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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Suddenly Fujin sends a gust of wind towards Amatsu. Suijin takes advantage of the gust, and charges straight at Amatsu. Amatsu sees the gust heading towards him, swings the Amenonohoko vertically, slicing through the gust. Amatsu sees Suijin charging at him, and he smiles. Suddenly a pillar of pewter flames shoots up, roasting Suijin. Screams of agony are heard coming from Suijin. Amatsu is seen smirking. Suddenly the pillar disappears, and all that is seen is a burnt Suijin, with smoke coming off of his body. He is pointing at Amatsu. Amatsu approaches Suijin readying the Amenonohoko for the killing blow. Suddenly, an arrow pierces through Suijin’s chest, followed by another. The next panel shows a battle axe slicing Suijin from his right clavicle to his left ribs, cutting the god completely. The next panel shows Susanoo, laughing maniacally. Fujin is shown next.*
Fujin in thought: So this is how it ends, the next generation killing us off. This is what you were after brother?
*Suddenly there is a blue aura that appears around the corpse of Suijin. It glows as it transitions from Suijin to Susanoo. Amatsu begins to rush at Susanoo, ready with the Amenonohoko to attack. Before he can reach Susanoo and swing the Amenonohoko at Susanoo, both gods are knocked back by a huge gust of wind. The next panel shows Fujin.*
Fujin: Don’t tell me that both of you forgot about me.
*The next panel shows both Amatsu and Susanoo getting up. Susanoo motions his hand at Amatsu, and blob of water is shot at him, bursting in his face. Susanoo charges at Fujin. Fujin is shown.*
Fujin: Strength is wasted on the youth. You charge at me like so, knowing damn well I can slice you to pieces with my wind.
*Suddenly another pillar of pewter flames shoots up right where Susanoo is going to. Susanoo immediately stops and looks back at Amatsu.*
Susanoo: Once I have his powers as well, then we’ll play.
Amatsu: You embicile. You think you can kill me?!
*Fujin is shown smiling.*
Fujin: The fact you think you can kill either one of us is amusing.
*Once again, a pillar of pewter flames shoots up where Fujin is standing. Instanteously, Fujin disappears, reappearing next to Amatsu.*
Fujin: You know you’ll have to do better than that.
*Fujin immediately kicks Amatsu in the chest sending him backwards. Amatsu finally regains his footing and begins charge Fujin. Fujin immediately does a palm thrust with his left hand, followed by a right cross, clasping his hand together. A gust of wind shoots towards Amatsu, once again him slicing it with the Amenonohoko. Suddenly another gust from his left knocks him over, sending him tumbling. Scene switches to a dark room. Orochimaru, Kabuto, and Yamato are seen.*
Kabuto: So they know then?
Orochimaru: It seems so.
Yamato: At least you have them now.
Orochimaru: Aye, and once the Amenonohoko is sealed away, the gods will fall.
Kabuto: What about Naruto and Sasuke?
Orochimaru: They will be fighting with the gods. That means that you should be able to crush the remaining alliance forces with our army.
Kabuto: And what of Lord Benten?
Orochimaru: If Amatsu and Susanoo know about, I’m sure she does now. She will come crawling back to Hachimon. And then we will deal with them. You two go back. Hachimon has Benten gathering the troops for the final assault on the alliance.
*Kabuto and Yamato nod at Orochimaru. Yamato places his hand on Kabuto. Orochimaru then looks at the two with his rinnegan eyes, and they disappear. The scene switches to Kirigakure. An army of thousands of the Kabuto clones is seen, with Benten standing on a protruding rock, overseeing the army. Ryu appears next to her.*
Ryu: The preparations are made milady.
Benten: Good, I must take my leave and return to my husband.
*Suddenly Kabuto and Yamato appear on top of a cliff standing above Benten and Ryu.*
Kabuto: When are we to attack?
Benten: When the moon is highest in the sky. Professor and his partner will deliver the message that war is declared.
*Benten vanishes as all three men look at each other, smiling. Scene switches back to Fujin and Amatsu, who are still fighting. Amatsu is swinging the Amenonohoko wildly at Fujin, who is dodging with ease. Suddenly hearing a yell, Fujin does several back flips as Susanoo charges in blindly and yelling, swinging his sword and missing. Amatsu sees this opening and immediately swings the Amenonohoko at Susanoo. Susanoo uses his battle axe to parry the attack. The next panel shows Amatsu growling.*
Amatsu: I grow weary of you boy!
*Amatsu begins to change into his true form. His hair and eyebrows turn to fire. The flesh that is on his body begins to char and rot. His size stays the same.*
Fujin in thought: It has been eons since I have seen you like this brother. And to think, you were always this powerful. To think that Izanagi was that powerful to be able to seal you for all that time.
*Scene changes to cave entrance. Grunting is heard from within. Suddenly Amerterasu and Tsukuyomi come running out, putting their clothes on.*
Tsukuyomi: What do you think that is?
Amerterasu: It could be one of two things.
*Suddenly Izanami walks around the corner of the cave.*
Izanami: She’s right.
*Both turn and face her.*
Izanami: Amatsu has unleashed his full power.
Tsukuyomi: Are you not sure that isn’t all four of them combined?
Izanami smirking: I’m sure. Raijin is already dead. I believe Suijin has passed as well… and my guess would be, he passed to your brother or cousin.
*Suddenly Benten is seen sitting atop the cave entrance.*
Benten: Your brother is going to screw everything up!
Amerterasu: Where is Hachimon then?
Izanami: No doubt, he is hiding… considering now we know of his treachery.
*Benten turns to Izanami.*
Izanami looking at Benten: We know that he had a secret weapon to use against us. Pray tell, you had nothing to do with that?
Benten: What are you speaking of?
Izanami: When Rikudo had fought off the juubi several millennia ago, he was successful for one reason and one reason only. Izanagi had bestowed some of his power upon him. We know Hachimon’s lackey had somehow retrieved a sample of Rikudo’s DNA, essentially recreating himself into Rikudo.
*Amerterasu and Tsukuyomi act surprised at the mention of this.*
Izanami: I’m here to retrieve the three of you. We are to return immediately. As powerful as Amatsu is….
*Scene switches back to Amatsu and Fujin fighting, as Susanoo is seen lying on the ground unconscious. Fujin pushes back Amatsu, and suddenly changes into his natural form, as the wind begins to encircle him. Scene switches back to Izanami.*
Izanami: Fujin is still the strongest of all the elder gods.
*Scene switches to the Whirlpool country. Everyone is flocked around a giant bonfire. Shikaku is seen standing beside the fire.*
Shikaku: Now that we have fortified this island, it is time that we all report to our battle stations. Since we know that our enemy has bases to the North and West of us, we will concentrate the majority of our forces there. However, our medical teams, the communications teams, and jinchuuriki will be spread out, balanced across the island. We have saved, and harvested rations for our entire community here for three months. A bunker has been made for the civilians. Are there any questions?
*Everyone looks intently at Shikaku.*
Shikaku: After gathering with all the respected elders and leaders, our commanding officers will be…Kitsuchi of Iwa… Commander of the southern squad… Hyuuga Neji of Konoha… Commander of the eastern squad… Darui of Kumo… Commander of the western squad… Terumi Mei … Commander of the northern squad. Nara Shikamaru will be the Commander General. At dismissal, report to your posts. Any questions?
Random shinobi: Has there been any word on Bee-sama and Mungo-sama?
Shikaku: They are expected arrive within the hour.
*Suddenly the wind picks up, blowing ferociously, almost extinguishing the bonfire. The next panel focuses on Naruto and Sasuke.*
Sasuke: Does that mean what I think it does?
Naruto: Aye, and I’ve got a bad feeling.
*Scene focuses back on Shikaku.*
Shikaku: Dismissed!
*Scene switches back to Fujin and Amatsu who still engaged in battle. Amatsu is trying to get close to Fujin to attack with the Amenonohoko, but is blown away every time by Fujin’s wind. Suddenly, Izanami, Amerterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Benten are seen flashing in.*
Izanami: Behold the two strongest gods that remain.
*Everyone looks on in astonishment and amazement.*
Benten in thought: What the hell are you doing Hachimon?
Amatsu looking back at the crew that just flashed in: Are you just going to stand there?
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