willingness to talk.*
Susanoo: So what do you propose?
*Scene switches to Amatsu, Fujin, and Suijin on the beach, still fighting.*
Suijin: I swear, I will see you fall today.
Amatsu smirking: Pray tell, how do you see that?
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