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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Here's the new chapter.

Conclusion Pt. 1
*The scene opens showing the alliance standing at the entrance of a cave (the bunker). Civilians and children are seen entering the cave. The next panel focuses on Ugito and Gaara.*
Ugito: Are you sure you don’t need me out on the battlefield.
Gaara: Make no mistake Ugito, you will see battle. Unlike the last shinobi war, where all of the nations had safe holds for their civilians, this time we only have one. You are going to be its sole protector. Do you understand how grave a responsibility that has been placed on you?
*Ugito looks down.*
Ugito: Yeah, I guess. *kicking the dirt around on the ground*
Gaara: I trust you to watch over my wife and child. And Naruto trusts Jiraya and Mito to you. We have faith in you.
*Scene changes to the ocean, as the Ryun army is shown standing on the waves. Ryu, Kabuto, Yamato, Professor, and Oonoki stand up front. The sky is shown with the moon only halfway up in the sky.*
Kabuto: Everyone understands what they are to do?
*Everyone nods.*
Kabuto: We’re not going to attack at midnight as ordered by Benten. We attack at dawn, once the sun has cleared the horizon. I want to send the Konoha shinobi into a frenzy.
*Kabuto looks at Professor with Kakashi’s head in hand and Oonoki, who has Gai’s body over his shoulder.*
Kabuto: Professor, I want you to approach from the west. Oonoki, from the east.
Ryu: And what of Naruto?
Kabuto: We must leave him to Lord Orochimaru. Ryu, you will take the army and attack from the North. Yamato and I will come up from the south. Suddenly, everyone disappears, with the ocean staying calm as if no one was there.
*Scene switches to the alliance HQ. Several random shinobi are shown in meditating stances. Suddenly one opens his eyes wide.*
Random shinobi: I just lost Bee and Mungo.
Another shinobi shouts out: And I just picked up four large concentrations of chakra, one being Yamato.
*Shikaku walks into the room.*
Shikaku: Do not fret. We counted on this. Deploy the commanders and their battalions. So… what do you think is going on son?
*Shikamaru is shown, sitting in his meditative stance on top of the building, facing out to the North. Shikamaru is shown wearing a wireless two-way radio earpiece.*
Shikamaru: Naruto warned me that Bee and Mungo would disappear, but to where?
Neji over the radio: Who knows, knowing him? But we must trust him.
Shikamaru smiling: Aye. As soon as you see the enemy, let me know who and how many each of your battalions is facing.
*A split panel is shown, showing all four commanders.*
All four commanders in unison: Aye.
*Scene switches back to the bunker. All of the jinchuuriki are shown minus Bee and Mungo. Sasuke, Sakura, and Hinata are shown as well.*
Gaara: So Bee and Mungo are in place?
Naruto: Aye.
Akatsuchi: Not going to lie, it will be nice to see them again.
Naruto: Don’t be too sure we see them. Remember, they have one place they must go to first.
Sasuke: Are you sure of this Naruto?
Naruto nodding: Aye.
Sakura: I’m not so sure about this.
Naruto: I understand your doubt, but this is going to be the only way we can pull this off.
Sakura: Aren’t you sure that Raijin, Sujin, and Fujin can’t handle Amatsu and the other gods?
Sasuke: We were actually warned about this Sakura. Fujin and Raijin said that this is going to be our fight.
Sakura: How can we fight the gods?
Naruto: When he said we, he wasn’t including you and Hinata. He was meaning just me and him.
*The mood suddenly gets heavy in the area, with everyone except Naruto and Sasuke looking down at the ground.*
Gaara: Then why are we coming Naruto?
Naruto: There is an attack that we all possess, the bijuu-dama. At first that attack is going to be used as a distraction. If Sasuke and myself, along with the three elder gods, are able to hold our ground, then you are to report back and aid our army.
Gaara: And what if all five of you are unable to do that?
*Naruto looks at Sasuke.*
Sasuke: You retreat at the first sight of trouble. Naruto and I will hold them off to allow you to escape…. if we can.
Matsu: And what if…
*Everyone looks at Matsu.*
Matsu: Fujin, Raijin, and Sujin are already dead? You and Sasuke won’t stand a chance then.
Naruto looking down: If that is the case, we will take down as many as we can before we go down.
*Hinata walks up to Naruto, wrapping her arms around him. Sasuke and Sakura meet, embracing each other.*
Naruto: It’s time we headed out.
Hinata: Ok.
*The two look in each other’s eyes and their lips meet. Sakura and Sasuke share a brief kiss as tear rolls down Sakura’s cheek. Naruto and Hinata are still shown, sharing their kiss. The remaining jinchuuriki along with Sasuke flicker out of the scene. Naruto and Hinata finally break their kiss. Naruto smiles.*
Naruto nuzzling Hinata: This will not be the last time we kiss. I promise.
*Naruto disappears in a flash. Hinata turns to Sakura and the two leave the area. Scene switches the command center, showing Shikaku looking at a makeshift map. Shikamaru walks in.*
Shikamaru: So everything is in place?
Shikaku: Aye general.
*Shikaku snickers and grins.*
Shikamaru: Is something funny?
Shikaku: Nothing, sorry.
Shikaku in thought: I never thought I would be reporting to my son, the General. You’ve made this old man proud son.
Shikamaru: Any word from Sai?
Random shinobi: Nay, General.
Shikaku: Well, something is going on. Our sensors picked up four chakra signature due north, about 500 clicks out.
Shikamaru: Any of them identifiable?
Shikaku: Aye. Three.
Shikamaru: Who are we dealing with?
Shikaku: Yamato, Oonoki-sama, and Sandaime Hokage-sama.
Shikamaru: So the latter two are the clones.
Shikaku: I would say that is safe to assume.
Shikamaru: And where do you think the other clones Inoichi warned us about?
Shikaku: I’m not sure. It doesn’t make sense to hold back all that power.
Shikamaru: How long do you think he stays in the bunker?
Shikaku: He would already be here if it weren’t for his daughter and unborn grandchild.
*The father and son share a laugh.*
Shikamaru: Yeah, Ino is probably keeping him in bed, literally.
*The next panel shows Ino, still pregnant, restraining Inoichi on a cot.*
Shikaku: After this war Shikamaru, I’m stepping down as head of the family and head jounin of Konoha. It’s time…
Shikamaru: I understand Dad.
*A fodder shinobi runs into the room.*
Fodder: General Nara, Uchiha Sakura and Uzumaki Hinata, reporting for duty.
*Shikamaru and Shikaku look up as the two kunoichi enter the room in full battle gear. Sakura is dressed in traditional Uchiha battle garb similar to what Madara was seen in battling Hashirama. Hinata is seen wearing tradition Uzumaki/Senju battle garb.*
Shikamaru in thought: Whoa…. they look… determined.
Shikamaru: Sakura and Hinata… your posts have been changed. Knowing now that we are up against Kabuto, the Ryun army, clones, and Orochimaru, we’ve amended our strategy.
Shikaku: Hinata, your mastery in seals is going to need to be exploited in order for us to be victorious. What are your capabilities in using the Flying Thunder God?
Hinata: As in what?
Shikaku: As in, are you able to take another person with you when you perform the jutsu?
Hinata: I have not tried it, but I am sure I am capable of it.
Shikamaru: We want the two of you to trail Orochimaru once he’s been located.
Shikaku: From what we understand about the FTG, you are able to move about because of seals, correct?
*Hinata nods.*
Shikaku: We want you to place a seal on Orochimaru so that he can always be tracked.
Sakura: So what are we to do until Orochimaru is found?
Shikamaru: You’re to report to the main infirmary. There you (Sakura) will set up the procedures for the remaining medic corps, meanwhile she (Hinata) will adjust some seals. Dismissed.
*The two kunoichi bow and then flicker out of the room. The next panel shows a beach, with feet in shinobi boots walking on the water towards the beach. As the panel zooms out, we see the back of Professor, with Kakashi’s head in hand, hanging by the hair. Professor heaves his arm back, and then flings the head towards the beach. The last panel shows the head tumbling on the beach, with a wave finally carrying it back out to sea.*

To Be Cont’d
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