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Originally Posted by apacolypz View Post

Naruto should already have the collective souls/chakra of the other seven beasts. Plus his half of Kurama. All he needs is Bee's and his dads other half.

OK so I just noticed this...Naruto made clones using his bijuu mode cloak Tails without hand seals. I predicted a long time ago he would do such things with his chakra cloak. Odd Kishi seemed to forget that.
This is the long form of what I think will happen. Obito will cast his genjutsu and I think only way to cancel the genjutsu will be to have the 10 tails. Naruto will somehow enter Obito's subconscious and pull 10 tails from Obito into himself then somehow split it into the 7 beast + gyuki tentacle and kurama's chakra and Bee might transfer Gyuki into Naruto. That or Obito will extract Gyuki from Bee to try and complete the jubi so the genjutsu is stronger and Naruto will pull 10 tails from Obito to himself and split it into the 8 beast and kuramas chakra
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